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ASIAN HEAT SLUTS! Grondement royal and superb Whack shit of doping agent of a.k.a. Word.

Welcome with Gluttons for the Punishment. LEAD 2002.

Ye Olde Hairy Beaver Pub

(Live when it occurred)

[The camera sweeps a modest crowd which collected "With the Retractable Dome deFonctionnement" in Lardville of the center, the mass. Some signs can be seen including/understanding, "Of the free turns of moustache" held by a kid with a fishing fuzzed, the marker-darkened growth which would have the majority of the adults to ask to him whether it had dirtiness on his lip. "Which Farted?" by a large type wearing a soiled tee-shirt and combinations of bib. A sign has, "Hot Luc drank my Yoo-Hoo". A couple of "Nous State Krew de Kent" of the shape of heart by several girls to still develop centres and a "Bitch of Sassy is not merry" by a lady who looks like it was not extended in 54 years, but it would like to prove Sassy' always made women. Ampéreheure yes, LEAD ventilates full with spirit and intelligent. Cut to the table of the advertiser with the Microphone 'Monroe, Scotty Whatbody, and Nurse monotonous Heidi. ]

Microphonous Monroe: WELCOME VENTILATORS WITH THE RETURN OF LEAD! It is Gluttons during the Punishment, one new era here in Brawler on a Budget and a new year!

Scotty Whatbody: Ouais, and the same old woman fights shitty.

Heidi Nurse: Scotty, that was not very nice.

Switch: He´, we are on PPV thus I can say the shit like 'shitty'. And the shit like the 'shit'. And the shit does not obtain not censured. WHOO HOO!

NH: I never see the change of some things. You should make a resolution of new year not swear so much on PPV right because you can.

Switch: I have a resolution, but it does not have anything to make with LEAD exposures. It makes you take part, your loofah, a certain fresh whip, a bath-tub, a couple of the Korean therapists of massage, a block of cheese of Colby Jack.

NH: It is rather completely, perv. And leave me are added who is him is not only much an honor to be worked with you still.

Millimetre: Ventilators (of interruption)! This evening we will discover who will be crowned the ONLY CHAMPION of the WORLD WHICH IMPORTS! 100 combatants of the men, the women, the inanimate objects, the phenomena, the nerds, the enigmas, the animals, the factories, and all in the interval while they fight it outside in the grondement ORIGINAL one of A COMPLETELY * ahem * of imposing proportions! They will write two at the same time and will be even allowed weapons! This will be a Classik\'ae LEAD! And leave me the statement is back large to be! Scotty, Heidi, large to work with you of the types still, particularly for this return impressing to PPV here in LEAD.

Switch: Did Ouais, ouais, Microphone of sup? And manner with the hype aren't the exposure, Monroe but why just honest for you and statement at ' end of support that the bad one it will suck and this let us hope for them we always observe us after this?

Millimetre: Not of Oh, this is NEW LEAD! Where our events are really good and amusing for a change!

NH: BWAAAA HAAA HAA! Ah, sorry. I thought who was a joke. You were serious?

Millimetre: Mobile right-hand side length, I am sure that all that ventilates you require how we recovered the LEAD of the bad clutches of "Rolindo" McMahon, that kid bratty of Vince which employs its money of support of child for any goodedness.

Switch: Oh ouais, nice, Microphonous word.

Millimetre: I ignore you, Scotty. Thus, let us discover how we did it! Ventilators, here it is, principal Honcho, the man, the owner of Brawler on an OWNER of Budget.THE!

[ everyone looks with the slope, with nothing ]

Millimetres: OWNER of I said.THE!

[ they still look with the slope. The "Smooth" operator of Sade starts to play while Dr. Silaconne Mr. Plants emerges carrying the overcoat of a black leather doctor with "Suck my Scalpel" embroidered on the back.igniting a chorus of the boos. He pavane with the ring and seizes a microphone of the Masked Advertiser, pushes it then side as earlier discussed during the meeting of pre-event ]

SMP: (as boos obtain more extremely) CLOSED Upwards!

Switch: Man of Oh! "The Dirtiest Renforcor of Boobie while Fighting Today" is in rare form this evening!

SMP: First of all, the owner does not leave here to announce how we obtained retroacted accident ' of the imper of Vinny of ' because HE is not any more the owner. OBTAIN It? OBTAINED IT? GOOD!

[ boos of crowd ]

SMP: At all events, because I was seem that all what little desired kid of McMahon was a girl to be revealed with her festival of anniversary because it took a step of the kid smelled snotty to the teenager smelled snotty. At Hardcore Polarvizion, he said it was 13 years old however, he was not Completely 13 years old still. And I, being the man who can renifler a dirty plan by thousand of distance. I gave to the kid an offer which it could not refuse. I found it outside were always 12 years old, and mentioned with him how large it would be if it could have a good piece of ass like the Heidi Nurse with her festival of anniversary to impress all his stupid boy friends. It, naturally, jumped to the opportunity but that it had to sign LEAD more with ME! It is exact, I am the NEW OWNER OF LEAD!

[Boos crowd even more extremely ]


Millimetre: Did Heidi, how dare you?

NH: You think me liked it?! I would do only that for Sil, but if I knew what these malicious young people pre-pubes had projected for me, I would never have went. They wanted that I STRIPPED! Can you believe that, band! And they had each of 12 and 13 years, which is erroneous with the kids in this country?!

Switch: How much did you make?

NH: Approximately 400 before the pirns of wire showed up.ummmm, nevermind.

[Again with the ring ]

SMP: Thus, because they NEW LEAD owner, I am ready to make some changes. I proposed something which is completely my own design and strongly of the entertainment like nothing differently. It TO KISS is.THE MY CLUB of END! You want to keep your work, then you must become certified, chart carrying the KISS of Member AND MY END!

Millimetre: Hé! It is not original.

Switch: Sure it is, it is not as it said the 'asses' or anything.

SMP: Ok, I am ready to start with the team to announce. Do Scotty, you want to keep your work? EMBRACE Alors MY END!

[ acclamations of crowd ]

Switch: What?! After all my years of faithful support of heel?!

SMP: Well, you are free but somebody who embraces my end. Heidi?

NH: Ouais, well. I unfortunately saw your end before and it is something which I would not like to even wipe if you were bedridden.

SMP: ENOUGH! Microphone, I guess you am the lucky one. Embrace my end. OR YOU ARE PUT FIRE!

Millimetre: NO MANNER! I can make more money essuyant the floors with the exposures of piaulement than I can here. You think value I my work of the LEAD which much?

Switch: Really, you can make the good money floor sweeping with the exposures of piaulement? Do you obtain to see films for free? Speak to me, Microphonous.

SMP: CLOSE it, all two you. Monroe, rise here and EMBRACE MY END! I know you love to work here, thus obtain your ass in this ring, and EMBRACE MY END! EMBRACE MY END! DAMMIT, SOMEBODY WILL EMBRACE MY END! (The Microphone not movement) MONROE, YOU ARE PUT FIRE!

[The boos of crowd like really extremely and substance ]

Switch: DEFECT OF THE SOUND REPRODUCTION! Doc is serious! Look at it! It really wants that somebody embraces this end with him. It is large! Make just him, the microphone, and obtain more it with, I obtained to see THIS! You dispatch to the top before it puts fire for truth to you and replaces you by somebody much softer and irritant!

SMP: The replacement of Monroe of microphone can I now present. Ladies and of gentlemen please welcome. MARK COMP\'c8RE !

Switch: Nothing, Microphone you are too slow!

[The frumpy type of A descends the side as generic plays from music. It looks at a terrible fate like Tony Schiavone. It joint now Monroe-moins Scotty and Heidi with the ringside. ]

Switches: Isn't He´?

MRS.: Not.

Switch: You sure glance like it. Afflicted to intend to speak about the thing of WCW, too bad WWF did not take to you.

MRS.: Do not have an index of what you speak.


[ "To Take Care of the Businesses" starts to play and the place goes from the nuts as much as it can for a so poor crowd. The owner praises himself in bottom of the side and slips into the ring. He holds the eye-with-eye with sinister surgeon... ]

BB: SMP, I hate to inform you that of something..but you are not the owner around here!

[Crowd goes from the bonkers ]

SMP: It is connery. I make sign HERE the right of contract per R. McMahon, Esquire. Thus you can bite me, Stuart. And besides, YOU' R PUT FIRE!

BB: Nope. False answer. I guess you forgot that a kid that the age needs the assent of his/her parents to sign a legal document. A co-signatory, if you. Thus, which I did, after I about your small sneaky plan, I discovered sent Mr Hungalot more to the house of the mother and it gave him the night of its life!

[Crowd goes from bananas ]

BB: And IT, the ADULT, LEAD signed more with me! After it did it with sign of Rolindo too or is molten X-Box, it is. Thus, I have their two signatures.and all that you to have is ZILCH!

[ Luc extensions of crowd Heat-like the noise ]

BB: And did the OH ouais, this arrangement which you had projected about giving each other the last number in grondement giving the best chance to gain the OWTTM? Fugettaboutit, you are inside like everyone differently! Good luck, you will need it!

[ the acclamations of crowd still and a buzz tightened on the face of SMP shows its tremor of lip, its convexity of veins of neck, and some other things which indicate very pissed and disturbed being. The owner leaves the ring and the happy hands crowd while it strolls the support the side. SMP is furious ]



SMP1: (looking with the SMP on its left) He´, you are pretty good standard looking at. Never consider to model?

SMP2: I? And you? Nothing, I am so lucky to hold me close to you. * poof * (SMP2 disappears)

[ the Join-hole of beginnings of crowd sing and SMP goes monkey-shit, really selling to it his deranged the state of mind. It staggers around the ring and fall by the cords, threatened with the reverse each ventilator which it sees while it stomps support the slope. Cut to the ringside ]

Switch: DEFECT OF THE SOUND REPRODUCTION! What a beginning at the new year! I am sure that we did not see the end of the great enmity of Boss/SMP!

MRS.: Is it always this chaotic around here?

NH: You nothing is seen still, honey.

Switch: H\'c9! The Masked Advertiser is back in the ring! We are ready to give a kick this thing to far!

MA: Mesdames and Messrs, are you laid out? I said, AM YOU prepared?! You know the rules, you know what is a pile. I thus will not waste more time explaining it. For the 13 observing at the house, and the 20 or the 30 here this evening eat part of Bob semi-famous flamed roasted sausages, obtains ' short ', and...Luhhhhhhhhhh-And YOUR Morose-baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaalllllll BELLY!

[Acclamations of crowd ]

MA: And maintaining the man who was drawn initially out OF MEDIUM SIZEDBUCKET.!

[Plays "Y.M.C.A of Eddie B." by the village the people as a man carrying the costume of a sailor precipitate with the ring with a chorus of the boos and remarks of "fag". He´, they is people of reality there is some ventilators out there of that would do it. It slips into the ring and withdraws a wiping ]

Switches: It is Groper of Ensign Dick de Ask/Don't Do Not Say It! And it looks like it energy to plug the platform!

NH: I bet it knows much to plug platforms.

Switch: Do you have says to plug platforms or slobbing platforms? And I bet it likes large, black platforms, too.


NH: You think it never give jobbed a platform?

Switch: Only if in the trouble, these sure types of navy can punish a type. The friction of one platform to the hand must really suck. Hee de Hee.

NH: The ok, Scoot. that you think us ran the range of jokes of "platform" still?

Switch: The dunno I, I think myself can go up with one more.

MA: And now! The second soul..the unhappy number drawn by man two!

Switch: I wonder whether it has a large platform at its house.

NH: It was lame Scotty.

