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LE PAY-BY-SIGHT (On Pay-By-Sight)

(Part the First)


This SPECIAL BOB production came about after the BigBOSS discovered bootleg French-Canadian copies of PAY-PER-VIEW(On Pay-Per-View) circulating in Montreal. Cutting short his tax-evasion... *ahem*... his vacation, The BigBOSS contacted his lawyers, and seized all the remaining copies he could find. For your enjoyment, we now present the Dubbed-to-English version of the BOB's Classic Pay-per-View!

[Lights! Fireworks! Celebrities! All the things which we cannot allow us! But Flunky makes its the best by the adjustment in addition to extinguisher and lighting the Roman candles while Eddie B turns "The Final Countdown" by a certain group of the Eighties person recalls. We filter the arena of Pay-By-Sight inside???, Alabama. A crowd of close relation-capacity is the active close relation-nuts. Almost. Eddie cuts us in an ordered way "Will Not Take Tt" by the Twisted Sister while we take the team to announce of Microphone Monroe, Scotty Whatbody and Coma. Scotty and Microphone carry tuxedos, Coma carries a costume of penguin. Well, it tests... ]

Millimetre: Hello and WELCOME... TO DANGLE: The Pay-By-Sight, live on the Pay-By-Sight! I am Microphonous Monroe, and I would like to wish you the welcome at one night spectacular of entertainment of sports!

Switch: But it is LEAD, thus welcome with the Lame-O-Vision! But at least we are on the Pay-By-Sight, thus I can swear! - IBP! - - IBP!! - - BLEEEEPPP!!! -

Coma: Poink! Narfle de Neefle iddly diddly. - IBP! -

Millimetre: Well, it is as can be, Coma... but I can at least inform you which this evening will see quivers, puddle pools, the cold, and other things finishing in "defects"... and this evening we will upwards take EACH title for encavateurs! Including a match for the not recognized Light-Heavyweight the title was held by Micheal McIntosh! "You Obtained The Title of Label to Have Friendly" is on the line as battles of pain and pleasure the jockeys of ambulance! Violent Pacifist takes Polar Billy for the commisionership AND the Swiss Title of Army! Be you out of your title of spirit of Fricking is upwards for encavateurs... in way or other! And Donald McKillalot will defend his "ONLY TITLE of WORLD EC OF the SUBJECTS" against an adversary of mystery! What a night is in the store!

Coma: Neep! My uncle drove out Bea Arthur in bottom of a cliff, but it is smelled better now! Yurwahtyurwhatyurwhat? Indeed!

Voice-With-Top Of: Jay... Doubya... Ah!

Millimetre: Devil? The jWo is on their way with the ringside in mass! The machine of XXXTreme carries out the manner with StreetMime II, the head of fire, Bubba Gump and the man which resembles Nixon!

Switch: Where are Insano Mano and Dyslexic Avenger?

Millimetre: They became too popular, and the machine of XXXtreme gave a kick outside, I heard...

Switch: Good! Rules of Insano Mano!

Coma: Piaulement! Alienated hands?

Switch: Why are they all the trenchcoats of port? Not from Oh, they will break! Everyone Downwards!

Machine De XXXtreme: closed the red wath correct of talksin of the eck im of U that I want with sazy is this sux of peeple of U


Machine De XXXtreme: hiks of inbread of sall of rite and ur of thats without the teet and the bad breaths


Machine De XXXtreme: finaly we are not any logner the jwo... us R the RITE TO BE SUCKED!

(The sorry jWo..., the jet of RTS in addition to their trenchcoats with the white shirts reaveal, ties and black trousers. The Man who also Resembles Nixon has a large badge which reads "yes, I am Lookalike of a former famous dead president!". Selections of Eddie B the new music "Cacophany to burst the tympanum of topic of RTS of the noise, the whistles, alarms, Bells, and any other substance annoying" by Limp Bizkit. They raise their fists in the sky, leave then with the general indiffernce.)


(Except the afflicted mark, the microphone.)

Switch: Yawn. New trick, same working old men with the tâch...

MA: Mesdames and Messrs... this contest is for "rather nonlarge the championship of Light-Heavyweight for big boys"! Presenting this moment, the support of the championship not recognized of "NBEftBB"... hailing of its place of mom and dad... MICHEAL MACINTOSHHHH!

(The joue like the walks Dow de McIntosh of microphone the slope. It raises a mark of Hank of Homicidal "Headstock Nail-Studded of row on a chain" with a poor noise and rolls in the ring.)

MA: And its opposite... representing the state Krew de Kent... it is not Evan Korageous, but it has the "attitude "... that which the this means... and is old "AYOOYFM" champion... it... is... "" BRANDONNNN!

(Against all the chance, selections of Eddie B to the top "it of the blows" by Ricky Martin... he MUST be a Pay-By-sight! (on the Pay-by-sight!) Torch becomes exhausted the confidently to face-by-transfer CD from robust boys of entries of noise and a certain acute courtesy of piercing cries of the movements "better".)

Millimetre: The bearings of Torch in waiting of ring... per minute, the Masked Advertiser has another chart! What continues?

MA: And their opposites...

Millimetre: What? It is not a triple threat?

MA: ... Weighing less than the maximum weight limit of Crusierweight... He cannot remember... COMA!

Coma: Poink!

(Coma grimace and rolls in the ring. It continues to roll until it falls out on the other side of the ring.)

Millimetre: What? When did this occur? Let see me this chart, Neville... (the masked advertiser gives the chart... * snort *... Neville!) ... HÉ! This chart is written in the pencil! And poink no less has word than 6 times in the intro!

MA: Yes, I had to publish it slightly...

Switch: Coma has weaseled its manner in the match! Well done! I wish myself thought of that!

Millimetre: Ouais, right Scotty... Calls of referee for the bell... I guess this one is official! Do the Microphone and the Torch close to the top while Coma rolls up the side... that somebody recover it here, willya? Hiplock de Brandon! The microphone rebounds with its feet while Brandon rebounds in addition to cords... lower-give a kick! Right in the knee! Lives of Watts of Erik!

Torch: HÉ! I aimed at the knee, ok!

Millimetre: Enough honestly... Torch takes the Microphone and strikes a nice kneebreaker! Coma returns finally to not from the OH of ringside..., not, it is distracted by the Spanish advertisers and joined for the comment...

Coma: Poink of silicon habla? Neep of EL! Passporte of worm of Puedo, favour of por? Bajo de Puente!

Switch: Low bridge?

Millimetre: The microphone reverses a clothesline whip...! With the second pivot... drops an elbow... Torch rolls far! Good ring savvy, there! Torch with the moonsault of asai of cords...! Kickout 1, 2, of covers....! It bails out to the top of Torch... Plough Of Snow! Coma left the position of emission... which it is on the higher cord while Brandon covers... 1, 2...


Coma: POINK!

Millimetre: Ooooh... No-look at twisting the plancha! Rectify on Brandon!

Switch: And right on its head! Coma and Torch are ripe for the pickings!(TM)

Millimetre: Cliche of Nice!

Switch: Thank you! The microphone takes them both... double stop of nogging! I like this movement! It extends in certain crosses! WHOO! WHOO!

Millimetre: Not much of effect... I guess when you practise on the stuffed toys, tighten you to underestimate slightly! Coma strikes it with one upright monkey-reverse! Torch strikes one upright upwards lower-give a kick like kips of Coma! It takes Mcintosh! DDT Of Tornado! A cover! Coma trails it with far to 2! To fall head-join... or probably Coma right fell surplus... but it covers! Torch break-in to the top to 2! McIntosh cuts Brandon! Torch cuts Coma! Coma is cut! This obtains intense! Scops Torch to the top of Coma and the opera hat above the higher cord! McIntosh rebounds in addition to roght of Torch of clotheslines of cords... above the top to the floor! It only is held in the ring, the hero with young idiotic fighters of back-yard the world more!

Switch: It will seek a plancha.. I cannot look at!

Millimetre: The OH! Torch meets it with lower-give a kick! The McIntosh Microphone between downwards in a heap! I think it have right overdraft about what with the big boys all is the play!

MMI: This really wounded! You kiss types, I go to the house!

Millimetre: Devil! It goes outside! Torch tries to stop it... that they fight on the rampway! Surplus of races of Coma... Moonsault of chicken squealing in addition to rambarde!

Switch: In crowd... I guess it became confused...

Millimetre: It will have any reason... Hé! A certain woman arrived of at the background! It wallops Torch with a brush!

Woman: MICHAEL McINTOSH! You stop this stupidity in this moment! I said to you, aucunes defenses of title until this part with you is cleaned! Return house, IN EC MOMENT!

MMI: Awww, Mommmmm!

Switch: Its mom? That appears... She trails it with far by her ear! Generic calls of reference for the bell...

MA: This match more than probably was reigned a No-contest!

Switch: Well, even during a significant Pay-By-Sight, LEAD is LEAD motionless, huh?

Millimetre: Indeed! The ok, let us maintain the vibe of going night of par with our "too violent one special sifting for mutilation" of Kamikzie Ken against Insano Mano de Suicida, Mexico!

(cut with a small arena in Committed Suicide, Mexico. Small, although sanguinary crowd is present. A Spanish ring-advertiser writes the ring.)

(noises of crowd)

(Insano Mano functions in bottom of the side, slapping hands on the left and on the right. It takes a table in addition to large pile and slips it into the ring. In conclusion, it jumps in the ring and the bearing pedestal bridge to the top of its table in the corner.)

(large the boos of the birthplace partisane is tightened. At the end of the side, a headlight flickers suddenly above. Revs of an engine, to still fall, revs powerful.)

Millimetre: Good LORD! Kamikazie Ken makes its entry of motor bike of prohibit-in-sixteen-states! It is even obtained a slope to install in front of the ring! It is insane!

(Ken launches the engine and the races in bottom of the side. Insano Mano runs the cords on the remote side. Like Ken the slope it strikes them lauches itself above the higher cords for...)

Millimetre: The No-Hands TRANSPIERCE Above The HIGHER CORD! It strikes Kenny in semi-air and the breath in addition to motor bike, which opera hat in the ring!

Switch: Good LORD! Ken and Mano are to the bottom, and HARD! And it is right the beginning of the match! Court-hoo! Alienated Amigo is to the top first! To rise of Ken! They both have chairs!

Millimetre: Chairshot! Ken answers with a chairshot! Another chairshot! And others! And others!

(sudden cut. A legend reads "three minutes and 73 chairshots later.")

Millimetre: And Ken downwards strikes finally Mano with a chairshot! It installed a table... It installed others! It adds a third to the pile! Ken making a pyramid of the tables!

Switch: OUAIS! Look at that! Three high layers, with 6 tables on the whole! Five males indicates Ken passes by him!

Millimetre: You are on line! Did Insano Mano seize the occasion to reach under the ring for... a cash register? Ken turns...


Millimetre: OW! That A DUE Smart! Ken in the blading approved Position!(TM) YES! Large open burst! It even cut out opened its mask in sections! Mano installed a wrapped table parfil and sprinkles it with salt and the vineger of rock! What a sadistic! Ken fumbling under the ring... It has charts of razor! Nuances of "Black Merchant of Jack"! It whips several at Mano... I think it obtained it with that one last!

