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BOB March Mayhem 2003 Logo

March April May June JULY Mayhem continues
The I Don't Give A Fuck Anymore version

OOC Note: Sorry this sucks so badly. I was pressed for time.

/OOC Note:

And here we are again. Have a drink and this short show will seem like it goes on forever.

Alright. Sweet & Sour 16 round time. The opening contest opened with Mike Monroe and Scotty Whatbody in..ahhh CRAP. Somewhere. Hardcore JJ was ready to take on StreetMime II. If you have to ask, you are dumb. JJ wins with a JJ DROP about five seconds in. Didn't StreetMime get put out of this tourney. Sheeet.

Styles and Shill had the next call at another undisclosed location as Death took on the Are You out Of Your Frickin' Mind Hardcore Title Belt. We cut backstage to see that a Chevy Blazer is blocking the REAL Four Horsemen's locker room. The AYOOYFM belt wins by count out? The Three Guys, Jim and Brandon trade high-fives. Ah, sweet revenge.

Back to Mike and Scotty for Mr. X taking on Little Good. Well, Mr. X's odd run continues here. Little Good with his usual sloppy offense of kicks and punches. Mr. X evades most of them. Then does some hair pulling, eye poking and groin kicking. "Hey, oh, who's cheating, Ref? You're the only one I see cheating." With that, Mr. X whipped Little Good into the referee. Little Good punches the Referee. Little Good is DQed. Mr. X moves on.

And here are Styles and Shill again. Khan awaited Kamikazie Ken, who did yet another rafter entrance. But Khan caught him! Gorilla press slam! Chokeslam. Powerbomb. Other big moves. Khan eventually remembers to pin Ken and does so.

And now it was time for Trey Vincent to take on Albert DeSalvo. Tom and Crow were all happy about this one, as they knew TV was going to get some revenge on DeSalvo for costing him the OWTTM. Vincent got caught by some offense by DeSalvo. Suddenly a line of hookers began walking down the aisle. Excited, DeSalvo wanted to end the match quickly so he locked on his finisher, but Vincent elbowed him in the face. Glass ceiling (pedigree). Coming Down. Big Time Fist Drop. TV gets the win. And gets the hookers too.

Detached Narrator and Spacecop was up next with Commentator and Nurse Heidi making the call. Detached Narrator put Spaceduck into a paper bag. Spaceduck couldn't wrestle his way out of it. DN gets the win.

Back to Tom and Crow. It was time for the war of the VDs. No, not venereal disease. RVD and BVD. Needless to say, Tom and Crow were quite confused with who is who. The German guy hit a lot of superior German moves, but he found at that Japan is the most powerful country outside of the United States, taking some sick kicks and eventually tapping out to the headscissors finisher. The Seven Day Itch. And RVD left itching allright as sores started popping out on his face.

Main event time. Brandon vs. Nixon? With Commentator and Heidi talking? This is the final one? Damn. Alright. Brandon did a lot of offense and Nixon did a lot of running. Eventually Brandon finished of Nixon with a move of some sort. And there you go.

I'm out.

© 2003 BOB Wrestling. No, I'm, not sorry.


© BOB Wrestling!

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