[The man of A which seems similar to Kevin Sullivan runs in bottom of the side. It resembles Kevin during its Dungeon of the Days of Unhappy Fate, achieve the´ bolts of the lightning of drawing animated on its head. It also has a bottle in a hand and a painted tire of bicycle spoke in the other. It is sure of saying the bottle is probably filled with water of pasting or something of corm along these lines ]

MRS.: It Is Flaskmaster! Flaskmaster! The worst man while fighting today, ventilators. And it looks like it brandishing that infamous gold spoke! The Gold Spoke! Ah, this is not for weak the hearted!

Switch: Is it too late to descend the microphone or the GBH here?

NH: I was right thinking the same thing.


Switch: Ah, lookit that! Right-hand side of Flaskmaster inside there and energy to work with the Groper! It tears it with that gold spoke! The Groper already seems to be bloody! WHOO HOO!

NH: Already? It must be a disc juicing!

MRS.: Ventilators, you will see only this kind of action in LEAD! Only the best action is here, ventilates! The LEAD action is fantastic!

Switch: Cut out it, Tony. the NBA going to continue us if you keep that upwards.

NH: Known us? Obtain true, Scotty.

MRS.: Flaskmaster now trying to swindle the sailor.


MRS.: What? Switch: Oh nothing.

MRS.: Stomping far maintaining at wounded Dick. It seizes Dick now.

Switch: BWAAAA HAAA HAAAA! Dammit, eliminate the type already my side wounds!

NH: Flaskmaster with a low blow on Dick.

Switch: Can we show THAT with television? I know is to it a PPV and all, but.

NH: Not this kind of blow, stupid. Don't you observe the match?

Switch: Why? And be only?

[The file drawn from crowd, much have already started to move for the sector of concession or the exits ]

MRS.: The Groper is right hand of help and hard sends Flaskmaster to the plait. Maintaining the Groper really extending in him with this essuient the handle! Ah, carnage! Ventilators, you will not see this anywhere elsewhere!

Switch: You can still say that.

Press: 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2..ONE!

* noises of horn of air *

Switch: It is been two minutes already? The man, that was fast

[Hulkish of A looking of the barrels of "woman" in bottom of the side with an industrial classified bottle of growth hormones....

(The technical difficulties=disk obtained famished and ate certain information)

MS:.OH! He just nailed the Groper of Dick! The Groper is struck falls of staggering.and by the cords and to the bottom with the floor! It went! It went! Ah, ventilators this is the largest match in the history of our sport!

[The exchange of Heidi and Scotty is concerned glances ]

MRS.: To go Green after Flaskmaster and break-in this computer above its head! It now turns worms of the gel of Virago..and in its ways!

Switch: I too! You know is bad to it when a chick made resemble it of Chyna to a woman!

NH: Virago just took the green smaller and thrown him at the side with a hand, now *ahem* it is gong after Flaskmaster.

MRS.: And it has this large bottle of steroids! * BLOW *


Switch: That will leave a mark!

NH: She', it is really difficult to say that. It still goes after Green of Mark, which is more ploughed up against the cords.

MRS.: IT DUCKED! IT DUCKED! Virago above the top then who missed the oscillation and to the bottom with the floor! She went! She went! SHE.IS..GONE!

Switch: Did Heidi, Virago go?

NH: I do not know. Marks?


Switch: I sorry asked..OH! Flaskmaster right envoy from there, Green with the voyage of schoolboy and then an upstream of whack the head with a certain action of Pentium! Flaskmaster under the cord and lower is to him eliminated.but too bad for the Green of Mark, it never goes to the end by 96 other entries.

NH: But it can still claim the title of "ayooyfm "Hardcore, Scotty. You recall, you only must last longer than everyone differently to gain that, should not gain the whole thing to you. Moreover, didn't you enter this?

Switch: Ouais. I appeared if David Arquette could gain a title of the world, I sure because the hell could. I am million times better than it is. And I was assured that an aspiration very late, thanks to my devotion undying with the heels and since short SMP the place, I am inside like Flynn. Seeks me around 98.

NH: Scotty, Sil does not run the place. You forget already? The OWNER A still. We had to go with the intro of the J because Nate not ever sent is....

Switches: You average I could obtain selected constantly? DAMMIT With the HELL! Rewriting! Rewriting! I want re´crire! Damnez You, Nate!

MRS.: Who Is Nate? Is it the type descending the side?

* noises of horn of air *

[ each one of the glance three with the slope ]

Switch: NOT! It is one of Cowboys. It' S Amish Isaacius "Wild" Hickok! And glance which is with him!

["How High" by Method Man and small crowd of Redman plays.the bursts. For a small crowd, that still does not indicate much. It is about the "monte on strong bus the", know what I say?]

MRS.: (The voice of Scotty) It IS dOUJA! the dOUJA is here! The fighter more decorated in the LEAD history! NEVER! It is gained all the belts!

MRS.: It is my line, Scotty. See to them my initial beside this sentence? Try to read the initial ones more clearly.

Switch: No matter what, type.

NH: It resembles to the Cowboy Amish went well to the first victim not to select its own weapon what IS that? A sponge?

Switch: If it is your loofah, I WANT IT! WHOO HOO!

MRS.: And the douja brings with him a rather impressive bong of a certain kind.

Switch: Hickok is in the ring and it charges well with the Green, that ducks, A upwards. Atomic fall!

NH: And stages of Isaacius right in a clothesline of douja, which follows then through and Marks "Smart" clotheslines!

MRS.: Is it a bong?

Switch: YES! It is a bong. And douja being ready to employ it!

NH: On which? Green or the Cowboy Amish?

Switch: On! It is charged! It is lighting it! Smoke Doggy Dogg is back, baby!

* noises of horn of air *

NH: Devil?

Switch: How sure were the two fast minutes!

MRS.: Well, whereas you two jabbering about this type of smoke by using illicit drugs with national television that the person of Flunky left here and says me to it management reinforced the thing two minute. That would make this match almost 3 and has * hours length.

NH: And it is 3 hours and 20 minutes too a long time, huh Scooter?

Switch: Rotten right!

[ they high-five ]

MRS.: ANYWAY.they' ve now decided to reduce to types as often as Flunky can obtain the horn of air to function. THE THINGS REALLY WILL BEGIN AGAIN! It is the greatest moment in very of history of fight and see it to you RECTIFYING HERE, fans..ONLY IN LEAD!

Switch: Why really hype it don't you rise, to Mark? And like the these hardcore, serious feds and put approximately 20 points of exclamation behind your sentences?

NH: Here to come the Noncolossal one from Cranium Chris.and OH, it is this malicious type of Al of Beastie.

MRS.: Scotty, I do not have any idea of what you speak.

Switch: Ouais, I know. You are a mark, Mark. H\'c9! Al of Beastie released a rabic mutt looking at! This dog goes well after douja..BWAAAA HAAA HAAAA! It humping the leg of the douja! Look at that! It humping the leg of the douja! BWAAA HAAA! Oh my God, this is large! It is the greatest event in the history of fight, Marks. You are right! BWAAA HAAA!

NH: The defect of the sound reproduction, glance with him disappear! So only my last three dates could see this and learn some things.

MRS.: That the type with enormous the noggin ' Hickok head-joined just with the douja of outside.and has hard time with the dog of Beastie.

douja: MAN OF YO! Obtain with fuckin muddah of diss ' dog the leg in addition to my fuckin of muddah ', yo! What a da kisses?! Come ' before you the bitch from li' L, and I burn your ass of punk with these pipe and shit.

NH: Ummm, we must start in bottom of volume on our microphones, I would hate to think those of the house taken THIS acoustics. And it is too bad Hickok went already, I really think it could have made some damage with this butter churn.

Switch: Look at the douja go then this dog! It is large! BWAAA HAA HAA! It humping still!

NH: Was Al of Beastie caught up with compared to the dog?

Switch: NOT! The dog on the douja!

NH: Whew! Afflicted, I missed it. I observe the reel of Green of Mark out of Chris in the other corner.


Switch: Where is the weapon of Chris? It did not bring a weapon.

NH: I guess his massive head is his weapon, and I should know the massive heads being weapons, ummmmm, but it is another history.

MRS.: Al of Beastie helping the Green Test now to eliminate Chris, it appears its colossal cranium the fact of placing between the second and third bank.

* noises of horn of air *

[The topic of the plays of "Sanford and Wire" briefly. This time a noise facilitated CD of crowd rocks the building]

Switch: It Is B.F. Sack! And it is brought.what, or which, the hell is EC?

NH: Resemble Grady, hey.nobody indicated a person could not be a weapon.

MRS.: Thus, where is the other type?

[Flunky discharges and types Scotty on the shoulder ]

Switches: What?

[ Flunky moves to the ring ]

Switches: You want to say...

Masked advertiser: Mesdames and Messrs, Scotty Whatbody was tenth drawn!


NH: Show outside for the pooch, putz.

[Scotty scrambles in the ring carrying its microphone, the pet of Al of Beastie dismounts the thigh of the douja quickly and makes a bee-line for Scotty. ]

NH: Oh my..this will make me the wee in my breeches.


[The pup of porn launches out on the leg of Scotty and becomes jiggy with it. The several following minutes Heidi laughter has incontr\'f4lablement. The Mark tries to obtain to back things on the way ]

MRS.: the oddest thing which I ever saw in my life. It is the ODDEST thing in the history of fight, ventilators!


NH: Scotty, stop your mic and cease striking this dog!

Switch: But its red thing is outside!

MRS.: There disappears Chris and its large head above the higher cord! B.F. The Bag and Grady are double douja teaming! Make Green to move now inside with precaution with the test and eliminate our colleague and slave from sex at the present time. Scotty always trying to obtain that horn track the dog in addition to its thigh!

NH: Technically, it is not a dog to track, it is a poodle..although that I agree with the exciting part. However, I start to think who is not a dog of the whole and leaning towards the jackrabbit.

* the air track noises *

MRS.: And comes here two additional entries!

NH: But not before Scotty managed to obtain that dog in addition to him and throws it on the green, and then Scotty has right saute´ of the ring! It was eliminated! One just eliminated Grady by douja, then douja turned by Bag inside outside with a clothesline! Here to come nearest Nos two now, Mark.

[A man writes to carry an old helmet of Denver Broncos of school, large just of cowboy behind him carrying a beer barrel]

NH: It is Hooligan of Coma and Ox Nerve! Poor Coma, it must think this is the play of FootBrawl which we never had. Ah, welcome behind, Scotty..

Switch: Not a word of you, Heidi. I never want that you always speak about this still.

NH: Amp\'e8reheure, come on top is not day laborer you obtain violated by a poodle. Have recreation with him.

Switch: Close it. Just closed upwards.

MRS.: Coma is inside, and this Cowboy of Cloverleaf clobbered just the douja with this barrel! MY GOD! He could have crushed his cranium with that drew!

Switch: Huh? Let to me say to you, douja is thus fried in this moment I bet it did not even smell it.

NH: The Green managed to obtain this dog in addition to him, and now functions through the ring and transpierces B.F. Sack! This Green type does it make really a name for, how long it was inside there now?

Switch: I do not worry, GLANCE right with my trousers!

NH: * pfffffft! *

MRS.: Coma with a helmet increased the headbutt! The man, that could have burst the open Al Line of Beastie.

Switch: YES! Al in approved position of blading... And we take juice, baby!

NH: Ouais, I can see it on your trousers.

Switch: SHUDDAP, HEIDI! Dammit! I will walk well out from here!

NH: Thus?

MRS.: Hooligan typed his barrel, and chugging far! What in the hell of SAM does it make? It is held with the medium of the ring with a tap of beer in its mouth!

Switch: Welcome with LEAD, Tony.

NH: And distraction of Jack A just bought a projectile with the back of its principal courtesy of Bag. Green sent above the cord of tope! But it held on..he did not strike the floor, thus it is still alive.

Switch: With where this rotten dog is?

NH: Why? You need another difficulty?

Switch: I will not finish that...