Switch: The glances like it! Mano juicing of the arm! Expenses of Ken at Insano...

Millimetre: Mano the trap... TWIST OF SPINEBUSTER BY THE TABLE!


Millimetre: Good GOD! It was a bright table! The two men writhing on the floor while the reference comes to check them...

Switch: Courageous reference... HÉ! It is not any reference! It Is EL Jaboronie Loco! I worked with him in no matter what federation of fight! What does it make there?

Millimetre: Queest this that, you think yourselves a REASONABLE man would be appropriate you officiate a match between Ken and Mano? The two men again did it in the ring! Ken bleeds of a half-dozen of spots already and its courses is in rags! Mano with a blow-of-foot of rotation of heel! A cover... Ken gives outside a kick 2! Insano Mano takes Ken and the opera hat on the remainders of its own motor bike! Brutal! Mano with the cords as a double K rises... Ducks of Ken... LOOK AT $I-dessous OUTSIDE!!!


Switch: WHOA! Mano just left the first whole line the seats! Ken practically into back-the dropped behind through the border! And it is not made yet! Ken going to the top!

Millimetre: Bore the moonsault in the stands! Did Diable Ken think? It looks at as it is twisted a knee, and I do not like the look of this arm!

Insano Mano spits a tooth outside and strikes a candy one-footed the drop-kick to again send Ken in the sector of rinside!

Coma: Nurfle! Where is my yarmulke, Stanley? I need him, or the Rabbi will have me to still milk the yaks! Poink!

Millimetre: Ah, the back of Comas with us, people! The dredgers Ken de Mano to the apron... deposits it on the higher pivot! I do not like the glance of this a little of little! Does Mano assemble... the superplex? NOT! The OH MY GOD IN The SKY!!


Millimetre: DDT Of Top-cord BY the PYRAMID of TABLE, RIGHT-hand SIDE ON a ELECTRIFIED, Bur-wire A WRAPPED the BRIGHT CHAIR!!!! Ken DIED, I says the ya, DEAD!

Switch: Did Microphone, you speak to him in the room about rack earlier today, you recall?

Millimetre: Ah, right-hand side... Ken is STUPID, I says the ya, STUPID!

Switch: No argument there... Should Ah, man, his veins resemble that? Mano is not in such a hot form either! I am sure that it had facial eyebrows and hair before which explosion!

(Suden cut to the duplicate-screen. A side shows the match, the other Brandon exposures obtaining struck with one to chair slides. Insano Mano is the attacking one.)

Millimetre: On does devil go?

Switch: I field of will that one, Mikey... apparently Insano Mano and Kamikazie Ken were not excessively satisfied to be called the "workmen with the tâch" by the State Krew de Kent... And they will show to the pretty boys the TRUE significance of "Hardcore"! Are Hmm.. the KSK heels, right-hand side? Damnez it, I are smelled thus torn! So that which encourages?

Millimetre: Insano Mano finishes its beatdown Torch... that it trails it with a table...

("The Turn of Valkyrie "starts to play while the panoramic camera to the top of... and rises... and rises. Enormous noise of crowd as they see Kamikazie Ken being held in the roofs of the arena of PPV in her usual installation of superhero.)


(long pause)........ SMASHHHHHH!!!

Millimetre: BEND Of 990 Ken-Tons!! Full 2 and 3/4 with rotations! A new disc! Ken withdraws the greatest stop of its career for the Pay-By-Sight!

Switch: Ah, man... The back of Kens never will not be identical!

(the duplicate-screen returns to the match pre-attached of the adhesive tape like head of EMT outside to the ringside.)

Millimetres: Incredible scenes here as we return to Suicida, Mexico! While we turn over, Ken and Mano fight by crowd... Ken has a pair of pins of bowling and provides some intense cranial damage to Mano. Retreats of Mano... The OH! Jumping Frankenmanos sends Ken dégringolant in bottom of a flight of the staircases! Mano rises at the edge of a balcony... MOONSAULT!

Switches: Ken rolls out of the manner! AWWWWWW, MAN! Face-first with the concrete!

Coma: Nurkle! The Roman gladitor is under the table of swimming pool! Make with mine large, barkeep! What? Not, I will pay the typewriter, Simon! Flump!

Millimetre: I will say, Coma! It is alienated! Ken obtains way or of other the vertical of Mano still!

Ken: OW! Make an attempt upwards, Mano, I obtained something in my eye! OW! Ooh, this smarts! Rotten lash! Ouch!

Millimetre: Mano seizes the occasion and transpierces Ken to the top of the aound of staircases... a corner and raises another flight of the staircases... by the box of VIP... after the stand of concession... by the room of rack... in the landing stage... and finally of the crashes of Ken in the side of a dumpster! What a lance!

Switch: Check it outside! A truck right drew inside... what is him word on the side of him... "Bright Tables D' Enriques: We Deliver "? Ah, crap!

Millimetre: Mano trails Ken to the top of a scaffolding convenient-placed... It goes to the powerbomb it... NOT! Powers of Ken out of... Kamikazi-kutter in the trucks flat!

(cut to store the length of a obvious-different bright truck.)

Millimetre: GOOD LORD!

(cut with a cover slow decombustion Insano Mano de Kamikazie Ken. The EL Jaboronie Loco functions inside and counts the pin.)

Millimetres: Ken gains it! My God, what a match!

Switch: And it either of! EL Jaboronies assembling the scaffolding... it will seek the plancha 720-corkscrew!

(cut with a black screen. A legend reads the "fin LENGTH ".)

Switches: THE DAMNENT!

MA: Mesdames and Messrs, this match is programmed for a fall, and is round match of Polar tournaments commemorative of Billy a first! Presenting initially, the special commentator of guest....

Switches: Bob Newhart is it?! I heard us obtained Bob Newhart for this exposure!

Millimetre: Afflicted you to disappoint, Scotty. Its scale of price was a right little too top for LEAD.

Switch: Really? By how much?

Millimetre: It A HAVE a scale of price.

MA: Ladies and Mister: Polar Billy

[ Billy comes outside in its new tee-shirt with "me am Polar Billy, dammit!" on before and "... le.and this is my tee-shirt "on the back. Only $29,95. It cause costs fresh additional ' that it went to Harvard. "thus you want to be a Superstar LEAD" bursts in the content ]

Switches: I like this song. Thus you want to be a LEAD superstar! Aucunes cars! Large debt! Stroke called by wife!

Millimetre: Scotty.

Switch: What?

Millimetre: The song is not in your contract.

Switch: Oh.

Not Boiling: (smiling and making this queen distorts of vagueness of England) Ahhh, yes, happy to be here. Happy to be here. Thus, is Mickey, how your wife?

Millimetre: Let us not disappear there.

Switch: Thus, Billy, indicate to us more about your tournaments. Nobody unless you seems to know about it.

Millimetre: Or care....

Not Boiling: Well, you know it is, Scotty. It seems as fighters are nowadays raised only their careers while speaking, and the nonreal fight. . My tournaments will change all that, because the best FIGHTER will gain, and are the first to deal with I, Polar Billy, for my Swiss belt of army.

Millimetre: Well, that would you say bitch of Da Sassy? I include/understand the office had pressurized you to now grant a match of title to him during a certain time.

BP:Well, you know, microphone, I simply sick and am tired of Duh Sassy Bitcher. I want to say, it "is very hé! Look at me! Here! I deserve a projectile of title!" and then when I laughed at him, it goes to the large wigs and begins the "discrimination of cry!" this and "merry right-hand sides!" that, thus know you....

Millimetres: Wait one minute! The bitch of Da Sassy is not merry! It said to me that thus itself and I for one believe it.

Not Boiling: Ah, please Give me a cut. Notch the tights?

Millimetre: A word. Hitman.

(and begins the rumours of Internet thus declaring that the Stag of Bret signed with LEAD.)

Switches: I do not want to say to stop you types, but it is time for a certain TRUTH wrestlin '!

Millimetre: Finally!

MA: Presenting initially, representing deaths and more deaf-mute, GEORGE!

[ Lenny trails George with the ring on his in back ]

Switches: Uhm. I bring back that.

Not Boiling: Why? George is rapid- to rise towards high-and-comer. More, I do not hear ANYBODY can take a bump like George.

Switch: The UM, Fasts.....rising. Ouais. Sure, Invoice.

MA: Now coming to the ring, accompanied by "speaking" Wes the inanimate object, it is... ZILLA!!

[ boards with casters of Zilla to the ring, follow-up of another board with casters being held on the end and assembling a third board to casters. They must be stuck together or something. And ordered outside. Huh. I do not see any boy of cords... who is strange. What? Afflicted ]


Coma: Poink! And they are extinct! The proletariats have the voice, but maintaining the cowboys are raised the hainlane, Jethro! Jenna has a scrambled small cavity! Honest! Ask its gynaecologist just!

Millimetre: Uh, exactly. George not looking at too strong outside there Uh-OH. It cannot even rise. Well, maintain in the spirit that it was implied in a recent air crash.

Switch: And one it is well documented that George had some problems with pain-killers. You do not think it took with some a too great number to prepare with this match of pay-by-sight, you?

Not Boiling: Well, I do not hope. You cannot be without knowledge in the ring and intend to remove the title of I, Polar Billy

Millimetre: Zilla now, stomping far on the quote/unquote "dead man". Now placing upwards for a chinlock reversed to him, but not, it is closed with key in a sleeperhold!

Not Boiling: Without point to that, is there left now?

Switch: # sigh # well, ventilators. This match forming until is still another marrow which I have fear. Please not change the channel.

Millimetre: Who turns the channel when they observe a pay-by-sight?

Not Boiling: Shouldn't Hé, some among us worry about the money, well? Listen, the ventilators. Make confiancemoi. There is to occur anything of nine of the fact the OTHER federation. There is no point while turning it there because the stalker of the wife of this type of biker was finally indicated. Yes, the people of Internet were right all length. It Was Tatanka. Yup, you guessed it. The contractor of Sara was carried to the hospital with an arrow sticking out of his end, thus does not even worry....

Millimetres: Ouais, like THAT' put ll ends in the seats!

Switch: Heh de Heh! They blew it large-time on that one! We could really have a chance with the LARGEST BUYRATE of Bob NEVER!

Millimetre: Chyah. We are shooting right for the FIRST buyrate of Bob never.

Not Boiling: Idiocy! We make very well. I convinced the advertisers which, uhh, everyone making a jump right at the houses of their neighbors to observe this exposure on their illegal block boxes.

Millimetre: Uhhh, yes naturally they are. Maintaining again with the action. The businesses begin again! Zilla had George in a Crab of Boston during several minutes now, but not piaulement of George.

Switch: Defect of the sound reproduction, what a fortitude intestinal! No manner want this young corpse to give upwards!

Not Boiling: Yup. These two show me really something this evening.

Millimetre: Zilla finally lets disappear and assembles the top. It is perched on the cords of ring now and awaits George to obtain with its feet. It looks at as it will seek a dropkick missile or something!