MRS.: There Al disappears from Beastie! Envoy by the cords by Green! And now B.F. Sack trying to roll furtively the Green above the top rope.Coma share to the top and rolls the Bag above and behind the floor! B.F. The Bag is eliminated and Green rolls behind inside! But obtains then synchronized by the cover-chief of Coma' S.

Switch: The defect of the sound reproduction, this sure is a fine weapon Coma has!

NH: Sure is, and it is not even its weapon more mortal (reddens).

Switch: Ouais, I know you spirit of gutter. We that all know you it did a certain back of time.

NH: And? What, are you jealous?

Switch: YES!

NH: Well, perhaps I can obtain his number for you, or discover if it has a dog.

Switch: GODDAMMIT! I wanted to be to say jealous stays because it slept with you! WITH YOU, I AI KNOWN AS!

* noises of horn of air *

* noises of horn of air *

* noises of horn of air *

[Projectile of Flunky trying to fix the horn of air ]

NH: You are jealous because it slept with me? I can motionless obtain his number for you.

Switch: Cease twisting my words like that around! I am not jealous of him sleeping with you, I am ' jealous cause which you slept with him! Dammit, this marks no direction. I want to sleep with you! There, I said it.

NH: Defect of the sound reproduction of arc.

Switch: It is not even funny.

MRS.: Here to come (format of controls) George from Dead and More Deaf-Mute, Claude Leroux, a Man who Looks at a Little Like Nixon, Colonel "Jumps" Khorne, Flatline, and a type which resembles LBJ slightly!

NH: George being rolled in the ring by Flatline, which trailed it in bottom of the side.

MRS.: Is this guy..dead?

Switch: No comment, but he was not just rolled out of the ring and with the floor. It went. Ummmm, literally and of more than manners than one.

NH: And there Hooligan disappears! And Green Of Mark! It really gave as a long time as it could, the work of though.fine by the newbie but him and the Nerve of Ox both collapsed the higher cord trying to eliminate another.

Switch: What in the Flatline HELL does it have? Is it a t.v?

MRS.: I tried to appear out of what Leroux had.

NH: With have?

MRS.: Ouais, the douja A just taken of him and struck it senseless with him!

Switch: Ahhh, douja! If whoever can overcome these chance it is him! The first OWCTM, having gained the 64 simple tournaments of elimination of man earlier this year during Madness\'ae March. And rotten a good heel! WHOO HOO!

NH: But not a good aspiration for him in this one. Whoever could have gained that tournaments with the Duke the representative. An aspiration of the number six in a royal battle of hundred-man? The expenses of K nonequal of trainer can save it now.

MRS.: Nobody can! He was right envoy above the top by "Noises" Khorne!

Switch: WHAT?! They were in the gallery of Rogue together in the STWF! What a turncoat! Stupid Khorne!

NH: At least it did not strike the douja with this skillet of noise of Jiffy looking at thingee..

Switch: Thus what? a legend of the douja around here! The first OWCTM! The only man in LEAD to have held EACH title! I cannot believe the douja went. This sucks!

NH: Look at luminous side, it did not obtain humped by a pup.

Switch: Yes it!

NH: It? I forgot already. Well in any event, it not as much as you.

Switch: *(^$\'a9#&@()#^\'ae*@)@#^%%!*^@*#@)! how make you like THAT, missy!

NH: Like what? It all obtains censured, factitious. We have SOME limits.

Switch: Bite me.

NH: Grrrrrrrrr.

Switch: STOP THAT!

* noises of horn of air *

MRS.: Good grief.what probably could be next?

Switch: Pay attention what you asked around THIS promotion, buddy

[The black man of A runs in bottom of the side carrying the VERY full trousers and carrying a crowbar. Another man follows, very old and VERY slow ]

Switch: It is DJ Rawkus and OH MY GOD! It Is A Twilight Captain! Twilight Of Captain F' N! This man MUST have the a hundred and eighty years!

NH: More a sad blow with glory.truly it had to test here. And test now, during THIS. Cane of Nice which it has, well that should be a formidable weapon. I.e., if the old man geezer can balance it.

Switch: It is if it never obtains with the ring to balance it! Shit, I could CRAWL more quickly than that!

NH: Creeping? On all the furnaces? Like the A..


MRS.: Claude Leroux seems to have a pair of mowers and makes really a number on Rawkus. Flatline more in the corner of the television of ring.watching!

Switch: But it observes "Friends", and everyone knows which east "Must see TV".

NH: Well, he better aucuns ' friendly of stop.there in the ring in this moment, this is each man for

[Coma finally puts in the side headlock of Claude Leroux like snails of Twilight Captain at the dune halfway the side ]

MRS.: Glance! Claude Leroux employs Coma for a beating RAM! Nuances of Sheepherders Kiwi!

NH: Or the Whackers Bush, according to when you saw the ' end of support.

Switch: Whackers Bush? These types not whacked never any bush.

NH: And as YOU have.

Switch: He´, I whacked the abundance of the bush

[The wire Coma of Leroux in a load of headbutt because they beating the RAM ' jumped Khorne and strike it by the cords ]

MRS.: There Khorne disappears!

Press: POLE!

MRS.: And now they claimed Flatline, which could not leave the manner while they disappeared after the type which resembles slightly LBJ, which was occupied stabbing the man who looks at a little like Nixon with a cigar!

NH: Cigar? Isn't the this trick of the type which is a dead ringing for Clinton?

Switch: Flatline was held above on the lower cord, well that and rolls behind inside.

MRS.: But Rawkus not! It obtained to beat inserted above the higher cord! Did not even obtain to use its crowbar! It is the most impressive match in the almanac of the history of fight!

NH: (eyes of bearings)

* noises of horn of air *

[The man of A in a costume of three pieces runs in bottom to carry a telephone of cells, behind him is another man with a grotesque convexity in his frontal sector but it carries a headstock of explosion. They both function after the Twilight, downwards striking it in the side while they continue and slip into the ring ]

Switch: It is Starter of the Salesmen of Techie de Hell.and large Mr Himself, Mr Hungalot!

NH: He´, did you see Mr H. in the "Potter of Harry Dick and the Bone of the Wizard" still? Check that outside, good substance.

Switch: Remarkable.

MRS.: There disappears Nixon and LBJ! Two victims of this tooth of the moment threesome of Leroux, Coma, and Flatline!

Switch: Tooth? These types were associates for always.

MRS.: Really? Then imagine the chance of the aspiration which they had while entering there together! They could work in team and really anticipated in this thing! Really, imagine the chance! Which is the chance in that? It hard with the pitch-stirrer.

Switch: Call me insane, but I guess approximately 3 in 80.

NH: Nice, Scotty. OUCH! Flatline just hammered that head of Mr H' S finished of t.v.! Leroux and Coma still with the beating RAM eliminate the Starter! It did not last a long time.

MRS.: And There Hungalot Disappears! Jete´ outside by Flatline, which has troubles maintaining with the weapon of explosion of Mr H' S. WHAT?!

NH: This headstock of explosion right Flatline sent above the higher cord! I was here a long time and it was the most deaf-mute thing which I ever saw here! It was simply stupid, even with OUR low standards!

Switch: Really, how Flatline could it never still face in the mirror after being eliminated from the royal most significant battle in existence of Bob by an inflatable doll of love?

NH: At least it did not obtain moleste´ by a dog. Speak to face a mirror.

Switch: SHUDDUP!

MRS.: Capitaine Twilight wrote the ring! Finally! And it is in A two-against-a with Claude Leroux and Coma!

Switch: * yawn * this will be good

[Twilight Captain throws his cane in the air on side and removes a green trimming from elbow of its trousers. It places it on its right elbow and begins a series of crash of elbow on Claude and Coma which are held wobbly there with legs and absorb approximately 15 projectiles each one of elbow ]

MRS.: They is the authentic dusty elbows of Rhodos Bionic of the unhappy fate! The OH! Electronic Fly Of Rocker!

[The Twilight whirls its arms and delivers a double final floor Leroux and Coma of crash of elbow. The helmet of Coma could not even save it. The Twilight then seizes its trunk and breaks down with the plait ]

MRS.: This place is berserk active! What a night! The greatest night in the history of fight!

[Drawn from the assistances. The noise of the crickets of chirp can be heard. A man, after a buzz inside, seems to be cyanotique.]

Switches: Leroux recovered gust of wind of the elbows of the Twilight, and maintaining to simple bearings the old man codger out of the ring. Somebody a better call an ambulance, I think the Captain T could have blown a aneurysm!

NH: Ouais, I am rather sure that are the majority which it is moved the years\'fb~\'a4\'f6\'eb' T 20... (technical difficulties)

Switches: I thought grass gained all the belts with HARDxCORE POLARIVIZION.

NH: This exposure did not count for anything. Obtain true, Scotty.

[The man of Unoriginal slips under lower bank, drinks a certain water of a bottle and pins it in the air while a pyro "X" of lime green goes to far behind him. McKillalot between good behind him and flattens it with a bagpipe ]

MRS.: Did not take the Man of Unoriginal to obtain a long time hammered. McKillalot maintaining with a whip with the pivot follows inside with an enormous clothesline!

NH: And there Manual Unoriginal with a collapse disappears from Sense of smell out of the corner. Imagine that.

Switch: Leroux and Coma installing to beat insert again.charges the old field!


MRS.: McKillalot raises the Juste of boot jusqu to the top of the helmet of Coma! Donald seizes Claude and sends it by the top and average bank! Claude is out from there!

NH: And There Coma Disappears! McKillalot gives off the ring!

Switch: Ouais! It right ran through and nailed the Man of Unoriginal still with this bagpipe! The UM takes a heading and rolls under the lower cord. The Large D. alone is held! Hybrid!

* noises of horn of air *

MRS.: Coma well, but I think the Green always makes it beat for the title of Hardcore. During I think 6 types longer than Coma. We will check.

Switch: YOU will check. I observe who between afterwards.

NH: It is Back Admiral Ben Dover, the other * of step SGT. GENOCIDE of Ask/Don't Tell..AND! Former Intergalactic Champion of STWF! The longest champion never reigning in STWhiff!

Switch: Oh ouais, and rotten a good heel. This will be impressive, the longest reigning IG Champ and the longest reigning OWCTM! And then, Ben Dover.

NH: You wish.

Switch: What?

NH: That I would yield more.

Switch: No argument on that one. WHOO HOO!

MRS.: There Ben Dover Disappears! Switch:

CRAP?! Already? Did it even obtain in the ring?

NH: Do we worry? We have many types to still see on the left.

MRS.: It is official, Ben Dover WAS in the ring like obviousness by this "Playgirl". store inside there.

Switch: What?! Did Ok, it then seek the paper cuts, huh?

NH: Still, I do not worry the encavator right the store for me, ya?

MRS.: Sgt. Genocide now starting to cry far over McKillalot! It IS The IMPRESSIVE POSTING OF MOSE DE.

Commutateur: Can it, Tony. McKillalot with DDT! Out of nowhere! It seizes the weapon of Genocide, which looks at to be a.what that the hell is THAT?

NH: (handling awkwardly by the store) it is a penis, Scotty. If it were not for this pot-belly with you perhaps you would know so that one resembles. Stuffed during holidays still, not you?

Switch: GIMME THAT! (store of jets)

* noises of horn of air *

NH: H\'c9! I looked at that!

Switch: GLANCE! It Is The Kid De Snapmare! And drum roll please. * ahem * Xamfir, this friend of workman to the t\'e2ch of Sarah the workman to the t\'e2ch.

NH: Killer Of Workman to the t\'e2ch, Scotty.

Switch: Ouais, if you say thus. I think that the whole group is full with jobbers..OH!

MRS.: Genocide with "The Suppressor" on McKillalot! Or was this "Exterminator"? Scotty, assistance? Scotty?

Switch: Can He´ few fella, I motionless see you..HUH? (firm the zip fastener trousers). Ummmm, ouais, which was him. Look at the Kid of Snapmare, it has chloroform!

NH: And Donald had his torn bag [ crispation of Scotty and mark ]. NH: Xamfir struck just Genocide with the bag of McKillalot, and tore a Juste of hole in him.

Switch: PLEASE! Describe-the another manner, or a bagpipe of word at least. Please cease saying the torn bag, it is rough and very disturbing so that a man hears [ cringes of Mark ]

NH: You know, that points out one moment to me when I worked the cemetery in HEU, and this type entered after an abnormal accident of fishing, obtained the caught hook.


MRS.: The kid has Genocide in a "sleeper"! Truth! This sure rag comes in handy.

Switch: Just think, if the would' ve of Dennis indicated that, it would have been something as "that sure rag strapping comes in handy".

NH: Ah, which is gross now?

* noises of horn of air *

Switch: Is it a groove of pan?

NH: Not, that is a groove of skin.

Switch: GIMME THAT! (of jets store far still)

MRS.: It is hell of Kurt Angel.and is... that?

[ A deranged looking at the man is seen being carted with the ring in a wheelbarrow ]


MRS.: Which type?


MRS.: Which type?


MRS.: The ok, let us select all on standard "nouveau the ". Very funny, ha ha.

NH: ThatGuy is in the ring while the man of wheelbarrow makes his exit. The Kid of Snapmare sent Xamfir in the ground courtesy of it of this chloroform and rolled outside. It rolls now out of Genocide! House of the cleaning of the kid.

Switch: OOOOOOH! But McKillalot waffled just the Kid of Snapmare in the backwith a current knee! ThatGuy has the angel of Kurt! Could it be? COULD IT BE?!YES! DREADFUL BITE OF FINGER! IT It A CLOSED With KEY!

NH: Better Kurt thinks of something quickly before it is without a figure, ThatGuy will swallow it good dune!

MRS.: Kurt reaching in his 'Old Glory' tights..he' S pulverizing it of strange type with, which is that? Lemon Engagement?

Switch: Kurt did not select a weapon, I see. And now ThatGuy CANNOT see! Who' D dreamed to be lazy and to obtain a stupid weapon like the wood polish of pieces of furniture of the LEAD HQ really saved the finger of the man?! Incredible!

NH: Ouais, we are full with the surprises. * yawn * where is this Playgirl?

* noises of horn of air *

MRS.: The ok, which is THESE two?

Switch: Badinez you? The type, that is Brestlav Plee and 14 time the champion of fight Choads Moker of Federation of Merry Nation!

NH: Is it right I, or are us in the overabundance nerds and the homosexual ones in this promotion?

Switch: He´! Nonmerry Brestlav! Czech Plees!

MRS.: Who threw this type outside?

NH: ThatGuy is always inside there.

MRS.: Not, I wanted to say this type.

NH: It is always in the ring. Right-hand side there.

MRS.: NOT! This type!

Switch: Not, you idiotic!

MRS.: IT! (points with the floor)

Switch: One eliminated Ah, angel of Kurt. And are thus its hopes to leave LEAD any time soon. It must gain the OWTTM to leave from here, well? Isn't it only its trick, other that supposedly to be an angel?

NH: Ouais, whatever..something likes that. The Kid and the Donald tackle the surplus in the corner. Plee now trying to help to obtain McKillalot outside. Choads Moker now working in ThatGuy with its weapon of the choice which looks at to be has, OH God.I cannot indicate THAT to television.

Switch: Ah, advanced we have the aforementioned worse. I want to intend to you to say' ll would be to come sexy from you.

NH: Nope. I will not do it.

Switch: Let us go, wimp!

NH: I the aforementioned NOT, Scotty.

Switch: Well, I will then, ya wussy. Yes the ventilators, Choads Moker is in fact, obstructing ThatGuy with A

* air the noises of horn *

NH: Great synchronization, Scooter.

Switch: Dammit! I said has * air the noises of horn * CRAP!

MRS.: Here to come (format of controls) Morbid Scott and which is that the other type?

NH: It is Sculder of the Agency!

Switch: And behind right it is the most obvious swindle of character since the DOMINO of Unoriginal Man..THE!

[The music of the rock plays while the domino court with the dune halfway the side and carries out an elevator very familiar of "eyebrow". It then court with and slips into ring ]

NH: But one more should come. The OH... my..god. See the ya in some (it runs)

MRS.: Where is it active...?

Switch: NOT! It Is Stinkbutt Nastyass! Stinkbutt Nastyass! It is in the ring!


Switch: OH OUAIS! That REALLY will leave a mark! The man, that seemed wet!

MRS.: Yes, I believe a ' control of dookie ' is in rule then which one.

Switch: And open spaces of ring, baby!

MRS.: My God, the kid of Snapmare chloroformed just! I guess be unconscious is better than obtaining to a whiff vapor of Stinkbutt. The defect of the sound reproduction, there is really a green fog in the ring.

Switch: Ouais, they liked this type in Japan. Fought as large Poota for a charm. Sculder went! There ThatGuy disappears! And McKillalot! The old field could not even take it! Heads of Brestlav Plee for a cleaner air! There Moker disappears! And Domino! And Scott Sickly.but not before it launched! Although it is difficult to say if it were caused by Stinkbutt, or if it were to be just morbid. * reniflements * Ummm, was the defect of Stinkbutt. Marks, you would not precisely prove to have a wick of air on the ya, ya?

MRS.: Not, unfortunately I am any outside with the quality of! It it must' ve had deviled eggs for the last 15 meals! * cough * * dry the push *

Commutateur: (narrow upwards on Scotty, it makes draw to the top its shirt above its nose and stops) And glance with the kid! Before it was struck, it handcuffed with the lower cord! It extend there without knowledge, and Stinkbutt cannot roll it outside! To go in Yale paid to far the kid! What a genius!

MRS.: But now Nastyass tries to unscrew the pivot, there it will make leave Billy the one-way or another.

* noises of horn of air *

Switch: Still strike-the, Flunky.maybe which it will blow the left stench.

MRS.: Ouais, and dispatch the first three lines got clear outside already!

Switch: The test of Nice, but they left before Stinkbutt even left here.

* noises of horn of air *

[ Heidi turns over carrying a gas mask ]

NH: IT is always here? Happy I packed this thing.


NH: No manner! He´, it is Insano Mano!

Switch: Look at that! It is not to obtain equal in the ring!

IM: I insano, silicon. I no loco, ess.

MRS.: Insano Mano? Not with which translate loosely?


[The "Substance Breaking" is heard, followed by an incredibly strong noise of crowd, too much extremely for this gathering, but the OH well ]


Switch: DEVIL?!

NH: Calm downwards, Scotty. J just commutated with another disc because the other was a piece of shit and ate to the top of half of our exposure.

Switch: Oh.

MRS.: Hot Luc is in the ring!

Switch: It has Stinkbutt..STONECUTTER! STONECUTTER! STONECUTTER! The good microphone of thing was not here, it always the pigs that and me never obtain to say it!

NH: I hope for just the force of that * ahem * STONECUTTER! nothing loosely the malicious ass of Nastyass shook.

MRS.: Why do you howl, stonecutter?

Switch: H\'c9! You can never just simply say the "stonecutter ". You must say it like this.STONECUTTER! STONECUTTER! STONECUTTER! Even if it does just one. Allonss, were the MASTER of the surplus exaggerating the apparently inoffensive modules of completion obtain with the program, type. I can say to you that one are little rusted and all after the dismissal of WCW, but you are normal, buddy. He will return.

* noises of horn of air *

MRS.: My name is not Tony.

Switch: Not more * winks *.

NH: Luc now tries to obtain the kid of Snapmare in addition to this cord where it handcuffed while old that which the champion of fight Roy D. Rage of federation descends the aisle..and that the other salesman of Techie of the hell is right behind him.

Switch: Which one? Starts or switch?

NH: I do not know, all information was on the other disc and J is too lazy to look at it upwards. Thus, I guess it is switch.

MRS.: Who is J? And which disc? What are you people speaking?

Switch: Just read your lines and you do not worry about it, junior.

NH: Roy D. Rage is in the ring, it has Indiana authenticates Jones whom the reproduction bull-whip! The pity of Oh, things will become swine now.

Switch: STONECUTTER! STONECUTTER! STONECUTTER! * ahem * Ahhhh, perhaps not. Roy is quickly rolled outside by Luc, Switch is inside with the newspaper of A (do not call me Microphonous Rotundo) V.K. Wall Street! STONECUTTER!

MRS.: MY GOD! He reversed above the higher cord! He reversed above the higher cord! I never have,' ll always never re-examine Anything OF SIMILAR! NEVER! NEVER! NEVER NEVER!

NH: I think Tony recovered his groove.

Switch: I thought who was Stella.

NH: Blade, Scotty..

* noises of horn of air *

[Looking at work really stupid of type of A, I mean..jogs in bottom of the side in slope-manner, and after him is a slope eyed the Mexican. No slur envisaged]

Switches: It Is Lenny! The more Deaf-Mte part of the legend Pedro Chang of Died and Dumber..and STWF Chinese Spic!

NH: Lenny falls victim not to choose its own weapon and brandishing a figure of action of G.I. Joe

Commutateur: But it is one of those with the handle of Kung Fu.! That can damage certain serious!

MRS.: What Chang does it have? Switch: Ummmm, to resemble a ventilated burrito attached at the end of a ya of Ramen noodle.but know, if it it balance rectify, it could work.

MRS.: I am guessing did not select his own weapon, one or the other to him.

Switch: Nah, I think it really selected that.

NH: STONECUTTER! And There Lenny Disappears!

Switch: STONECUTTA! You like that? STONECUTTA! And Chinese Spic got..just right obtained.

NH: Allonss, Scotty.I know you work to the top of a truth doozy of a racial bur.

Switch: Cannot do it. Geocities will obtain pissed.

NH: You just cannot think of anything. Switch: THUS!

* noises of horn of air *

MRS.: The ok, comes here something Birdboy.and called (equivocal with the chart) Morbid Rick.

Switch: Amp\'e8reheure yes! Old no matter what principal support of fight of federation and other half of these associates puking!

NH: Of Luc the test still occupied to obtain the kid in addition to this cord.

Switch: If the Kid of Snapmare gains this thing handcuffed with a ring rope.I' m active duty statement that of all the delayed things which is ever produced in this promotion, it would have been delayed the most.

NH: Not going to occur! Luc just seized the ringpost! Switch: STONECUTTER! STONECUTTER! STONECUTTER! IT STONECUTTERED THE RINGPOST! And there it goes! It fell more! And there Kid disappears!

NH: And a new thing the most delayed to never occur in this promotion.


Switch: My turn..STONECUTTER! And a gone Morbid Trooper of Rick, which should not have been probably here in any event with this horrible case of diarrhoea, but of hey.he.

NH: (looking at the format) ok, that more Luc types does obtain with STONECUTTER before this thing still becomes somewhat competing?

Switch: (looking at its sheet) approximately six that I think. Marks?

MRS.: (holding paper until the light) resounds about the line.

Switch: Page of flick, no matter who?

NH: Work for me (each one of the turn three their formats more)

Switch: Wait one minute! Nobody will know what occurred!

NH: I will paraphrase: Large Chechmates too "The Too Lame One" and Fanboy were the next victims of Luc the toric weapon of thrust of frozen of Fanboy was not very useful. And Chechmate shown to us his "worm". Small nice thing it was, too. Perhaps I will call it formerly. At all events, the associate of Cranium Chris Colossal, Principal Zepplin, carried out the manner in STONECUTTERVILLE after follow-up "Of the Hat Of Universal Giver", Al Larrie. Ni did not direct the cake to back nor the softened loop of Froot de Larrie could offer any defense for hot STONECUTTER and it was obvious with us all except Messrs of a couple in the balcony that the two men did not choose their own weapon. Janv. Plee Plees and Massawa of the Dungeon of Deaf-Mute were the Czech numbers of thirteen and fourteen..and of fodder of STONECUTTER which counted the ringpost. It must also be clarified that the cords badly bend swallowed post, as if EC were not obvious. That, I believe, bring Luc to have met fourteen totals of men in the ring, attaching him with the kid of Snapmare, but three shy persons of the 'Smart ' Green of Mark for the controversy of the title of "AYOOYFM" Hardcore. And that brings choices of to.the fifty-and-uni\'e8me and fifty-second to us.