Switch: Uhh, George does not move, you types.

Not Boiling: Does boy, it sell large, not it? What a working!

Millimetre: Always waiting Zilla. And finally it rises downwards, probably because of the exasperation. High the George selections and downwards rests it in the corner. At the side opposite of the ring now. What will it make here? The OH! Zilla A just nailed with a hard knee! OHMIGOD!!

Switch: SHIT OF The OH!! HOLY SHIT!!

Not Boiling: Ah, man! Go to the blue screen! Go to the blue screen! What mean you, which I mean?! This blue article of construction which indicates "please hold ready"!

Coma: Poink! I want to say, team, this is serious! It is not a work, people! The head of George just jumped to far! D-d-von!! Take the ambulance!

Millimetre: No waiting, people. You do not worry. Head of Lenny right George attached. It is well now. Defect of the sound reproduction! Now what should make some titles. You are pilot history this evening, people.

[ crowd began to the top a "ECW" deafening to sing ]

Switches: Man! George gaining really with its cheque of payment this month!

Millimetre: Going Zilla now then this wounded sector of head and neck. OOH! Brutal right fists with the face!

Not Boiling: And it did not even flicker! Defect of the sound reproduction! Ah, glance, and now Zilla obtained it in an end abdominal right! Large fate of the good which will make. The man lost his head and it did not even stop! If I were Zilla, I would be approximately now frightened well. WHOA! Incredible. George resembles a sigmoid exit there!

Coma: Poink? What do you say, Mavis? How much time did I say to you not to incinerate the monkeys? They did not die!

Millimetre: Incredible is right. How can somebody stretch their surplus of knee their clean shoulderblade like that?

Switch: Does George have a gymnastic bottom?

Millimetre: Not that I realize of. And defect of the sound reproduction!

Switch: Zilla has right George jeté with the ground like a prostitute of uppity!

Millimetre: Uhm, uhh, the sights of Scotty Whatbody are certainly not those of LEAD or any subsidiary part...

Not Boiling: Hé, it is a public forum! If you cannot be PC, then you cannot work here. Moreover, not all the prostitutes are uppity.

Switch: Well, SO-o-orry!

Millimetre: Man, after all the George punishment supported, I cannot believe it is always in this one.

Switch: Not for a long time. Zilla A just struck with a jumping piledriver!

Zilla: Bootchies de Snootchie!

Not Boiling: What' D which he do say? Does Scooby have boobies?

Millimetre: Sure, why not? In any case, Zilla pinned to him, but not! It will not seek the pinfall! What -?

Switch: Not, it outside will confer with this board with casters speaking on him.

Millimetre: It brought the board to casters in the ring! And now it is raised to him upwards to tighten-claquent!

Switch: It turns on its own board to casters?!

Not Boiling: Ouais, sorry. Not much to work with in terms of storylines here in LEAD....

Millimetres: Not! It just claqué the board with casters downwards on the head of George and will seek the pin now. This its surplus.

Switch: Zilla showing with his the average scratch there.

Millimetre: Striates average? You go account which it literally removed the head of this man?


Millimetre: There the advertiser masked arriving little with-top-burning.

Not Boiling: Well, can you blame it? It is wages by sight, Monroe! The greatest exposure which we obtained! Can't you feel the excitation in the sky?

Millimetre: Uhh, # reniflement # finished excitation eating a pepper dog, perhaps....

Switches: Dang. And we did not even obtain to see the skyscraper. A teasing of Zilla! It is a teasing! As do you have in the store for us afterwards, Billy?

Not Boiling: I am happy asked you that. Remove it, anybody of advertiser!

MA: Mesdames and Messrs, this match is programmed for a fall, and is still another first round match in Polar tournaments signicatifs annual commemorative of Billy of Billy the large ones!!

Switch: Nothing! What is it, translated from the Japanese?

Not Boiling: Not, the damné advertiser cannot read my writing apparently. Hmph.

MA: Presenting initially, hailing of Newark, the New Jersey, here "Mr. Thursday Long Night" J.C.!!

Switch: Who does something Thursday? It east Duty-See the night of TV!

Millimetre: It is when NAGAM airs!

Switch: Ah, right-hand side. I observe NAGAM. I was stating right, is all....

Coma: Here which comes to shave my grandma! As do you say is you the obligations with high output are you better than Teletubbies? I love you, Martha Stewart! Nurfle!

[ J.C. has suddenly looked at ring, well, rather regular. "Right Here, In This Moment" by Fatboy Slim accompanies it. This obtains really the ventilators on their feet. If all well will not leave ]

MA: Its adversary, of the parts of no importance, here Michael J Dangerous!!

[ the dangerous paces of microphone to the ring in a forgery furnish out of leather the jacket with its hands in its pockets. Suddenly, it starts above a wire of TV and fall to the ground ]

Switches: Parts Of no importance? Is it by Aguascalientes? Is Hé, is it right I, or the dangerous microphone much shorter at the person than I had described it?

Not Boiling: At least this time it selected a better name than Doc. Hollywood.

Switch: Huh? I do not obtain it. And what is with its sunglasses? I never saw a colour which darkness.

Not Boiling: Uhhh, well this is LEAD, and you must understand that we cannot allow us things of imagination like sunglasses, thus just had it to us spraypaint its own glasses with black painting.

Switch: Huh. Good idea

[ dangerous finally does it with the ringside, removes its nuances, and starts to have a cast around in all the directions until Coma finally directs it towards the ring. Like dangerous writes the ring, J.C. seizes a mic. ]

J.C.: What' Z upwards, hmmm of uhhhhhhhh....... What' Z to the top, North America?

[ crowd answers with a surprisingly strong noise for a mention of fighter them, the uh, the continent at the house ]

J.C.: And I just obtained some things to indicate. Initially with far, I know what you try to do, Polar Billy, and that will not function. We are the best friends and we absolutely REFUSE to fight us! Moreover, how can you grant to gaining the EC of the tournaments a match of title when, after this evening, YOU WILL NOT BE POLICE CHIEF ANYMORE! Haha! VP Disappear!

[ crowd is on her feet encouraging and Billy is on its feet as well. It is apparently ready to charge the ring, but it is held behind by a lace that one caught of its legs of chair ]

Point of Boiling obtains around: Ooh, they are lucky! They are true lucky! If I had carried electronic rockers today, they would have died now. To think that VP could beat I, Polar Billy, the large Master of match! You know, I hope for one of them victories! I really. Since then I will beat never-affectionate cauliflower out of their ears! I was in Harvard, dammit, AND I DO NOT DESERVE TO BE CONSTRAINED!!

Millimetre: In opposition to being annoying?

J.C.: At all events, let us leave from here, the microphone. Wine coolers on me

[ J.C. leaves the ring by the cords and starts to go to the top of the rampway. But the microphone remains in the ring, and the reference starts to count ]

J.C.: Uh, Mikey? What do you make?

Microphone D: Well, uh, you see, uh, shouldn' your of wrote this substance about me in magazine of seventeen. And this article in the sports illustrated for kids was not called for. Now advanced.

J.C.: What? But I did not write those! I do not know what continues, but --

[J.C. jumps in the ring while the account of the referee approaches thirty ]

Switches: I guess this particular referee does not have much experiment with count-exits.

MANDELEVIUM: Thus weren't these articles true?

J.C.: Not, absolutely not.

MANDELEVIUM: Thus, then your grandma cannot give to a kick my ass?

J.C.: Not, microphone, it cannot.

MANDELEVIUM: So much can none of your members of family give to a kick my ass?

J.C.:No, Microphone. Nobody going to give to a kick your ass.

MANDELEVIUM: Thus, you cannot give to a kick my ass, either, well?

J.C.:Uhh, makes an attempt. Now, I never said that.

Not Boiling: Defect of the sound reproduction. These types should be lawyers. Does LEAD have a team of discussion which they could join?

Switch: OOH!! And dangerous microphone with a blow-of-foot of sucker to the face. J.C. Goes down a long time! Hard!

Millimetre: It is enough, Mr Hungalot. Hammering microphone now far! It selects J.C. POWERSLAM in service! Uh-OH. Now it is the legs of J.C. raised and placed a boot above its fork! It looks with crowd for approval

[ crowd gesticule collectively its shoulders ]

Switches: Ah! Horror!

Millimetre: It just put its full body weight downwards on long gonades by taking an intensification and nuts of surplus J.C.! Nonsure what you call that....

Not Boiling: A vasectomy?

Millimetre: With been able to be. J.C. writhing on the plait while the microphone gives to crowd booing the fist instead of the average finger. What a backstabber! Some ventilators with the ringside obtaining a diatribe verbal with dangerous while we can hear it shout "indicates you!" and "I know you am but what am me?" on several occasions still.

Switch: Defect of the sound reproduction. Dangerous playing the role of traditional, traditional, very, very traditional heel.

Not Boiling: There, you see? The microphone wizened upwards. There cannot is much money in the list, but there are much more power and success in him! Glance right with me. I am the police chief for Chrissake! And all which I had to do to realize who was to help troop-towards the top on a miniature. Now, do the occasions very often like that come length for SMP? NOT De Heeeeeelllll!

Millimetre: Uh-OH! J.C. with a pyramidal increase! 1-2-No! This one almost more! This one was almost above right-hand side there!

Coma: Meep! Zippity-doo-da! The cruising of Tom is merry! My, the OH my, what a marvellous tortoise! Thank you for the lighter, Lucy! Maintaining my dachshund is hot! Quickly! Call Baumgartners! Their rotten helicopter in the swimming pool still!

Switch: It drew its tights! It drew its tights!

J.C. A long time a cheater!

Millimetre: Not, really, as you can see rejouer, it drew its CLEAN tights.

Not Boiling: Defect of the sound reproduction. J.C. Length much of apparent weight lost recently.

Millimetre: J.C. therefore maintaining furtively upwards behind the microphone and making fun of him outside of lower part him. Dangerous fell flat on its face. That is obtained to wound!

MANDELEVIUM: Ow! Blit I my tlongue!

Switch: It resembles Morning to Mr. Tuesday assembles the top.

Millimetre: Not of Oh! But dangerous caught him! HIPTOSS Of HELL! HIPTOSS Of HELL!!

Not Boiling: Did you SEE that? Now, is it of what I speak! It is the kind of effort which it need for BOBsters of exhiber if they expect that I give them large matches. You had to give to few dweeb its due.

Millimetre: Microphone with the cover. Not equalize an account.

Switch: Well, it WAS hiptoss, after all....

Millimetres: Dangerous gathering to the top for a long time. Ah! A long time with an inch with the eye. And dangerous answers behind with an inch to the throat! J.C. with an inch at the side of the head! Microphone with a Twister nipple!

Switch: The man, these two are right brutalizing!

Not Boiling: Don't you like it? Two better friends! The couldn' you ve I projected better if I projected it myself! And I projected it myself! Heh.

Millimetre: Ah, man. Maintaining the two men slapping each other ears brutally. Defect of the sound reproduction! What a physical match! '

Not Boiling: Ouais. These two GAIN a projectile against I, Billy Polar. And the sad thing is, I can without statement risk which I can easily beat both immediately inside below two minutes. Am Heh de Heh. I am smart, or I smart?