* noises of horn of air *

[The "Smooth" operator of Sade briefly plays. Boos follow ]

Switches: It IS SMP! Silaconne Mr. Plants, the owner is here! And man, it and Luc have has afterwards or what?! This' ll is impressive! WHOO HOO!

NH: But catch above. Sil must be a jolt initially and has one mic. And he is not the owner, factitious. Ok? I am right wondering which bad arrangement it projected now.

Switch: NATURALLY! He is "The Dirtiest Renforcor of Boobie while Fighting Today"! You know it has a certain a little underhand plan!

SMP: (Holding a tiny green box like it enters the ring and to request with far from Luc of approach) Support there, Luc. I know us go manner that back.but you remembers when we made that the thing and me of "Mama' Z Boyz" were bone plunging your sister? (boos of crowd) Well, if you STONECUTTER I and throw me here outta. I know Brianne always has the hots for me, you eliminate me and I will ask him to marry me! (boos of crowd) thus, roll your dumbass out of this ring in this moment, and I will just continue to stick my wick without cords joint. OBTAIN It? OBTAINED? GOOD! But, you throw me in the air outside. I will marry it and make with your life a virtual hell! (falls mic and stands attacking there for crowd which continues it with the boo, just before a song of the beginnings of STONECUTTER)

MRS.: What is Luc going to make?! They IS The INTENSE VENTILATORS!

NH: Not of Oh, Luc takes a step more with the ropes..don' T do it LUC!

Switch: How can you encourage yourselves against your companion of longtime and owner stable of LEAD like that?

NH: Close It, Scotty. Do not do it Luc!

MRS.: He is to leave the ring! I DO NOT BELIEVE IT, VENTILATORS!

Switch: Where is the other aspiration? NH: Cold, Scotty.let the construction of tension. You forgot all about the comment you do not have?

Switch: He´, you e´tripez trout swallow with "a fish ' N of Eyed Larry notch" for six months and see how much YOU remember!

MRS.: Luc is on the floor! It is eliminated! (the boos of crowd as factories still seizes the mic)

SMP: He´, ' boy of late. I will marry it in any event! BWAAA HAA HAAA!

Switch: The back of Luc in the ring! STONECUTTER! STONECUTTER! STONECUTTER!

[ Luc goes up then not-bends pivot, produces a bottle of Yoo-Hoo\'ae out of the air and the thin guzzles which he like insane. The arena is in a frenzy while it leaves streaming in bottom of its chin and on its trunk before it gives up its trade mark "two-inches" and leaves to the ring ]

MRS.: The Factories has the "not-sarcastic eyes rolling upwards in its" principal glance! I think it is out of the cold! It is an easy elimination for anyone which was to write the ring with him...

[The lights die out and the place goes from the nuts. Flunky replaces a fuse and the lights turn over. Ge´missements of crowd. Then, to still burst it as "You See In The Hell, Are Not Late" by plays of Yngwngiiinwwe Malstreemnaofid. Sore Q Fiendish heavily advances slowly in bottom of the side ]

Switches: HOLY FULLAH SHIITE! It Is Sore! I am outta here!

NH: Wuss of Ya, you already were anyway..he eliminated cannot do anything with you.

Switch: Ouais, it is better happy I am already outside or I would have given to a kick his ass.

NH: Sure, Scotty.

MRS.: The Factories comes around...

[SMP sees Bobo descending the side and jumps immediately of the ring and the hightails it above fragile Guardrail\'ae. It runs then by crowd like a schoolgirl frightened, before being transpierced and being beaten unmercifully by an old lady wearing a shirt of 99,4% Luc-Hoo. Sore is held in the ring, frightening pretence and the shit. I carry out disembodied narrators seldom maudis, but devil? It is a goddammit PPV. ]

Switches: SMP did not last a long time, and what a idiot would write the ring against Bobo?! Even TWO idiots?

NH: Well, there must be somebody out there of that wants the ONLY TITLE of WORLD EC OF the SUBJECTS more badly than diabolic. In fact, I think Bobo could worry less about the title, it wants probably just with the maim somebody, which is perfectly very well by me. I will not stop it.

* noises of horn of air *

MRS.: We are about to discover!

[ they look with the slope ]

* ahem * noises of horn of air *

Switch: You said that already, boy of narrator!

[ I know myself ]

NH: You do not think....

* noises of horn of air *

[ still nothing ]

MRS.: What continues? Somebody fill me in...

Switches: Dunno I! Narrator?

[ Flunky goes down with a note and hands it in Scotty ]

Switch: (opens the folded note) the ok, the following people withdrew themselves from this contest due to, and I quote, "Is not any manner foutue but I enter there with Bobo."

"Oil of Distributor"
Bubba Gump
Mystique Female
Fumbducker Leon
MC Carjack
Desi Thoughtless of fanfaron of Teery of Art of Brown of Barry of "Panel
Postpones" Phenomena of Circus of STWF of the Xenomorph
Jockeys of Ambulance
The Man as a Garry Head of Crisis of Identity of Green fire the "Of Gurney" of
the Jockeys of Abulance
and Line Slightly Merry of the Too Lame ok, here.

NH: What?! All these refused types?

Switch: Ouais, signed a petetion and all!

MRS.: They is 15 Bobo entries eliminated without extending even a hand on any of them! They is two courts or "Smart" Mark for the title of "ayooyfm "Hardcore!

* noises of horn of air *

NH: Why trouble with this horn?

Switch: MAKE AN ATTEMPT! Outgoing somebody!

[ "Enter Sandman" by plays of Stalemate Boone, the old marks of time burst ]

MRS.: What... does the... hell... is it... that?


[Sprints of Zack to the ring with a defender dirtied of sports on its right hand]

NH: And it has Mr. JOCKO!

Zack: (in the voice of muppet as it seizes mic of the accomplice functioning by the table of the annonceur) "BONJOUR, the BOYS AND the GIRLS!" (falls mic and writes the ring.)

Switch: It is in the ring! And Sore obtaining a face full with aromatherapy!

NH: It is malicious. There are spots of wee on this thing in the inte´ret of Christ!

MRS.: Sore rolls outside! Zack drove out diabolic ring! Incredible! It is incredible, ventilates!

NH: * yawn *

* noises of horn of air *

Switch: Here to come Justin Voss! And Li' L Peppy Polar!

Peppy: Dat de Fuch, ess.

MRS.: Well, so much for Peppy. It is outside as soon as it is inside.

Switch: Justin reached for something...

NH: Not of Oh, it which is the bad idol of Oliver Copp that Mittens gave him. I do not think equal Zack can be held until that.

Switch: MAKE AN ATTEMPT! It reaches in son.and back pocket... it is empty!

Voss forgot that LEAD is a Copp-Free zone of Oliver! It cannot employ this idol

NH: I thought that meant "aucuns simulators employed because they are crap"....

Switch: He´, a Copp-Free zone is a Copp-Free zone is a Copp-Free zone, baby! The glances of Justin confused that his weapon evaporated, Mr. JOCKO STRIKES AGAIN!

NH: And there Voss disappears... * noises from horn from air * MRS.: It is Geek Pencil Strangled the STWF and Streetmime II of the Street....

Switches: Shhhhh, it is of LEAD. MRS.: But it states here that it is of....

Switches: It is always under contract there, word right which it is of LEAD and avoids a certain legal substance.

MRS.: Work for me....

NH: Tests of PNG to subject Zack with a cam of sequence, glance of the OH... it makes a certain old man thingee "Of Hollywood Blondes" and mimes taking the photograph of Zack!

Switch: Streetmime II too happy step with that, because it also appears IT brought a camera! Though a fake, MIME one. Streetmime II nailed Geek with a blow-of-foot of rotation of heel, TRUTH! And now it throws the PNG in the air above the higher cord! Streetmime II really eliminated somebody!

NH: The miracles never cease.... * noises of horn of air *

Commutateur: The ok, Streetmime II and Zack in the ring, and now them are approximately to be joined by... who is that? It Is Long J.C.! And... "Buffalo" Ignacius Cody of the Cowboys Amish!

Switch: YEEE HAW! The cowboys amish are almost as fresh as the bowler hats amish. Almost. He´, Heidi, did you ever see ankle working? You recall this moment when....

NH: Close It, Scotty...

Switches: The scene of frigde? Do you point out this cold air?

NH: Close It, Scotty...

MRS.: VENTILATORS! Flucky indicates to me that we must break for an interruption! An interruption!

Switch: Flucky?

NH: Ok, we will break for a short advertising film. Remain the granted ventilators, there are more unfortunately to come!


NH: Scotty? Scotty..? Ohhhh, Scotty..WAKE Upwards!

Switch: WHAT?! The shit, do not do that! (rags its chin of drool) I almost pissed my trousers, and you ruined rotten a good dream.

NH: A dream, huh?

Switch: Oh ouais! You and me were on an island given up with nothing but a coconut tree with this odd branch, the kind of which was perfect for this pair handcuffs me had.

MRS.: Do the coconut trees have branches? Since when.

Switch: Shuddap, Mark, do not damage my moment. At all events, I handcuffed you with the tree and.

NH: Scotty, I really do not want to hear this. Moreover, grondement is about to still start, Streetmime II and ' Soft Core ' Zack are in the ring.and that I believe Long J.C. and (sheet of controls) well, I cannot read it.Scotty, your drool coated my format. Marks? Queest this that yours has on top?

MRS.: I have long and..ummm, I cannot read mine, either. I doodling to spend the weather and the substance during the interruption, thus the mine is been overcast with doodle.

NH: Doodle is better than the drool! Scotty, glance with your format and see which joint a long time, Zack, and Streetmime II

Switch: Like I worry. Leave the Advertiser Masked to astonish us. Remove It, M.A.!

MA: Mesdames and Messrs! (The panoramic camera the "arene ", there are approximately two hobos tightened on the left around a barrel with a fire in him) and now, the interruption MORE! Once that again..LET' S OBTAINS It ABOVE!

[Zack goes more to the corner and gives a kick Streetmime II, which was rolled up in foetal position obtaining a small nap. They could not leave the ring or elimination of face, ' causes once that you enter, if you leave, you went. Thus, they were in there the whole interruption. Function-T-that with their favour? Or obstruct their advance? Does it import? Not. With which it hell am me speaking? * ahem * Zack puts far its platform from the charts and starts with pummeling men of Streetmime two run in bottom of the side.]

Switch: This will be ' Buffalo ' Ignatius Cody joining Long J.C.! The ok, now that my false enthusiasm has off.who used the hell is Ignatius Cody?

NH: He is the other cowboy amish.

Switch: Who?

MRS.: The man, your scale of attention is shorter than the skirt of Heidi. Not that I look at or something.

Switch: Right-hand side! You lying!

NH: J.C. Is a long time in the ring with what seems to be a title of championship of some kind..Cody does not seem to have brought anything with him.

Switch: Ouais it! Look at, it draws it out of its jeans!

NH: REALLY?! Does it make "a too large chechmate"? Let us go, the baby, see the this worm! (rests to the top directly and looks in the ring)

Switch: Cripes! Calms it downwards, ya? And you always show me to be certain excited, out of the nympho of order?

[In the ring, Cody draws approximately a long three-foot, cylindrical piece of wood of its trousers. Heh, I said ' wood '. ]

NH: Is It very that it was? I thought it were really happy here simply to be.