Switch: I would say to you am both, buddy! The OH! Did you see that? Dangerous of microphone just unloaded another large boot.

Millimetre: And maintaining the microphone with a rotation and a Long J.C. of plane extends outside on the floor from ring!

Switch: Defect of the sound reproduction. A monster of this dangerous type!

MANDELEVIUM: (with its hand on its fork) Oooowwww! I am bad! I am bad! You know it!

Switch: A monster slightly pathetic, but a monster nevertheless.

Millimetre: Crowd starting with "Michael Jackson" sing. Dangerous does not look at happy.

MANDELEVIUM: Not, I am not! You populate are twits! You are deaf-mute AND you are stupid! You eat your clean boogers! Haha!

Switch: Hmm. Peut-être there are reasons for which some do not have much hour of interview....

Millimetres: J.C. A long time with a fast pyramidal increase! 1-2-3! And right like that, it more! J.C. Long races again in the room of rack. To seem right dangerous of confused microphone. Crowd giving always to dangerous microphone one difficult moment.

MANDELEVIUM: Rubber and sticks! Rubber and sticks! That which you said rebounds in addition to ego and sticks with you! Thus there! Make an attempt J.C.!! I was badiner right! I Am SOR-Ray!!

[ the microphone the sprints that dangerous raise the rampway after J.C., but since it left its "ombragent it" with the ringside, it took a false turn with the top of the rampway and fall accidentally into crowd, which proceed to confiscate its false leather jacket like remembering ]

Millimetre: Now, it is simply pathetic.

Switch: Yup. Not a good night for the dangerous one. I wonder how it will answer this loss of disturbance in next weeks.

Not Boiling: Well, I not. To lose With J.C. LENGTH of all the people. Sad. Well, my matches of tournaments more, thus I obtained to go to the background and to pump a certain wire for my match against the head the noisy pinhead later this evening. See the lata y' all.

Millimetre: Pump the wire?

Switch: Well, it is LEAD, microphonous. Do you recall?

Not Boiling: Peace outside, Coma! Coma: Dogs can be formed at any age. Thus bitch of can. Where is your can of snow, Herman? Defective mine! Grant in the nearest time or accomodate an exposure jamaïquaine maintenance? I do not have the answers!

MA: Mesdames and Messrs, this next contest is placed for a fall or some other unforeseen something or other which are raised to cause some kissed to the top of the completion. It is for the spot of the candidate of the number one for the titles of label-team of "YGHF" and the title of hardcore of "ayooyfm ". The presentation initially, representing the Dungeon of Deaf-Mute, accompanied by Flaskmaster, this is. SASQUATCH AND MASSAWA, THE GIANT OF SOMALIAN!

(Drums tribals are heard with a mixture of dance of "Are My Frankenstein" by Alice Cooper like saunter threesome crawling in bottom of the side to a chorus of the boos. Flaskmaster drinks corn salad with great corn mouthfuls and spits it with a ventilator planted for instantaneous heat of heel and leads the nuts of ringsiders. Sasquatch slowly takes a step in the ring and the gimlets, making fall one from its bolts of Frankenstein its neck. The stages of Massawa above the higher cord and some unhappy ventilators in the front line obtain a desired outline n/n its left ball when it jumped out of its trunks going above higher bank. I know there was a briefing in the pre-chart which informed all the fighters to carry belts of jock. But what can we make? It is Somalian and perhaps it did not include/understand. Or because it is probably underfed the only thing on its spirit was then large a imper (not McGwire Mark)

MA: And their adversaries, representing the State Krew de Kent. "Completely Packed" Josh and the champion of hardcore of "ayooyfm ", "The Massive Man" Jim.this, "IS MASSIVELY PACKED"!

(Eddie B turns "Fingerbang You All The Night a Long Time, Girl" by Fingerbang, a.k.a. the band of boy of the park of the south. The strut of Josh and Jim to the ring as horde of the girls pre-pubescent are assembled with rambardes, the snap five of duet and distribute a few rations of oats of cheek to the women of still-with-flower who will replace soon their posters of wall of Backstreet Boys/N' Sync pushes by sheath X and O promo recently made by Josh and Jim. They jump to bell-foot in the ring and a strong acclamation is heard.)

Millimetre: Good sorrow! When these types did become so popular? I thought them were heels.

Switch: Billy made large a remballage massively "Massively Packed Work." Move you above a tiny-bopper of Ricky and Robert, Shawn and Marty, Edge and Christian, Matt Insane Label-Team and of Jeff, and even of Farooq and Bradshaw.there news downtown!

Millimetre: Well, it could be because these types fight two grotesque monsters, wire by a lush also feeling reluctant with the animated drawing is bolted on its head.

Switch: No manner, man! These types are next crushing pre-of adolescence! Rick Springfield never had it this good!

Coma: Did somebody see my lambda? Poink! Humidify the scrunchie, I ENTER!

Millimetre: Ooooookay, and there is the bell! To resemble it will be Frankensquatch against the field of hardcore, Jim Beaucoup going up on this one for Jim, he puts his title on the line and could put a chance at the belts of label!

Switch: Good call, Carmen Santiago. Now, appear this one outside: why Sasquatch does it resemble Frankenstein when it is ' sposed to resemble Bigfoot?

Millimetre: Garde-robe mix-towards the top or something, then it stuck. Who worries? OOOOH! Care of Jim on this subject! Sasquatch just gave him an end with head punt breaker! Blow-of-foot of Nice with these boots of elevator of Gene Simmons! The 11"géant 6' showing that size MADE matter.he' S handling the field much smaller!

Switch: Whips through, slide of baseball by the legs by Jim, it is quickly on its feet. DROPKICK! Sasquatch is not descended. Another dropkick! Josh is in..DOUBLE DROPKICK!

Millimetre: Sasquatch in addition to its feet! Josh back Jim the label behind inside. Scampers of Josh to the top of the pivot, waiting..waiting..Sasquatch fight with its body across feet..high! ONE..TWO...

Switch: Easy Kickout! Sasquatch is help, catches Josh charging inside of a throat grasp..CHOKESLAM! Defect of the sound reproduction, fast change of dash there.

Millimetre: Josh resembles a fish out of water the manner that it effond on the plait like labels of Sasquatch in Massawa, instructions of cry of Flaskmaster of the floor! Massawa always has its mask drink some above! Wait.he removes him and of the Josh hats of cranium with him! It is legal! The title of hardcore is on the line in this match! No duh. And me called you Carmen Santiago? Painting of face of tic-TAC-toe of Nice by the giant of Somalian, moreover. Now what? It coats that horseshoe design crimson in addition to its belly and is now make-up of friction in the eyes of Josh! Brutal! Better Jim return inside there before it loses his belt!

Switch: Well, it is what obtains it to be so stupid to put to the top A chooses the title in a match of label-team! Some weak blows of axe coming from it throws Josh close to the cords where Flaskmaster starts to block the crap out of him while Massawa discusses with and distracts the reference! Healthy tactics of heel here!

Coma: Jim had enough! He writes the ring and cuts the knee of Massawa! The generic reference driving out it now support while written Sasquatch and beats its hands, deceiving G.R. in thinking a label was made!

Millimetre: Neep! Oingo Boingo played of phase to my college. My sister had a triangle of love of amputee and apparaîte on Springer!

Switch: Hé switch, of and Coma which your manuscripts support before everyone obtains completely confused. Ok?

Millimetre: Whew! During one second there I thought somebody forgot to close a label of police force and I had to be Coma the remainder of the night! Thank you, Scotty!

Switch: Do not mention it.

Millimetre: Sasquatch raising Josh for a bodyslam..Josh slips in bottom of large of the back man! Josh now places the chin of Sasquatch against the top of its head, the falls down.chinbreaker! Collapses of Sasquatch and the young acute cry girls! Josh with a bearing forwards with its label of with Jim! (Jim starts to write the ring, then fixed stops and glances outside in crowd. He awaits response.gets favorable he hop females dreamers of the ventilator base.then of the carpenter in addition to apron and draws large, hessian bag of lower part the ring. Crowd goes monkey.)

Millimetres: It Is BEARING PEDESTAL BRIDGE AND SUBSTANCE Of O HARDCORE OF The SAC Them '! The businesses are about to begin again!

Switch: Oh ouais! Obtain the ready blades! It is action of LEAD PPV! Only on PPV!

Millimetre: Jim fishes around the fact bag... and COMES OUTSIDE the CLUB COATED OUT OF RUBBER from BARBED WIRE! He synchronized Sasquatch with him! Massawa is inside and catches a projectile with the arm!

Switch: It must sandwich catch friggin '! Good sorrow, looking at it right marks I famished!

Millimetre: Josh now seeking the precut stick of brush of plundering of hardcore...! How' D which adapted in a bag? Who worries?! Josh slips the sweeper between the movements of the legs... Jim de Massawa around behind Somalian and seizes the top of the brush. Both with a fast elevator upwards!

press: OOOOOOoooooooooh!

(Close-up Microphone and Scotty, they grimacent noticably. Coma continuous to chew on its stand mic as if nothing occurred.)

Millimetres: Jim covers Massawa! One... two... save by Sasquatch! Josh obtained little too close to the cords and assumed a presidency drawn with the back from Flaskmaster! This one breaks up!

Switch: Rupture? This thing is already broke all with the hell!

Coma: Cindy Brady had braids of armour of hair! Ask whoever!

Millimetre: What?

Switch: Sasquatch found the sign obligatory, of hardcore of match of road and the Jim levelled just! Massawa released its cobwebs and assembles the top! It could be the collapse of belly of Somalian!

Millimetre: Hé, you are a poèt and did not know it! Wait one minute! Massawa caught the updraft caused by the ventilator of exhast located on the roof! Its gaufrette the body that thin A took the flight! The hope there is a surplus of rambarde which ventilates!

Switch: Defect of the sound reproduction! Look at to it float far!

Coma: Ventilators, we will have a short interruption.

Switch: Devil?! An interruption in the medium of a match? Do microphone, we have all advertising films?

Millimetre: Just one, Scotty....

VENTILATORS! It is here! Morbid Marty and its twisted toys introduce... KIDS of COLUMPATCH! It is exact! Each kid comes even with him must have the certificate of death! Place order today and ABSOLUTELY FREELY obtain the HEADSTOCK of the COAT MAFFIA of DITCH! The first 10 visitors obtain the confession of the video cassette of the headstock! If it is morbid, it is Marty!

Millimetre: Yikes...

Switches: Kids, I know them a sleeping partner of the type... but does not buy this crap. Moreover, to kill out of the people is really stupid.

Coma: NEEP!

Millimetre: Well, not much changed during the cut

(cut with the ring. Sasquatch attaches adhesive tape to a blister of foot caused by its large boots of ass. Jim puts back the Indian model in his own Solitaire of play making the corner. Josh is with the ringside causing to the top of a girl and hoping for figures)

Millimetre: What Josh does it make?

Switch: Ouais! This girl is as 14 years of!