MRS.: What is it?

Switch: It is a spoke of tire of buggy drawn by horse! But it is not gold! And it is about the size of A. WHACK!

NH: The thing of Oh my.that resembles a bat! Cody not a foreigner to throw the timber, glance to him oscillation which thing! WHACK!

MRS.: Zack brought back a projectile to small to him, and Streetmime II obtaining the beatdown amish now. The OH! MONTH of Buffalo of long interruptions it ' with a breath of cranium with this title.

Switch: Titrates? It is not a championship! It has PCW on top, in the inte´ret of Christ! It fed is much more pathetic that this one! It is probably made out of foil of can!

NH: Thus? Isn't the OWTTM wrapped in foil of can?

Switch: NOT! We use the envelope of Reynold! And everyone knows the envelope of Reynold. is not the daily and common foil of can of use!

NH: Eyes of no matter what, of Scotty.(rolls)

MRS.: Cody looks at to be struck! A long time now trying to operate the man out of the ring. Zack still has ' Mr. Jocko ' and moves inside about a long time! Streemime II can only extend motionless on its only defense of the

* noises of horn of air *

Switch: No rest for the mow! Or is it 'for the bad one '? (glances with the format) drool of Goddamn!

MRS.: Ignatius takes other drew from J.C., and it resembles to the cowboy amish lost his wood!

NH: Hate when that occurs.

Switch: Would not arrive at me.

MRS.: Well now you two..OH! Zack cuts J.C. as it moved inside on Cody! ' Mr. Jocko ' claims another victim! That dirtied belt of jock obtaining thorough well in bottom of the oesophagus of Mr. Thursday Night' S!

NH: And in conclusion, our two next entries are on their way.

MRS.: J.C. could of the yaks before they arrive there! Zack really stuffing this jock!

NH: Probably not the first time.

Switch: You are right! It obtained Bobo earlier.

NH: I spoke in a different context, Scotty. Jump right it, its manner above your head

[Cut with the slope, large barrels of a Contractor-type in bottom of the side, follow-up of a man salts in the soiled clothing of hospital, trailing a box behind him which has gribouille´ "Helena" on the side ]


Switch: HOLY UNDEROOS! By the white sales and Undietaker of the flea market!

NH: Hold up.who in their good spirit would buy underclothing at a flea market? It is malicious.

MRS.: What?! Aren't the underclothing there clean? Ummmm, not as I arrive there mine or anything.uh-rah, ouais.

Switch: And Necro Phil comes to the ring with Undie, and it brings "Helena"! Or at least parts of it!

NH: Ya know, as a long time as I knew that guy..I never discovered what it had in this box.

Switch: Did you ever see "Helena Locking up in a Box"? Where what the psychopathe type dismembers a chick and carries its torso around in a box?

NH: Nope, ' fraid I missed that one.

MRS.: You are badiner, right? Please say to me that the type does not have a torso in this box.

Switch: Nah, Phil did not want to steal the gimmick.he completely divided members in his.

NH: Ah, that is SO better.

MRS.: I think myself will be sick. And here I thought the Order of the World of Latino were feeling reluctant. Idiot I.

Switch: Undietaker going well after Streetmime II, MONITORING! It seizes the MIME around the plunging sound different hand in trousers of Streetmime II, it has it by the band of underclothing! WEDGIE A FACILITATED CHOKESLAM Of HELL!

MRS.: And this type of Phil drew an..oh my God. It IS An ARM! It IS An ARM!

NH: Relax.its the arm of a mannequin. I hope.

Switch: Necro Phil has right pique´ with far on Ignatius, and walloped the upstream of Sammy Sosa-esque the head! Now it places the hand of the mannequin around the throat of Cody and blocks it outside with it!

MRS.: The ventilators, I promise.YOU WILL SEE Anywhere ELSEWHERE NEVER the ACTION LIKE THIS!

NH: A long time finally fought freely of Zack and ' Mr. Jocko' and now that it runs through the ring and jumps on Undietaker behind. Streetmime II is on the floor, although I did not see who eliminated it.

Switch: Do not import, it went! And there Cody above the top disappears! "Buffalo" eliminated from Phil right.

NH: Is Phil of Dallas?

Switch: And you say to me have weak jokes? The Cowboys and the Invoices did not play in SuperBowl in almost 10 years!

NH: He´, I do not make at the ' end of support up.I ' the end of support read

* noises of horn of air *

MRS.: I am frightened almost too much to look at.

Switch: Did He´, I just think of the supposed bitch of something..wasn' T Da Sassy of bringing the thing of title of PCW? Why Long A?

NH: Hello? Aren't they the same type?

Switch: No manner! If they were.then goes how the bitch of Da coming Sassy to the ring!

NH: By the jove, you are right.

Dennis: (above the system of P.A.) STOPPED TO STEAL MY LINES!

NH: Afflicted, man. Take a valium why not the cha?

MRS.: The type of bitch of Dat Sassy sure court quickly with the ring! And which leaves now? What is it? Frankenstein?

NH: Nope, that is Sasquatch of the Dungeon of deaf-mute.

MRS.: Then why it resemble in...


MRS.: Just asking.

Switch: Some things better are left sexual preference of a bitch of Sassy the true one for example. Some indicate it are merry, the majority of word which it is merry, there is a "swimming pool of office" in the back which is to approximately 23 dollars which indicates it is merry, and it says.

DSB: (of the ring) I am not MERRY!

NH: Defect of the sound reproduction! Sasquatch just eliminated Sassy little too was bending close to the cords when it howled that with you, Scotty.and! It could have just beaten the disc of Ben Dover for faster outside.

Switch: Nah, I think of the victories of Insano Mano that that..he did not even obtain in the ring to confront the wax of Stinkbutt Nastyass.

MRS.: It ouais, and then had there all these other types which refused to descend even the side when Bobo was inside there.

NH: Ok, ok.

MRS.: There disappears Undietaker and Zack!

Switch: Ouais, I saw that! It appears UT tried to steal ' Mr. Jocko ' for his fetish perverted, and Zack would not give him ' ' up.they that all the two Juste de´gringole´ out of the ring on the ploughed up side which was caused earlier by the confusion of Luc.

* noises of horn of air *

NH: And here we still go.

Switch: OH OUAIS! It is this hot chick which trails Sarah the killer of workman to the t\'e2ch. Its Kay Fabe! And uh-oh.hide women and children! It Is Terra Rism! Abdullah Fullah Shiite is with him, too!

NH: * sigh * Vietnamese Soldier Kong and sure "Charlie" took a turn for worst, not they? Which lame trick of ass.

MRS.: Who is EC?

[The man of A in a costume also kills the man from aisle.a which resembles the models of Joey much. It joint the team to announce with the ringside while Kay rolls under the lower cord of not-bend corner. Terra Rism and Fullah Shiite jump also inside, but are swarmed immediately by Phil, J.C., and Sasquatch and both are sent by the cords ]

Model: The OH MY GOD!

Switch: He´, I thought you leave only with Sarah.

Models: The OH MY GOD! You are right! [ it runs ]

NH: This sure was stupid.

MRS.: And Long A just eliminated Sasquatch! Sasquatch did not even obtain to use its shoes of platform! The OH! Necro Phil manner-A just wide J.C. with this (?) false arm. And what Kay does it make?

Switch: I later this evening, I hope! WHOO HOO!

NH: Close It, Scotty. And moreover, I do not think it would be the lesbian of interested.she.

Switch: REALLY?! SOFT! He´, perhaps you could take it then and I would hide outside in your cabinet and shows.

NH: I ignore you, male typical.

MRS.: Look at Kay! She enters a trance!

Switch: Oh boy.I' ve intended to speak about this! It creates the bad spirits of the fighters died to help it in the victory! Who could it be? What could it be? Hope I sure it is not cheer of Dino.

[The camera bourdonne inside on Kay while J.C. and Phil are held ready disconcerted. The boots of Kay fly to far, it once that beautiful red hair is replaced by an arm not washed of become proportions increased by steroid while the other becomes as slightly as Oyl Olive ]

Switch: HOLY SHIT! It is called Von Erichs!

NH: Then why is naked foot? Nondead Kevin.

MRS.: The force is as well.

Switch: Better a outta of skin of J.C. and Phil there! If Kay become Von Erichs, there is of the ninety chances of percent which it is heat or of tranquillizing of packing! Run Phil! Run J.C.! Run during your lives!

NH: You sink with a whole the new one low, Whatbody. I cannot believe you said only about the guns and of the pillules.

Switch: Amp\'e8reheure, devil? It is a dammit PPV!

MRS.: Fabe with a punch and Phil floors of discus as it moved inside on her. Comes here a long time going well in the A..

Switch: SCRATCH VON ERICH BRAIN! Kay closed with key! Phil is up.she recovers its other ready hand. SCRATCH OF DOUBLE VON ERICH BRAIN!

NH: For some reason, the words Von Erich and brain do not go together...

MRS.: Yikes...

* noises of horn of air *

NH: Well, whereas we wait to see who comes to the appears Kerry Von Erich de Kay' S the arm that right classified greenhouse really the life out of ' Night Mr. Thursday ', but this end puny classified Erich de Mike Von made it possible Phil to agitate free.just in time to meet

[They look with the side. An acclamation of aucunes less than 3.000 females of college junior which are right entries in the building bursts like Brandon of the state Krew de Kent charges towards the ring carrying its cat, Tigress. To speak about the things which start with "tig", behind right, accompanied to him by a gargantuesque noise about the regular ventilators, which classified inside just in time, thanks with a Web site reversing its aspiration for number/random for "secret "(?). It IS the TIGER! While waiting for, in the ring, the ahem of the face of J.C. * * was torn with share by the fine force of Von Erich Claw and Necro Phil beats Kay through the back with these ummmm, mannequin arm.with no effect]

Switch: It Is Torch. AND THE TIGER! THE TIGER! THE TIGER! The first intergalactic champion twice of STWF! It is a legend, and a baby whom it sucks. In spite of its disc.

NH: Well, you cannot discuss with what the man achieved. And it looks at as it brings to Cletus the increased weapon very Prod the Cattle which allowed him to gain brawl of Bunkhouse the ' Blivion which captured its first title of I.G.!

Switch: And Torch bringing a cat!

MRS.: Forgiveness I?

Switch: It has a cat for a weapon!

NH: Jim? Oh you wanted to say the cat, Tigress.

Switch: Rotten right-hand side! Which weapon could be more mortal with a man? Which man can resist the power of the cat?

NH: cat of "A", Scotty. If you will twist it slightly around to be less mark it noise as you speak about the cat.

Switch: Let us go, ruin of Heidi.that' ll all my recreation!

MRS.: Torch right Necro transpierced Phil, and the Tiger goes after Kay Fabe.

Switch: And the glance, the Tiger employs its uncanny spirit to test and break Kay Fabe!

Tiger: The fight is scripted.

Kay: No it is.

Tiger: Sure it is. And the fighters do not hate themselves while they perceive with the television or even with the exposures of house. In fact, much of them are the very good friends and trail from time to time.

Kay: It is is simply not true. The fight is true.

Tiger: Is not.

Kay: IS TOO!

Switch: OHHH! Torch threw Tigress in the air on the tiger! Tigress counters the tiger! CAT FIGHTS! CAT FIGHTS! Meow, meow! I can believe only in all this time, nobody recreation never made of the tiger because of sound name.isn' T a tiger the female? Shouldn't it have been called the lion?

NH: It is stupid, Scotty. Stopped to be stupid.

Switch: WELL?! Isn't it?

NH: The lions and the tigers are two felines different, delay.

Switch: But they are as in the same species of the thingee of family of cat, right-hand side?

NH: Be unaware of the button. Be unaware of the button. Man, I wish this were a room of talk.

MRS.: Necro Phil was just rolled under the lower cord by J.C. Long..who bleeds like a wedged pig!

Switch: Or a type which obtained dazed with its work of blade. OHHH! The Tiger really obtains scratched with the pieces by Tigress, and the Torch now obtaining a taste of the spirits of Von Erich de Kay' S!

NH: So only Brandon could dig drains the buddy Roberts.then de Freebird we would have really a combat of helluva.

* noises of horn of air *

[Two colossal sides of ox waddle in bottom of the side ]

MRS.: Good lord in the sky, they is the normal disasters, the hurricane and the earthquake!

Switch: Not, they is worse! And heavier! It is Mittens and Bohemoth!

NH: Goodbye the ring, that is approximately a value of tons of the right human beings there.


Switch: Tigress just obtained presented at Cletus! Kay has right envoy with Brandon above the top rope..but Kent Stater managed to remain on the apron.Bo and Mittens is both which obtain in the ring! NOT! DAMMIT! NOT SAME SIDE! YOU IDIOTIC!

NH: Thar it goes..har har.

MRS.: MY GOD! The ring right inclined more! It inclined more! It is largest, the incredible majority of night in the history of fight!

Switch: Sell It, Tony! Sell it!

MRS.: Everyone which was in the ring is now OUT of the ring! Kay Fabe extends on Long J.C.!

Switch: Lucky it. It is hot, even WITH a mule. WHOO HOO!

MRS.: Torch and the Tiger are a muddled disorder, Mittens and Bohemoth is both upwards under the turned over square circle.somebody leave here! Doctors! We need doctors!

[The Jockeys of Ambulance precipitate outside to evaluate the situation, they help only Kay Fabe, charge it on a outta of gurney and bolt there ]

Switches: It is surrealist, even for THIS federation.

NH: No argument here. Ventilators, as soon as Flunky recovers with the ring the manner one supposes it with be..we' ll is back with the conclusion of Gluttons for the punishment. Granted stay. While waiting, appreciate even more of the interviews of the slides and the comments of Dennis. We will be good back. Well, not rectify behind, but back.

[Us pennons again in the scene "with the retractable dome deFonctionnement" in beautiful (?) Lardville, the mass. Flunky achieved just the contacts of finishing of the work of band of conduit on the ring like Scotty Whatbody, Heidi nurse, and summarized of accomplice of mark their tasks of allowance of the places to the ringside. The ring seems pitiful. Its whole except ploughed up on the now infamous side "Of Hot Pivot of Luc", the medium bends like a large-grandma' S chest, giving the aspect of giant and not very deep salad bowl. The cords resemble almost three long banks of sheath of ass rolled up around four buckled posts of barrier. But it is very good, us expected some collateral damage. And moreover, the buy-rates and the sales of goods will cover it.ummm, taken okay.we' ll a blow on the damaged ring. Crap! Oh well, cut with Scotty.]

Switches: Finally! It is about time that stupid Flunky obtained the finished ring.

NH: Well, why didn't you help it, Scotty?

Switch: What?! I am a journalist of emission, handy man step of a friggin '! And it did not need my assistance in any event, look at that' S goods like new.

NH: Excuse me? It resembles the shit. Hootings! Are we of phase?

MRS.: Yes we are! * ahem * ventilators, though the ring resembles a mountain range.we of Afghanistan obtained more to come!

Switch: And the alarming thing is, we obtain close to the end and the machine of XXXtreme was not selected yet. Could you imagine if EC losing gains the OWTTM? It' D is the greatest joke of a champion since Vince Russo attached on the title. Or Arquette. Or Vince McMahon. Or any other not-fighter whom given the title of the world obtains to sell some tickets. Like Hogan.

NH: Well, enough Scotty.that' S. Eh well, since everyone was eliminated during the ring reverse-with-top from deal.we' Re still starting from zero. That which left in the back which was not called yet will be our next ONLY CHAMPION of the WORLD WHICH IMPORTS. And looking above this format which is left..all of me can say is that our next champion will make cut their work for the ' end of support the defendant in bottom of the road. A very impressive group of the majority not.

Switch: You have a list of which is left? Lemma see it!

NH: No manner! If you want to really know, you can always enter to our sequence-site to and to see for yourself on the nearest charts bind. There is a list there, grace to mention this catch without scruple. Thus, Scoot.go there if you want to know who is left.

Switch: YOU ENIGMA! I hate you, you know me do not have access to a computer in this moment!

NH: Ah, the stop which, you does not hate me you like me.

MRS.: Does this discharge have a sequence-site? You owe badiner.

Switch: Closed, the Advertiser of Mark.Masked is back of the fact pathetic excuse for a ring.

MA: Ampéreheure, devil? LET US OBTAIN IT ABOVE!

MRS.: Okay.short and soft, I guess

[ The "Rock, part two "per flutter of Gary starts to play. Did no matter who ever hear the part one? Wonders right if the only difference is if "Hé" in the part two and not the part one. Ampéreheure, grass it. The slope of Jean descends the side in full the uniform + trimmings with hockey the shoes and carries a stick of hockey which it suitably baptized "Mr. Hockey Stick". It rolls under the cords saggy while really merry resounding music of porn starts to play. Imagine the old music of topic of nWo with a watering of praise and a beat of techo. and of Eddie B probably agitating its ass. The black alternate attics of type of type of life style in bottom of the slope carrying certain pink Billy Gunn/Chuck Palumbo name tights and a tee-shirt tied at the front bottom ]

Switch of dome of To pennons again of in scene us of ": It is * of no matter what the regular label-teams of the federation of fight behind in day. Fumbducker Diontray!

MRS.: What? Another merry type?

NH: Ouais, I am afraid thus.' S appears Diontray avoided its homosexuality and stereotyped brought a legitimate weapon. Instead of something of strange as it is hung upwards with a good even old woman of brass articulations. Well, well. it is sure statement a good even old woman of painted pink articulations, but he there is probably brass some share under this beautiful nuance if nail varnish. Did Hmmm, wonder from where it obtain that?

Switch: Of its book of pocket?

NH: No show, I wanted to say which store.

Switch: Oh. Good ExxxxxxCUUUUUSE I.

MRS.: Diontray inside there and him of the slope everywhere like Patrick Roy on a lazy slapshot! Jean carrying it really outside with this stick of hockey!

Switch: It is large! Champion of old * champion of label-team of WWF a-on-a with old * label-team of STWF and LEAD! The OH! Put Diontray fire behind with these knucks pink and crawls dropped more quickly than the network makes a sitcom shitty.

NH: True professionalism there, Scotty. Betcha cannot indicate that of true quickly approximately five periods.

Switch: Put the money on top?

NH: Five about the line?

Switch: You are on line! Sitcom de Shitty, citcom shitty, shitcom citty. DAMMIT!

NH: Wages upwards, boy of loser.

* noises of horn of air *

MRS.: So much for your * champion a-on-a match-towards the top, Scotty.

[Standard thin morbid of A Goth with ratted out of Robert Smith of the looking treatment of the races of hair in bottom of the side carrying a wasted cranium ]

Switch: It is the longest Pan-Galactic champion reigning ever..Lord Lestat Von LEAD Sexbat! And it is brought Yoorick! WHOO HOO! This type reigned during his heyday. I wish it would return for good!

NH: Huh? A wasting of this type of oxygen!

Switch: But it beat Bobo.

NH: Flet.

Switch: But it beat Bobo.

MRS.: You said that already, Scotty.

Switch: My bad, I accidentally read the same line more still.

NH: You dolt. At all events, Lestat in the ring, Jean no- was completely sold that the brass articulation drawn from Diontray and DDT' ED right it.

MRS.: And which will join the ' end of support? [ they look with the slope ]

Switches: The OH MY GOD..ZILLA!

[Some Japanese tourists save the building ]

NH: Zilla descends the side with Wes, its ummmmm, speaking the board with casters.

Sexbat: Do not call me Wes!

Switch: Ouais, Heidi, Lestat only like to be mentioned by its pseudo-vampire-role-play-stage-name, not its truth. You at the speed, missy raise.

NH: No matter what. Does He´, why Sexbat have to be outside here with Zilla and its board with casters? Did we beat that with died already with the thing of Wes/Wes?

Switch: Chance ' O the aspiration, my dear..luck ' O the aspiration.

MRS.: The slope has right Diontray envoy above these cords droopy, but Fumbducker held above now it is wrapped its legs around the cord lower like stomps of Jean left than him, trying to obtain it with the floor. Possession of Diontray above during the dear life! WHACK!

Switch: OH OUAIS! Crawl nailed of Sexbat right with this cranium! What makes everyone want?! Divided putrefied osseous head! What does everyone the need?!

NH: Scotty, I consider you to need the sleep. This very long event has you at the point of delirium. And manner after stupidity.

MRS.: The ok, this type of Zilla goes now after Sexbat. The double collecting of leg drops the crawling man, and during one rare moment, we see really an operation of fight in this contest!

Switch: And think-Juste was it of Zilla! Incredible! Both that we saw it in this match and that he knows one

[ Flunky discharges and gives to Mark a note ]

MRS.: What is it? Flunky just informed me that Final Worrier was withdrawn for the contest because it was worried by tarnishing the legacy further from Jim Helwig.

Switch: Oh ouais, as THAT is possible...

* noises of horn of air *

[Looking at races Mexican of type of A downwards, followed by a miniature ]

NH: He´, it is a new type of LEAD, Enrique Espinosa...

Switches: And Andrew Spink! Associated classified by drawf of Justin Voss! Is devil that on its head?

NH: Perhaps it a snozzle on its wizzle. * sigh * it is it is right I, or someone else does not include/understand only this type known as?

MRS.: Zilla just planted this board with casters on the chin of Sexbat! Diontray moving now behind the slope... upwards placing it for pump-handle the slapping!

Switch: The OH! But not before doing small lot of Mileage Dogg "humpin'-soon-with-be-claquer-victim-join" the routine!

NH: Improve control and see whether Diontray always has its trousers upwards.

Switch: Ew, I ouais forgot it were a little on slackness wristed the side...

MRS.: I imagining things, or this miniature has T-I his head am coated out of steel?

Switch: Well, I believe it is titanic, but as that imports. Andrew immediately created a spot plugs for! There is no manner that it can employ the vision periphial with this thing above!

MRS.: Good Lord! It is now obvious as Espinosa synchronized upstream the head with the stick of the hockey of the slope! Sexbat sent to the fabric and goes there its cranium bearing through this ring sink.

Switch: And Diontray now trying to obtain to Jean in addition to slope of apron... the combatant for all it is value!

NH: Hé! It Is The Grinding Machine Of Body! To leave the stands! And it is brought J Fred Kokomo, this chimp seizing coin! It is not programmed to be here...

Switches: It is now! It is the ring and while going well after Zilla! It struck it with its money manufacturer!

MRS.: Its ass?

Switch: No show! Its box of music!

MRS.: Well, I do not know it... could' ve be one of types of sex-symbol.

NH: Puh-hiring... LOOK with him.

Switch: He´, observe this... (starts dig in its pocket)

NH: One just eliminated the open e´te´e slope burst, and Wes. The board with casters, not Lipschitz. I want to say, Sexbat.

Lestat: Hé! I said to you about saying my truth.... OUCH!

MRS.: Sexbat waffled on the knee by Spink and its helmet of stainless steel...

NH: What are you to leave the pocket, Scotty.

Switch: Shows just, you want to see Kokomo REALLY obtaining pissed? (jets by handle of penny in the ring) OUAIS, BABY! These small penny of avid HATRED of monkies of ass! They want only the silver coins or the flick of J Fred of watch of invoices... outside!

J Fred: (after having seen the penny) REEEEEE! REEEEEEE!


[J Fred disappears postal, and attacks all that moves...including/understanding its owner ]

Switch: The boy, this sure livened to the top of the part!

NH: Enrique caught a clothesline of Diontray!