Josh: Hé, man... if there is grass at once, I intensify with the dish!


(Immediately, two men wearing the generic shirts of personnel of safety approach Josh and carry out far it. Looking at the backs of their shirts, they read pirns of wire of Morailty de Bob "" of police force" of thought of "STWF)

Millimetre: DEFECT OF THE SOUND REPRODUCTION! Josh was apprehended! Massawa is wedged on the roof! It is to the bottom of Jim and Sasquatch!

Switch: Not more! Sasquatch just planted this 5 Po thickness, the single head of Jim of upstream of boot! At the moment even where it was ready to run the platform too! ONE... two... three! Sasquatch gained the title! Here to come Flaskmaster!

Millimetre: Hold above! Sasquatch seizes Flaskmaster! SALAD GUNNER! It IS The ROMAN GRASS! He;s in the costume of Frankenstien! Where is Sasquatch TRUTH?

Switch: I dunno, the north-western Pacific?

(the cut with the background, another man in a costume of Frankenstein is seen attached to a chair... held with the compartment by looking at at the same time slightly domesticated, however threatening, wooly henchman. Wooly henchwoman? A sheep of goddamn, ok? I did not seek the sexual organs.)

Switches: Drawn grass wools above everyone eyes in this one, ummmmm... thus to speak.

MA: Mesdames and Messrs, champion.....HEEEEEEeeeeeeeb ROOooooooooooMAINE of NEEEEEEEEEEEEW the "ayooyfm "Hardcore!

Millimetre: Ok now... which is the candidates of the number one for the titles of label-team?

(Flicks of thingee of Bob-tron above. It Is Billy Polaire.)

Not Boiling: Hello there, you amphibious of Alabama! Polar is I, Billy, being the police chief of this discharge of pond... have already, because of my fast spirit and queintellegence uncanny, far above that from the mortal man, where was I? Oh, I ouais fixed this situation in nanosecond. Since I am very smart, I WENT To HARVARD, DAMMIT! The Goo State and the Small Pies of Kent de Dung of will subdue both face the champions of label-team MMM to 16! If it is slope of lip of herpes and Slur Dingapot or the belts of Jockey of Ambulance, all two you of the goobers obtain the projectile after MMM. I spoke for me am divine. You will obey me or I will have outside the gouge of Li' lPeppy your eyes with a ventilated burrito! As will you make?

(The screen shorts-circuit out of and goes to the static head)

Switch: There is your answer, microphone. Questions?

Millimetre: Is Ouais, which next? I must hurry upwards and make leave to the bad taste that the disorder my mouth.

Switch: Test a certain range, buddy.

Coma: NURFLE! Ouais, your breathe the kicks like janv. Stenerud!

(Cut again with the ring. Flunkie finished building the camp for the next match. There are three walls of chain link and a blue, the wall of iron bar which must be employed later in evening. With which idea it was two two matches different of camp of model have on the same chart in any event? Particularly in that fed?)

MA: Mesdames and Messrs! This next contest is for "You Obtained The Titles of Label-Team to Have Friendly" and will be fought inside the borders of a STEEL CAMP!

(Pause for the noise thunderous of crowd. Always waiting. In conclusion, crowd releases a nice slap of "golf" out of pity.)

MA: Presenting initially, challengers of Greensboro, North Carolina and the Brown Top, North Carolina respectively. With a combined of 450 pounds, Garry "Gurney" Greene, Brown Weight of Barry of "Back Panel", the three champions of label-team of time of the JOCKEYS of AAAAAAAM-Drink-lance of STWF..THE!

(Eddie B plays "HEU" topic with doping contact a "of sumpin of ' ' the bad one". Walk of Garry and Barry side in the medium of a light chorus of the boos. They write the ring, Garry quickly assembles the threats of gestures of pivot and hand while Barry fights to remove its stethoscope which managed to obtain rolled up around its neck and way or of other blocks it outside. Well, so much for the visual accompaniments of ring. Garry passes then by the nonrelevant checking of the walls of camp by the pressure on one with its palms. Fortunately, it remains upwards.)

MA: AND NOW! The only team never to hold the titles of label-team of STWF 3-4-1 AND the titles of label-team of "yghf "of LEAD. The "innovator of CANADIAN VIOLENCE "just aprés Rick Martel and Mountie and such gems of screen like" V I Warshawski Meets V D. Wartdickski ", "How Stella Recovered Grooves To Him On It" and the traditional slope of Jean of "Crumpledforeskin "of the children and Mr Hungalot.. whom" YOU OBTAINED Label-team CHAMPIONS..PAAAAAAAAAAAIN and PLEASUUUuuuuuuure TO HAVE FRIENDLY "!

(Cranks of Eddie B. "Left 2 Rock'n'roll" by Flutter of Gary because it really did not need to add anything to make it "special". Everyone is already familiar with that tune.and rousing "HÉ!" is sung with the song, since it is really the only lyric one, because the champions descend the side to a good noise from size. They enter the door on the blue wall of thingee and Flunkie adds the lock of trimming.)

Millimetre: This sound be long to come from time! Downwards look at the fixed glance of these men!

Switch: No they are generic Ref..didn', they look at T that you see that large, viscous booger during its nostril?

NH: Hello standard.


Coma: Nurfle, buffalo of the water of Billy Baldwin of walk?

NH: Isn't it soooooo nice?

(Heidi grips the cheek of Coma)

Millimetre: Hé! We have a high match profile to continue here! Jean and Garry slugging already it outside in the medium of the ring! Barry spit at Hungalot!

Switch: Screw that. Heidi, I finished by knowing. Are you struck upwards? With obtained a brioche in the furnace? Rabbit stamps? What is upwards?

NH: the world..are speaking to you, Scotty?

Millimetre: The slope with an Irish whip, ducks of Garry a wild clothesline, in addition to remote side, rebounds back..tries for a RICH PERSON PRESSURE of TOMMY! Jean caught! Powerslam of cup! And the howls of crowd it is approval, well.there was a light rustle by the arena.

Switch: CLOSE IT, MICROPHONOUS! There are more significant things going on than this match. Heidi, will you burst out of climbing of curtain in 9 or what?

Coma: Flugelhorn got caught in the mixer. EQUIP THE TORPEDES!

NH: Scotty, why do you insinuate that I am pregnant? Who indicated that to you?

Millimetre: Jean with a front armlever rocks Garry in his own corner, Barry labels which charges in the ring and the line in CANADIAN VIOLENCE! CANADIAN VIOLENCE! The slope sends Barry the face that going up initially in the wall of camp did not take a long time so that steel is a factor in this one! Barry goes well for the capsule of blood! We are not even a minute inside!

Coma: Capsule of blood?

Switch: Something about Barry not wanting with the blade with Hungalot in the ring. You know, the cuts and the substance and not to know open where Hungalot be. And stopped to avoid my question. will the stork pay you a visit?

NH: Who indicated that to you?

Switch: I asked mine initially!

N.H.: The ok, the answer is not. Now which indicated this lie to you?

Switch: Polar Billy.

Millimetre: Label in Hungalot!

Coma: Nipsy Russell ate my refuse. Participles balancing for once raised for the democracy and hidden the ' shrooms. POINK! (falls more)

Millimetre: Can we all obtain in the same page? (scrambling noise of papers) there are two conversations and then Coma different continuing here. We have the action to call!

NH: Hmpf. I will treat Billy later.

Switch: ..And cut the news with him?

NH: Scotty, I am about to become very a-lady-like.

Millimetre: Well, whereas all that relative jargon delutte continued. Barry turned the tide and has now large Mister to play, like "Step" Keith de Schmucksdotcom say.playing Ricky Martin!

Switch: Idiotic Morton, you. It Is Ricky Morton!

NH: Hungalot just took an uppercut of back knocking of bone of "Panneau" Barry. Barry makes the label with Garry and now it is "double time of team while the reference reprimand the not-implied fighter and tries to oblige it to remain in its own corner". Let leave it, a match of the camp of!

Coma: Nipsy Russell ate my refuse. Participles balancing for once raised for the democracy and hidden the ' shrooms. POINK! (falls more)

NH: Could somebody reverse the page of Coma for him?

Millimetre: The jockeys really working above Hungalot here, it needs a label badly. Look at as it can have drawn a muscle from groin during this last exchange, Jocks do not draw any punch this evening!

Switch: Muscle drawn from groin? It is a leg broken for any other type!

Millimetre: Hungalot with a creeping enters the legs of Garry! Scampers with its corner, THERE is the LABEL!

NH: Be ready for the "un free man destroying bitten crew the" which occurs in all the matches of team of label when a wounded fighter makes finally a label with his fresh associate...

Switches: SHHHH! You damage it!

Coma: Hugh Grant had the sex with P-Diddy which was equipped like a prostitute. The cauliflower ear gave a smacking to the water melon disco music. Neep.

Switch: I bring back that, word something that you want as a long time as it keeps it of saying a word.

Millimetre: Crawl inside! The clothesline of Steamroller turns Garry inside outside! Jean has Barry and initially sends the already bleeding face of doctor in the chain link still! He has Garry, moving to the blue wall deeply barred thingee! Listen to this crowd, they want to see it!

NH: And there it goes.

Switch: Garry sent in the wall of iron bar of this camp of mixture and match! It could open be burst as it rolls above the face to the bottom, whereas the slope undulates its arms and distracts the ventilators while juices from Garry without discretion!

NH: Manner of keeping the secrecies, Scotty. If I to still call the NBC?

Coma: POINK! Goldfish in my pillow. The scrambled pellets functioned through 5 of a state with another, Johnny stopped Unitas, and left chest of Nell Charretier corrugated micro.

Switch: BWAAA HAA HAA! Afflicted.

Millimetre: Barry counter-checkings of slope against the barrier like "back panel" tried to measure the wall. Garry fights with its PROJECTILE of feet..SLAP! The cover! Where Is The Generic Reference?!

Switch: It is occupied release the ring of the blade of Garry.

NH: * ahem *

Millimetre: ONE.TWO.THR -- not! This delays by pain and pleasure of cost of Generic! OOOOH! The blow-of-foot of wheel of rotation by Barry gave to Garry a breather and a slope a large lip! Jean was right survey when Barry controlled that movement of despair! G.R. again moves the brown one with its corner.Garry' S already reaching for a label.

Switch: Jean going to also seek a label, but he will not do it. Garry labelled in Barry and it is on the slope like the cheap idlers! Bludgeoning front armlevers through the stands postpone of Jean it upwards and tests for a line, blocked by Bannister! Jean exerts reprisals with one of his clean presses:


Millimetre: Yikes! Barry was dropped to its knees after the line from Jean and discharged.

Switch: Man, it obtained it right in the stick and the rollers!

NH: The low blow or cheap drew would be enough, Scotty.

Coma: The bagpipes make my balls itch.

Switch: Can somebody stop his mic?

Millimetre: Barry now gathers and comes here Garry behind inside. Double team going up and crawls sent in the camp! Maintaining Jocks go after Hungalot and attack it in its own corner! The face of installation of Jean downwards.

Switch: Time of blade for Jeano ole.

Millimetre: STOP THAT, SCOTTY! Hé glance! Hungalot had enough! It comes in the ring and the bulldozes the generic reference which rolls through the plait as a friable ball of beach! The Maul Jockeys of Ambulance that large Mister until bloodied has the slope joint inside! Jean takes Barry and returns it for a fall of body of ride.b-i-I-I-I-i-g! Hungalot with a zinger of right platforms Garry! Who is legal?!

Switch: As imports to him. G.R. is outside like a light!

NH: It before or after it obtained ran was more?

Millimetre: Hungalot has BLOWS of Barry.HE the G-spot! The tender could come!

NH: To strike the G-spot always encourages me to subject.

Switch: Humina!

Millimetre: G.R.' S always outside! Mr Hungalot of nails of Garry in the back of the head with a blow-of-foot of fall sending the face to him initially to the fabric! "Gurney" now inserts Jean in the camp still for good measurement, double DDT of arm on Hungalot! It places its associate above the old film high-speed motorboat of adult!

NH: And right for the unconsciousness alarm of the generic reference with use to far. it crawls towards Barry and Hungalot..

Crowd: ONE... two.....awwwww!

Millimetre: Jean broke upwards! Well, it fell a little on both after having staggered around blankly in the ring after having tasted steel. But that functions for me!

Coma: The pontoon to the top of the end of Scotty makes in Jack a boy chechmate.

Switch: HÉ!

NH: Credits always woozy, it moved since testing only last account the three. It is total order lost of this one!

Switch: It is deaf-mute! When the ordering EVER have generic of a match has!

Millimetre: The back of Garry inside and crushing far on the slope! Barry joint inside! Hungalot combatant maintaining to obtain with his double clothesline feet... like Jocks turned to face him! Hungalot makes a pause one minute to catch its lazy powerbomb of breath... on Barry! G.R. still tests!

Press: ONE... two.....awwwww!

Switch: Garry with a legdrop of saving in match nails large Mister! Garry testing a half hearted now the bodyslam... obtained! It covers Mr H!

Press: ONE... two... awwwww!

NH: How long the thingee near to pin does it last? I obtained to make wee.

Coma: I already. NEEP!

Switch: DAMMIT! I thought Monroe reversed his bottle of water!

Millimetre: The slope throws its body in the jockeys of ambulance and releases everyone outside! It has right sauté without any respect for its own wellbeing! It is... piledriver help on Barry! The cover!

Press ONE... two... awwwwgetonwithitalready!

Switch: Brown escaped! Must have been all blood! But it really could be held to burst another capsule, it seems just faded with the sun maintaining after the first very safe washed with far! Jean now sending it through the ring with Irish used by oft slope that of whip... lowers its head, Barry caught with a blow-of-foot of blow of flown to the jaw! Jean wavers behind and fall by the cords... Garry controlled way or of other a neckbreaker of oscillation on Hungalot! Jocks make sign for the post making the opposite corner!

Millimetre: NOT! They go now jusqu to the top of the camp! Look at the flashes of camera!

NH: It is Flunkie with a light of stroboscope... which badinant you?




Millimetre: Hungalot rolled to the variation right in time! Hang the remote leg on the generic reference of Barry... with the slow one and "one obtains to him to be finished then that account deliberated on swollen module of completion"!

Press: ONE..............two.............................three!

(Noise Savage-esque of surplus of WM III Steamboat)

MA: Mesdames and Messrs! Gaining match and ALWAYS! "You Obtained Champions Of Label-Team To Have Amis"! Pain...... and...... PLEEEEEEEEEEEEEEESURE!

NH: Whew! I burst an intestine here, where is the room of lady?! there

(It bolts the outta like a exercise against the Chinese fire)

Coma: Stole of Spridel and Chim Chim my Studabaker. John was always jealous of the cause of Ponch his pieces which the trousers were tighter.

Switch: I agree, Coma. Match of Helluva!

Millimetre: I do not think who wanted to say it.

Switch: Oh? And when since you become the expert in Comaspeak?

Millimetre: Since never, but it spoke about the trousers of Erik Estrada in the intéret of Peter! What is it obtained to make with a match of fight?

Switch: Bet that it had to fight to obtain the ' end of support above! Ha!

Millimetre: Boy of Hoo, you a regular carrot top, are isn't ya? (eyes of bearings)

Switch: The ampèreheure, admit it, know to me am all that and a bag full with spirit of the pieces.

Millimetre: I would not say full with spirit, but a different word that the rhymes with full with spirit comes to mind.

Switch: You do not go there, Monroe.or that I will upwards have you in this camp beating your cranium inside! Unless you are lucky, Flunkie adding the large blue steel bars of thingee around this barrier of chain link for our next match, and a weak man such as yourself could not handle this type of punishment! WHOO HOO! Double your pleasure, double your recreation! It is douja and SMP in an old model, camp of chain link AND surrounded by the large blue iron steel camp of thingee which we obtained with a yardsale WWF! Only one camp like THIS could hold these two animals!

Millimetre: And. there is such a possibility that this thing will obtain reference so alienated and generic does not have even desired any part of it! We had to obtain two largest, strongest, the most insane, and the hardest S.O.B.' S in very of history of fight to order this one!

Switch: You want to say to us obtained in Dick Bruiser and Abdullah the butcher?! What arrived at the Hank and Bo?

Millimetre: I will not finish even that with an answer.

Switch: Amend, large crybaby then ya!

MA: Mesdames and Messrs, this is your superb-give the match to back-plate of the evening! Presenting initially, the special referee, reports/ratios, Pennsylvania. HANK OF HOMICIDAL!

(Eddie B turns a club are remélangent of "Moi Sightly Become Insane "by Queen. The Hank pavane in bottom of the side to a significant noise, wearing a shirt sleeveless of referee, faded the jeans, and steel botté Doc. with the point of the Marten foot. It writes (?) the camp and the sinister signs of approval its head with crowd.)

MA: And if something arrives to the special referee during this match, we have a SPECIAL ENFORCER towards the line the evil! Mesdames and Messrs, of Charleston, Virginia Western, here. BOHEMOTH!

(Bo advances heavily with the ring while Eddie B plays "In the Hall of the King of Mountain" by Greig. Enormous noise for the massive minor as it tightens by the door and the opera hats five with the Hank, the two old men, of the buddies of alliance of asylum of STWF together in the same ring for the first time in the ages.)

MA: And now.first, of Naples, Italy. It is "The Dirtiest Renforcor of Boobie While Fighting Today.".. and perhaps NEVER, because I do not know any other renforcor of boobie in the fight. The ladies and the gentlemen.."The smooth Operator©. ", DR. FACTORIES of Mr. de SILACOOOOooooonne!

(the eruption of the boos as soon as the first notes of the "smooth" operator of Sade starts to play, drowning almost out of its struck the wonder. The turnings of SMP a crumbling of the remains because it makes its manner with the ring, smacking almost an old lady hanging above rambarde with which tried to withdraw the overcoat of its black leather doctor "suck my Scalpel" embroidered through the back. Doc. enters the camp and upwards throws its arms in the triumph, raising the ire already pissed ventilators a decibel or of the two different ones.)

MA: And its adversary! Formerly parts residing in Compton, California. Smoke Doggie Dogg., Rasslin ' And Cargueur Connection®, "The Man Who is Put Far Plus Grass Than Lawnboy©".. VENTILATORS! It is... dOOOOOOoooooooou-JAAAA!

(Eddie B hardly obtains "How" rotation raised before sprints of douja in bottom of the side in a frantic and insane indent. It slips by the door and under the cords while SMP requests immediately with far and of the retirements to a making douja the remote corner curiously is encouraged, but only because it fights SMP..against whoever differently, it would probably obtain booed out of the building. Flunkie closes the camp with key.)

Millimetres: OH REFUSE! These two types have one of the longest current enmities in the history of fight! They are hated! Attach your beat of seat, Scotty!

Switch: You are such a mark

(movements of hank so that SMP and douja start things. SMP approaches the douja and the douja slap the trunk of Doc. with its finger of index. SMP wavers then, and carries out such exaggerates, falls with-top-acted that it jumps directly upwards in the sky and fall flat on its beginning from back.rumors almost immediately among the ventilators from dullard that a part requires the douja made attach a taser to its douja of continuous hand then with a so feathery fall of elbow which it appeared intimidating 30 times less than the "coude people ". Crowd rests without voice while the hank takes position and account the three.)

Millimetres: HELL OF WHAT.THE... WAS EC?!

Coma: Cannot see the meteor, captain! I.JUST..CAN' T..DO.IT! Wash my back with a sponge of barbed wire, I have a noodle to increase out of my nipple. Somebody stop the circle, yougottaeatthepuddingyousee. (ends its head in the homage)

Switch: you closed upwards?! It IS history, baby!

Bo: Defect of the sound reproduction! I became paid to impose THIS? I did not make with a control this easy since this gig of the Father Christmas.

Hank: Noooo d' Ooooh, meat. You WILL GAIN this control!

Millimetre: WHAT IS THIS?! The hank just seized Bo by the back of the neck and sent breaking in the camp! DEVIL?! OHMYGOD! Maintaining EACH OF the three men stomping the crap out of Bohemoth is Maffia!

Switch: Did somebody replace my spring water of mountain by the liquid slit? Is this really douja and SMP.WORKING TOGETHER?! WHOO HOO! OUAIS, BABY!

Millimetre: SMP and hank have out.holding stretched by Bo in bottom of its legs and its arms! the douja giving a kick maintaining far and Bo cannot be protected! What is the significance of this?! Now what?! SMP upwards rests Bo and smacks it on the back of the GLASS EYE of head.BO' S JUMPED OUTSIDE! SMP and douja play the hacky-sak with him while the hank continues the impact on Bo! What It HOLY HELL? Somebody must stop this!

Switch: HÉ! It Is Billy Polaire! The police chief arrived!


Switch: Billy has the mic! Millimetre: If all is well Billy can employ its power of police chief to stop this demolition!

Not boiling: Hé! You of the types must stop this! douja, I know us am tightened and all that, but I cannot leave you done this. SMP and hank, I cannot leave you that two make this either..WITHOUT I, POLAR BILLY, SE JOINING INSIDE ON the RECREATION!

Millimetre: WHAT?! Billy stomping now Bo! Each of the four men beats Bohemoth in the oblivion! Now SMP selected the mic in addition to plait!

SMP: It is right and large boy. It was in manufacture for a long time, were right waiting the PERFECT moment for us! (boos of crowd strong) for what seemed as eternity we are sitted close while you, Bo, reigned STWF.all because of your relationship with the sister of DK! (boos of crowd even more extremely) you snubbed the Hank after you took I.G. Title, though it is larger and more extremely than you. You syrup me in a match of title of I.G. though I of a zillion better on the stick than you would be times will be NEVER! And the douja was your boy of hooting as long as I can remember. Billy, too.was was held behind in the STWF while you carry the title of I.G., though it could beat your large, stupid ass with its two GOOD closed eyes! (boos of jolt of wall) AND THEN! When you obtained given a kick to the edge, you duplicated the cause as soon as possible that you knew each other would not draw benefit more to have a seat with the table of Kommissaar. Not you? NOT YOU?! do a bitch of refunding (of boos of arena jolt), OBTAIN It? OBTAINED? GOOD! Disappear, the scumbag! (Bo pushes more)

Millimetre: It IS CRAP! SMP went too far! I want to say, this is more about man of wrestling.the did not break! the douja, the hank, and polar are not better, either! It is the thing more feeling reluctant which I ever saw in this sport!