Switch: And considering the source, it is probably the BEST thing than it could catch of him!

MRS.: This monkey has the gone berserk! Scotty, how could you be thus the means?

* noises of horn of air *

NH: STILL?! The man, this ring cannot take much more....

[Drawn from J Fred scratching the eyes of Zilla outside, commercial punches of slope and Diontray, Spink trying to go down from the titanic principal mould, Sexbat seeking Yoorick, and Enrique making a rapid-fire-layer-point-hand-mambo on the noggin of the Grinding Machine of Body ]

Switches: Come here 'Little Good ' from Sarah clan... and HOLY SHIT! It is Mr. INTENSITY of insane of STWF!

NH: Little Good enters, and Mr. Intensity goes to his trunks....


NH: And yes... it is brought its lighter fluid!

[The douses of Mr. Intensity itself, ignites then on fire ]

Switch: YES! It seeks its module of completion, the BLAZING PRESSURE of BEAR OF DEATH!

NH: Not going to occur, because it appears Mr. Intensity was a "RCG" indicated.

MRS.: "RCG"?

NH: LEAD limit, marks. It is "a type of release of ring".

MRS.: Oh. Ok then, I am sorry that... I did not read anything on the council OOC. Hoot, I cannot believe I just known as that!

Switch: I one or the other, particularly of a mark loves you.

NH: Few tested good just with the intensity whack with the pink articulations Diontray... but made him little good while it burned its hand! Now small goods wisens upwards and heads under the lower cord... seizing its weapon and original power controls Andrew Spink on its titanic head just for the hell of it like the small great man as an also jumped boat!

MRS.: There disappears Zilla and Diontray while the intensity always staggers around the ring in the full flame, seeking somebody to seize on!

Switch: The slope jumps in parachute! And now Enrique went! GLANCE! The hair of the treatment of Sexbat is on fire!

NH: And it is outside and current with a ventilator of half-sleep to the encavateurs of ringside... his soda and pours it surplus its head smoldering!

Switch: YEE HEE! If it did not have this white painting on its face... it would just look at like the stripping of Michael Jackson an advertising Pepsi-cola film!

MRS.: The Grinding Machine of Body is outside! And is thus its monkey! Switch: I want to really say something about him the smacking which it monkey...

NH: I know you, Scotty.

MRS.: Mr. Intensity jumped of the ring and moves to the top of the side! The good thing Flunky is there with this extinguisher!

* noises of horn of air *

NH: And we again begin still...

[ The man of A goes down to mount a scooter, jointed by an individual agreed with a bat ]

Switch: It Is A Kamen Senior! Or is this gingembre? Or is this HIM? I cannot completely still appear out of the trick of this type still.

NH: I think that it thinks it is a scooter, but brings one with him thus it should not speak. Hell, dunno of I But I know it has an advantage while it is installed upwards against a woman.

Switch: Where? It is inside there with Sculder.

NH: Not, that is Mully.

Switch: Be you sure, that is a man!

NH: Exactly. Ummm, it is Mully however.

Switch: And it brought a beater filled by official foreign wire of the device...a of Subdual!

NH: Not, It IS the scooter.

Switch: Not of Oh, It IS Mully!

MRS.: That which, but this type of Kamen just raised a fast blow-of-foot of toe suplex of underhook of the intestine of Mully to the double...! Now it tries to swindle the member of agency under the inferior... but the possession of Mully above.

Masked Advertiser: VENTILATORS! We are to the bottom with 9 entries on the left!

Flunky informed me that that after overuse... the horn of air is, uh-rah, out of air. It is broken. Thus, the 9 remaining entries satisfy write the ring currently thus we can crown the ONLY CHAMPION of the WORLD THIS MATTER?! LET US OBTAIN IT ABOVE!

[ crowd with the slap of golf ]

Switch: WHAT?! WHOO HOO! It is him! It is the moment when we have all which wait!

NH: Here to come Jim from the state Krew de Kent, and Josh is exact behind him with this Playstation charged by brick!

Switch: It Is HANK of HOMICIDAL! The end of the 5 intergalactic champions of STWF to write this thing! The only one which has a chance to have gained the greatest price of the STWF and the higher title of Bob! Tiger, SMP, Bohemoth, and Mittens already long went!

MRS.: It Is Geek! And hes bringing a pile of books which looks at as it is on Little Room on the Meadow! Look at all these things attached together!

Switch: How it needs is now teeth of male, wraps of ankle long, and boots of distributor of clod! BWAAA HAAA!

NH: It Is Seth Harker! The little brother and the champion of the Hank of several serious feds of hardcore! And it has a weapon of book of its clean...fight "Parody for Dummies"... and it seems to be plunged in bronze!

Switch: WHOO HOO! It is this good baby Sarah the Killer of Workman to the téch, models of this idiot, and it has a large bag of ass completely of.....

MRS.: Here to come another type with a bat...

Switches: It is not simply Mr. BEATS beater... of baseball! It IS The VIOLENT PACIFIST!

[Models assied with the ringside ]

NH: And comes here... oh no... Machine de.XXXtreme. It not gain better this! And it also brought a bat.

Models: The OH MY GOD! A bat?! The OH MY... GOD!

Switch: Not, his is "one beats" baesbal... that you must remember who we speak here...

MRS.: He´ makes an attempt... which is only 8. Masked the Advertiser known as there were 9 years old on the left!

[The simple projector of A shines with the roofs. With caped the figure falls and accidents of seconds later in the medium of the ring, of this flattening fact and to cause him everbody to stumble there inside above of ]

Model: The OH MY GOD!

Switch: It Is Kamikazie Ken! Kamikazie Ken! Who A NOT NEED for a weapon, it is a weapon itself... and usually a weapon against!

NH: The correct ventilators, glance in this ring... inside there in this moment, one of these people will be our next ONLY CHAMPION of the WORLD WHICH IMPORTS.

MRS.: And new Swiss army will it be supports it, right?

Switch: It is exact! I almost forgot the this... runner obtains to the top S.A. Title!

Models: Really? The OH MY GOD!

Switch: you closed upwards?!

NH: To speak about the titles, of the congratulations the Green "fute´"...even of Mark although it was eliminated form this thing what ' seemed like two weeks ago, it is to the new champion of hardcore of"ayooyfm "having met at least 18 different competitors. Nobody can beat that now since we have only 11 people in the ring.

NH: There somebody must make leave XXXtreme rapid!

Switch: Sarah emptying her bag... it was full with the banana skins! Kamen already slipped in ON position trying to strike Seth with this scooter! Josh just struck Jim with his Playstation! There is no buddy inside there now! So narrow gold it can taste it!

NH: However?

MRS.: Ken seems without knowledge already while Pacifist violate functions it more with Mr. Bat! Maintaining the machine VP with SA strikes beats! Maintaining the hank XXXTreme with a ge´ranium put out of pot strikes! It did not select its own weapon it?

Switch: Arms? It is its pet!

MRS.: Oh.

Models: The OH MY GOD!

Switch: What? What occurred?!

Models: Nothing. It was time right for me to tell to the OH MY GOD!

NH: There Mully disappears! Eliminated by Sarah who simply threw the surplus in the foreign air of detective the falling cords! Sarah sure lives to the top of her name here....

Switches: Jim just slipped on a skin and a line under the lower cord! Ha! he is used the line these small characters goody goody as face!

MRS.: And Geek right Josh blown with this ' guide of all and anything having to make manual with star travels ', its 'Star Makes the War Handbook of Roleplaying' and what moreover than it was wrapped upwards in the pile of headaches of oscillation!

NH: But Josh did not leave! Somebody make leave XXXtreme from there!

Switch: Kamen and Seth right both rolled above the top! Nothing, this type of gingembre is good! I wanted that it gained it all! DESTROY the rocks of HUMAN! (made a gesture of "Ozzy "with its pinky and the finger classifies)

NH: The aspiration is brutal, although... you never know just when you will obtain it. The Hank just functioned by VP, machine of XXXtreme eliminated by Josh! Thank you, Josh! Thank you! You are the saver of Bob! Call me!

Models: The OH MY GOD!

Switch: Wait a rotten minute! Somebody running to the ring!

MA: Mesdames and Messrs, we found a piece of the last paper beginner with his name on top stuck to the bottom of the average bucket! And of the adhesive...

Switches: Hé! It Is Billy Polaire!

MRS.: Cannot be...

NH: OUAIS! It was eliminated a long time ago! Switch: Sarah just charged the soft body of Ken on a pile of the skins of banana and out of the ring... here coming Billy slips well it.

Models: The OH MY GOD!

NH: Are He´, Billy... devil you here making outside? You are already outside!

Not Boiling: Not of Oh, you see who are where you are wrong. I, being Polar Bily, am thus... ' causes smart I went Harvard and all, with which I was not inside still. And I have to still bring my perfect weapon. (it puts stop-ears above).

NH: Arm with Nice. Sleeves of ear?

Not Boiling: I WENT With HAVARD, DAMMIT! Come on out of the types! [ a band of the peice three of the boys comes out of... and enters "Mmmmm immediately, Bop".]

Model: The OH MY GOD! It IS HANSON! [ it runs ]

Switch: I must agree... the holy SHIT! It IS HANSON!

[Billy crawls simply in the ring and is supported against a post of bending...that the ring starts with open space ]

NH: Pleasant quality, of all the songs to be obtained stuck in my main thing....

Switches: Lookitdat! Josh cannot the stand "Mmmmm, Bop"! It is jumped! I put ' T know why, although... "Mmmmm, Bop "sucks the ass, yes... but it is still better than" us it identification."

NH: And there Hank disappears! And Geek, which though that is to say a cannot even hold Hanson!

MRS.: We are to the bottom in Pacifist, the Sarah, and Billy violent one!

Switch: And two of them will leave with titles, and one will leave with NOTHING!

MRS.: VP and Sarah do all they can to resist the pain of the music crappy... which they are of the same skins of banana stuffing in their ears!

Switch: And the glance, Billy feels something is in rise with this... know it to him could work. It ran just through the ring and decorated its old rival VP! It is thrown to him outside! And now it turns to Sarah... and throws it outside! GAINED BILLY' S HIM!

NH: But Sarah captured the Swiss title of army!

Switch: Who worries on this subject? Billy finally gained the large one! WHOO HOO!

NH: It not! This decision will never be held, Billy was already inside there!

[ Billy functions quickly more and upwards beats Hanson with their own instruments... then returns to the ringside and seizes the oversize one, gaudly looking at OWTTM. ]

Point Boiling: YO ADRIAAaaaaaaan! I It MADE AI! (beginnings crying and e´treignant the title)

NH: Connery, Billy! You were out there is of a long time!

The Point of Boiling: Heidi, the language, observe the language. Moreover, there is NO proof that I was never in the front ring. Disappear the glance. Go ahead. Put in roller behind... the ummm, I want to say the rewinding the band and seeks me. Continue (the crosses arm and start to type the foot). Well, I await

[ the minutes pass as do it that the team of annouce ]

Point of Boiling: I WENT To HARVARD, DAMMIT! Do you think me would not cover you all the bases? You see, in Harvard... they have a class called "the art of the notching computer and guessing password". And I excele´! Thus, I turned just over and took care of this small support of problem there. BWAAA HAAA HAAA! I AM POLAR BILLY, DAMMIT! AND THE ONLY CHAMPION OF THE WORLD WHICH IMPORTS! Thus whatcha energy to make? I am outta here, populates you annoys me

[It leaves the general indifference and some light boos ]

Switch: Good ventilators, which I can say? Does other what to ask you to continue to observe the future one show then THIS completion? NH: Scotty, I do not think anything can fix this work of screw. Thus for the accomplice of Mark and Scotty Whatbody... I am saying the good night and good a Heidi Nurse riddance of this terrible and terrible night in the history of fight of professional.

Bearing of appropriations. You fade.


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