Switch: The ampèreheure, come cannot be worse than the assigned work of "une nation of the warrior "of the final warrior in WCW. now than was feeling reluctant! Not to mention to suck large!

Millimetre: Close It, Scotty! I am serious! It is horrible! Really, it too is! They crossed the line!

(Billy hears the microphone, and seizes the mic of SMP)

Point boiling: Consider there to it right, MARILYN MONROE! Polar I, Billy, have more news! The pain and the pleasure must leave here and defend the titles of label-team against SMP and douja in this moment! Since, I, polar Billy, am the police chief and the AND after I give to a kick the ass of VP, thus it must do what I say! If they don' t.THEY' RE PUT FIRE!

(Billy throws the surplus in air mic with the douja while the hank empties Bo out of the camp and with the floor.)

douja: the dat rectify, you bitches! yo, smp and douja energy to turn the motha of diss outside! did none fuckas deaf-mute of motha of ya' ll see the comin shit of diss ', ya? obtain with ass yo out here of slope a hungalot, thus I ' smp can an ass beat your fuckin '! IF YOU SMEEEEELL! WHAT A DOUJA.IS SMOKIN '!

(boos of crowd stronger than hell, particularly that which encouraged for the douja earlier)

(the pain and the pleasure function in bottom of the side with Luc Heat-like the noise, increased even more because of what is continued in the ring. The generic reference follows behind and each of the three enters the camp. The hank is held outside and given a kick Bo in the intestine. Then the hank moves more with the microphone and Scotty. Billy obtains a blow-of-foot on Bo before it moved to the top of the side and again with the sector of part of rack to prepare with its match.)

Millimetres: It is B.S.! The pain and the pleasure already fought this evening!

Switch: Temper.TEMpeeeer. P&P MUST fight! The police chief of Billy, thus whatcha energy to make? Moreover, it is right, also fought SMP and douja this evening.

Millimetre: OUAIS! During like 8 seconds! The match of Jean and Large Mister lasted much longer than that! And SMP and douja did not equalize do anything! P&P suffered ten times more punishment in their match!

Hank: Hello, ladies.

Millimetre: Hank, why? Do Why' D do it to you? Bo be a long friend of time to you.

Hank: False answer, meat. I have only two friendly TRUTHS, and they are both green. Transient and the all-powerful dollar, here. Bo was right an accident of war, it will not be only. And thus SMP burst its blows of axe about being cuddly with the located one of DK. Very right in the love and the war. and this IS war.

Millimetre: SMP with a wild line with the slope, ducks of Jean and connects on a line the its clean ones! Others! And others! Still another! Ouais! Give to a kick its ass, crawls! Crowd reacting to each punch! It sends Factories sailing above the cords and in the camp! the douja inside, and obtains to him sent in the camp by Jean! Here to come Hungalot! It has the douja and hammers far! The slope snap SMP in the camp still, the dirty recessions of boob to the fabric!

Coma: Tapotement Sajak smokes sausage. Neep!

Switch: Is he DISTILLER here? What arrived at Heidi? It must be a line bas-o-o-o-o-NG with the restroom! Hé, bloody SMP! Let us go!

(the hank rests upwards in its chair)

Hank: Forgiveness I (the hank goes more and still gives a kick Bo. Returns to announce the sector)

Hank: Ampèreheure, I smell myself better now.

Switch: Thus hank, that are you types calls this part?

Hank: Well, we thought of calling it the millionaires club, but since WCW already employed that and since none us will never make million functioning for this discharge of one fed, we balanced the account on "Step Completely the Club of Millionaires". Involving, huh? Excuse me. (it goes finished and from the stomps Bo still. Then returns)

Millimetre: The Slope detaches SMP! So much for your dominant faction, Hank! How do you like that, Scotty? Your heroes of heel obtain it given at the ' end of support!

Switch: They is right precipitations of an adrenalin, factitious. Once that this buzz carries to far, the pain and the pleasure is toast! See! SMP made the label with the douja, observes the turn of tide, swell of goof!

Millimetre: The slope blocks the punch of the douja! Ha! DDT! Labels of Jean in Hungalot.who' S assembling the top! DROP BY ELBOW IN ADDITION TO HIGHER CORD!

Hank: SPLAT! Ahhhh, it missed it. * sniffle *

Switch: The vultures surround now, Monroe! the douja obtains with its CERVICAL PAIN feet.CHRONIC! You prove the surplus of the part of lights..the... which they say that the things of all..good must finish.

Millimetre: I hate you, Scotty. The cover. ONE.TWO.BROKEN UPWARDS BY BANNISTER!

Hank: Just delaying the inevitable one.

Switch: Generic Reference trying to reconstitute the order and to obtain the Slope outside, the SMP inside and Hungalot nailed just with small, black glove! Falls of Hungalot like a zepplin of wire! Now SMP goes again to its corner and collapses to motionless on the plait as it is been there full time! Credits bought him! The cover by douja! ONE..TWO..THREE! OUAIS, BABY! OUAIS!

Millimetre: It is a group of berth! This tiny glove A DUE being charged! Nobody obtains struck outside like that by a tiny glove!

Switch: You know what they say.if the glove do not adapt, you must discharge!

Millimetre: Discharge my ass! I saw it employing it! The Pain and the Pleasure were stolen!

Hank: Sing-the with the judge, small man. We are outta here. To go to celebrate.

Millimetre: It IS BULLSH.

Switch: The cold outside, Microphone, before you blow a trimming.

Millimetre: I WILL NOT COOL OUTSIDE! These types took this far beyond the ring of fight! Who will be held to these gangsters?

MA: Mesdames and Messrs, gaining them of the match.Dr. Silaconne Mr. Pl.(SMP covers the mic with its hand and whispers in Mesdames and Messrs of the ear of the masked advertiser), them gaining of this match, "The Smooth Operator", Dr. Silaconne Mr. Plants and "The Man with 15 inches of Quality of Chocolaty", douja.. and NEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEW "YGHF" "Smooth CHAMPIONS of Label-team... AND CHOCOLATY!"

(The strong boo of ventilators and skin the threesome with cups gone in water and an old poster of NKOTB while they move again in the getting dressed room. SMP obtains beaned in the head with a beer bottle right before it obtains behind the curtain)

Millimetre: It was the most horrible thing which I ever étée pilot. Bo extends always here to the ringside, Pain and the Pleasure did just obtain the work of screw of the century what could probably be next? We have always two matches to go! let us go to the back while Flunkie takes the camp downwards and we obtain a certain medical attention for these types outside here.

Switch: The type, that was soft. We finally circulated some heels here! WHOOOOOO!

(The pan of cameras to the back where Polar Billy is in bottom of the hall towards the ring. Its face shows the pure focused intensity while it cleans its ear and adjusts its package. Suddenly it comes face to face with the Bitch from Da Sassy. The beginnings of crowd to be jumped and then they remember which it Bitch of Da Sassy is. They engage in a staredown threatening during a few seconds.)

DSB: Do not think this more, Polar Billy.

Not Boiling: Ah, it is finished for YOU better hope than I do not gain this evening, because if I, you will have to face Pardy Boyz in a match of handicap in EACH match FOR the REMAINDER of YOUR CAREER!!

[Time of noises of crowd the large one. Why? Do not ask me ]

DSB: I is not afraid of you, Polar. Obtain an index. Nobody is. And EC EVENING, you will obtain ass-licking you deserve! Ass-licking? What -? must be a typo. Who wrote this damné manuscript in any event?

Not Boiling: Heh de Heh. Leave my manner, fag!


[Suddenly, Billy jumps Sassy in the face and snap its head against the wall ]

Point of Boiling: When they never learn that I am POLAR BILLY, DAMMIT!! And I do not have time to waste on EC pantywaste.

[Billy emerges then by behind the curtains and crowd becomes insane. Until He takes a microphone and then the acclamations turn to boos.]

Millimetre: Bien, work polar court of manufacture of Billy of Bitch of Da Sassy, people. And now it has one mic!

Not Boiling: Well, well, well. What a Pay-By-Sight it was! I did not bet any you of it saw that coming, you made! We are Not-All to fact-Millionaires, but we always have enough money between us to reign LEAD during YEARS to come! And which can be held against us? Roman? Bitch De Da? VP? Ha!! We are unbeatable, and what with I, Polar Billy, as police chief, life approximately to be obtained much more interesting-For the USA!! Haha! Moreover, do you recall when I said earlier than Kan' T obtain a Krew date and the Dungeon of Gum obtained to face the fields of team of label MMM to 16? I said if it were drain and plunger or Ambianced Jokeys. I did not say ANYTHING about them reaching a projectile SMP and Smoked Dogg! Thus, NO PROJECTILE FOR YOU STANDARD! BWA HAA HAA! See what a grad of Harvard can do? Go ahead, put in roller the support... that I want to say, rewind the band and check it outside! They... obtain... anything! The happy days are here still! Uhhhh, da-deedee-da-da-dee-dee-da-dee! Ok, thus I do not know the words, but it does not import, SINCE I am POLAR BILLY, DAMMIT!! And today, I will show you WHY I was marked LARGEST luchador white NEVER in the history of this or of Any universe!!!

Millimetre: Oh please! It is ONLY the luchador white in the world. Give me a cut!

Switch: Not, a cut, Microphone give him! It is highest paid and the majority of endowed, uhhh, talent which we have and EC EVENING it will show us why!

Millimetre: If it is so gifted, then how is it made that it never fights? I think it is full with the shit, to tell you the truth!

Switch: Language, Microphone! Language! Now come above! It right recently defended its title against Snow. I want to say, advances! Snow is a large fighter! And Billy beat in, like, five seconds!

Millimetre: Ouais, after 500 people ran inside to help it....

Switches: NOT OF The OH! It beat it BEFORE everyone the ass of Snow of other of beat! _ you simply jealous because it have a more large cheque of payment, and a more large me, and some more large, well, must I be they continue?

Not Boiling: No would owe you. Now, this being wages by sight, I, Polar Billy, withdrew all the stops. I even signed a special referee for this match. He is one of my mentors, really. Ladies and jolt-offs, force which I present, Rrrraoul Rrrramon Rrrramirrrezzzz!!!

Millimetre: Uh-OH.

Switch: What do you want to say, the uh-OH?

Millimetre: Let us indicate just, this is not a good sign.

Coma: Ooooh, yeeee-oh!! I AYAM the cow with Macho! But which knows really what is out of mayonnaise? The momma of Scotty Whatbody wears my underclothing!

Switch: Why, mommy?! WHYYYYYYYYYYYY!!!

Millimetre: Defect of the sound reproduction, which emotive pay-by-sight.

Not Boiling: And now, as special feast for you ventilates, I the special timekeeper of guest will present now.

Switch: Ouais! It Is Bob Newhart!! I know it! I love you, Bob!

Not Boiling: It precisely also proves to be my preferred musical artist, as well. Ladies and dipshits, I am rotten to trust to present -- the Master P!!


[ P principal pulsates with the ringside with its hand on its balls ]

MP: Yo of yo of Yo! Hoo de Hooty!

[Suddenly BigBOSS jumps over rambarde and the brains P principal with the bell of ring ]

BigBOSS: Not in MA federation, Billy. Nuh-uh! I do not think thus! NOT NOW, NOT NEVER!!!

Not Boiling: No matter what. Well, advance, VP! Obtain in the ring already! Where are you? Will Hmm. somebody check the bathrooms? It had to probably take another violent piss!

[Sddenly, VP emerges from lower part the ring, rolls inside, turns Billy around, and looks at it in the face right inch far from its nose ]

Switches: Defect of the sound reproduction! WHAT VP does it make? Why didn't it attack Polar when it had the chance?

Millimetre: I think it the judge of the psyche outside, Scotty. Plays of spirit.

Switch: Well, only one can play this play, Microphone. And "that one" is Polar Billy!! See? There you go. Just Polar Billy VP requested for a test of force. Devil?!

Millimetre: Devil is exact! To accept VP. And the OH! They both had the same idea. They both gave each other a kick in the nuts at the same time!

Switch: Ramirez now managing the double account of death-blow!

RRR: Uno!

Switch: Uno? Devil this means? I wish these foreign idiots would speak English, to cry outside extremely!! I want to say, this is here America, people! GAWD!!

Millimetre: Will you are quiet! Sheesh. Two men brawling now. Billy misses with a right hand, but is connected on the back of VP. Réponses of VP with a projectile to the well of the stomach of Billy. Billy on the plait now. It halète for the breath like a fish!

Switch: Not, it is not! It is regrouping right. It is all. It is not a brawler. He is a FIGHTER. Maintain that in the spirit, you moron! It is toying right with him. Ouais. It is all. Go, Expédiez The Runner! Go! I want to say, Billy! Ouais! Give to a kick its ass!

Millimetre: VP maintaining with a pressure of gorilla. It goes of the corner to making the corner and asks the assistances if it throws Billy in the air apart from the ring!

Switch: Man of Oh! I guess the side most extremely obtains polar free Billy. LET US GO, BILLY! DO SOMETHING!!

Coma: Poink! The green grass develops greener in Greenland. The peptic ulcer is not Russia, Maxwell. It is Spain. Doy! Horton hears a collision of bus!

Millimetre: VP maintaining approximately to throw the surplus in the polar air -- but to wait! Billy is held on VP by the ears! They BOTH go more! Defect of the sound reproduction! Two men being on the floor in incredible pain.

Switch: Man! They were outside there during a moment now. Why the referee count doesn't?

[The camera shows Raoul Ramon Ramirez being held in the ring with a toric thrust in a hand and a newspaper in the other ]

Millimetres: Billy with its feet initially. Now, VP upwards. But the invoice unloads a blow-of-foot of flight to the back of the head!

Switch: VP like to the bottom a housewife exaltée!

Millimetre: Ah, God # sigh # the opinions expressed by Scotty Whatbody are not the opinions of LEAD or any subsidiary part. Will you now, PLEASE THINK before you maintenance and will cease being bastard?

Switch: But I am bastard, really. I do not know who my father was. Thank you very much, moron!!

Millimetre: Oh. I did not have any idea. I make excuses sincerely, Scotty.

Switch: You have rotten reason which you are afflicted, you wire of a bitch! OHH! Did you see that?

Millimetre: Ouais. Billy just dropped VP vein-first on this aluminium rambarde! Oh my! VP gives it a kick to far and then caught by surprised to him with an instantaneous suplex! It throws Billy in the ring, and, I DO NOT BELIEVE IT!! It will seek the Nailsmith of Nine-Inch already!!

Switch: NOT! NOOOO!!

Millimetre: It struck it! Ohmigod!

Switch: Well! Here to come the douja to the ring!

Millimetre: But makes an attempt! There is the State Krew de Kent!

Switch: Or, Three Merry Caballeros, as they are known in Mexico.

Millimetre: THEY ARE NOT! And in any event, they do the work of the douja soon. Thus where SMP and Homicidal is Hank and the others?

Switch: Drunk in addition to their asses, I guess douja the only one which is employed with that! EC IS NOT RIGHT!!

Millimetre: WHAT? The Hank is notorious like Hooligan of Ox Nerve for its drinking! VP going for the cover! 1--2----uhhhh, is it is it right I, or this account little a length? The hand dropping now for the three! But NOT! Polar given a kick outside! Polar given a kick outside!

Switch: (to jump to him seat)YAAAAAAYYYY!! What a competitor! Yes! Let us go, Billy!

Millimetre: This been able just, and your support of heel is really annoying, Scotty. I cannot believe this! Billy maintaining with a small package! It caught VP by surprised and it is really obtained these legs wrapped upwards! 1--2------what? Another long account?

Not Boiling: Dammit, Raoul! I amPpolar Billy, dammit! I AM!!

Switch: Ouais! Refer your work,!

Millimetre: VP maintaining by behind with a back suplex, but Billy reverses out of him before it can obtain it more! Billy maintaining with a blow-of-foot and a lariat of rotation of leg of heel. VP to the top immediately and drives out Billy with the cords to him. Billy answers with a Asai corkscrew!! Incredible!

Switch: There, you see? You SEE?! This is why it is which it is!

Millimetre: Flat VP on the plait now, and Billy nails it with a legdrop bearing! Ouch. Billy now upwards raises it for a suplex. Not, a type of brain!

Switch: It IS the ANEURYSM! It IS the ANEURYSM!! PIN It! PIN It!

Millimetre: 123! It was a fast account! No manner! It was stolen!!

[ Ramirez turns to the signal for the bell to the ring, but VP stops him and of the right fixed glances in anger in its face. Polar Billy, while waiting, is occupied upwards hooting it on the apron of ring ]

Point of Boiling: I am a motionless police chief! Nyah-Nyah! (it gives to crowd a raspberry)

VP: This match either of.

RRR: Uhh. Owner of da of Djou, ess '. Some djou indicates, ess '.

Switch: On what the pier with open-type screen does go it?

Millimetre: I do not know, but VP dropkicked right Billy in addition to apron! And now that VP does it make? It seeks under the ring something.

Switch: But thus Billy. What continues?

Millimetre: Ohmigod. I cannot believe this. Billy obtained that the gun of tranquillizing with him! And it puts fire with VP to him! But it struck its bat in the place! It Is Mr. Bat! He has Mr. Bat!

Coma: Neep! Did I miss lines? The halfback of sets of lances of Britney for Chicago supports! Stole of Perry Saturn my trick!

Switch: NOOO!! I had to do something!

Millimetre: Devil? Scotty is right party of the cabin of emission and it runs towards VP. Ooh! It just obtained nailed with Mr. Bat, but that could have given the time of Billy with-No! It obtained nailed, too! VP rolls it in the ring and goes for the cover! 1--2--------3!!! It did it! It did it!

** ding ding ding of ** [ we obtained a bell? WHATAPAYPERVIEW! ]

Millimetre: Police chief of VP the new one!! Swiss VP champion of the army also the new one!! Hallelujah! The witch died!

[ VP raises its beater and the belt above its head and crowd goes absolutely from the nuts. Polar Billy is always lie without knowledge in the ring bus VP makes its exit by crowd. Suddenly, it raises its head slightly and looks at around in confusion ]

Point Biling: (with a glance of amazement in its eyes like realization strikes it) Uh-OH.

Millimetre: Polar Billy making its manner more with the referee.

Not Boiling: You CARRY out what you have right fact?! You pinned the FALSE TYPE!!

RRR: I afflicted, ess '. The white gringos all of Djou look at the reasonable dee with the mee.

Not Boiling: (strongly breathing) Do not panic. DO NOT PANIC!! I can fix this! I was in Harvard, after all. I know. I will reverse just the decision. Ouais. It is all.

Millimetre: But you forget, Billy. You are not any more the police chief. You do not have any more the power to do that

[Suddenly polar right passages of Billy outside and collapses on the floor ]

Millimetre: Huh. I guess it disappeared. Well, Coma. Which is next on the chart?

Coma: Poink! Let us charançons of capsule attack New York. Mow my lawn and call me a sissy. O Tannenbaum, O Tannenbaum, you feel me so stupid! Squeeee-nurfle!

Millimetre: Yup, as he said people... he is PRINCIPAL TIME of EVENT!

MA: Mesdames and Messrs... it is now time for our PRINCIPAL EVENT!! (enormous noise) currently presenting, our special guest Timekeeper! Li' lBOSS!

Millimetre: What, couldn't we even allow us a timekeeper of celebrity for the principal event? Not equalize the ICP? NOTHING! Request for a buy-rate, types, or we all are on the wellbeing!

MA: And now... introducing to the champion... the champion of the world... in fact, the ONLY CHAMPION of the WORLD WHICH IMPORTS... From Scotland, England... MR DONALD McKILLALOT!

(A band of pipe of mountain borrowed from a nearby college emerges from the sector of part of rack. Half of them play against the "Ecosse the Courageous One", half play "The Rise of the Moon", and a type plays "The Fog Crimson". Donald progresses to outside the cacophany resulting and of the headbutts the Advertiser Masked for the line from the "Ecosse, England ". Li' lBOSS slips quickly inside to provide the functions to announce.)

Books: * ahem *.... Because of put the insistence which we cannot employ Bucket(TM) Medium-Classified by LEAD to determine the candidate of the number one for the OWTTM, BigBOSS was forced to make Executive Descion... for once. And thus... the adversary. and agitator...

(The lights gently darken... plays of a brass band, goes up then to the volume of ear-jangling.)

Deliver: THE TIGER!

(The Ground-jolt "Of the Holy Noise of Crap"-model of the ventilators as a former Intergalactic Champion twice of STWF enters the arena. It obtains even some cheap pyro.)

Millimetres: The TIGER! The Legend! The Immortal One! This will be the greatest principal event of PPV NEVER! Can you feel the electricty in the sky?! Here we go!!

* DING * * blow-of-foot * * WHAM *!

Millimetre: McPiledriver! McPiledriver!! McPiledriver!!! 1! 2!! 3!!!!

Deliver: Here your gaining... and always, ONLY the CHAMPION of the WORLD WHICH IMPORTS! DONALD McKILLALOT!

Switch: Devil was that?!!! Well, I guess to you must cut promos to gain titles in LEAD, huh Mikey?

Coma: Poink! Squeek!

Millimetre: I could not agree more! Well, independently of this principal event of shit-house, it is been one night spectacular... Thus, for the boy principal Coma and Scotty Whatbody of Trauma, I am Microphonous "The Monotonous" stating of Monroe, thus a long time, and of mercies D '" Pay-By-Sight "of order on the Pay-by-sight! Good night!

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