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Shouldn't You Be One Of 'Em?

To all newbies encountering Brawlers On A Budget for the first time, welcome to our little slice of e-wrestling insanity! Drunk? Stoned? Just generally off-the-wall crazy (in the funny way, not the "I'll burn your house down to show you I love you" way)? Great! You're perfect for us!

BOB is pretty laid back. Just post at least one entertaining Rant (aka roleplay) per week (or every other week) or so, and you'll do fine here. Pushes (how your character does) are determined by how much effort you're putting in. Humor definitely gets you bonus points in BOB. And if you can write entertaining segments/matches for shows or even come up with feud/story ideas? Oh baby! Apply now!

Remember: Wins and losses mean little. We don't hand out win bonuses, no one's keeping score. Just have fun!

Please note that before accepted you will have to provide a debut roleplay in the Brawlers On a Budget Forums. Until you Rant, you will not be considered a member of the BOB roster.

OK, so you've looked around, seen some of the results, seen some of the gimmicks, seen the interviews, and you still wanna join?


Wrestler Name:
Theme Music:
Finshing Maneuver:

Wrestling Style:
Favourite Cereal:
Make of Car:
Number of Times You've Watched "The Sound of Music":

History and Backstory:


Previous Convictions:

And a brief Poser description (e.g., Sarah "The Jobber Slayer" looks like Sarah Michelle Gellar and dresses like Buffy Summers from "Buffy the Vampire Slayer. You can also create your own photo if you're a master of Poser or any photo program. A generic background image is available here. Please try and avoid easily recognizable celebs/wrestlers/musicians if you go this route, or at least ask me first.)

Cut and paste this and then e-mail your details to John Leary at

Replies NOT bloody likely, especially until you post a RANT in the Rant Zone. We don't turn down anybody. Just go roleplay and eventually you'll get on the roster page. Promise!

Brawlers On A Budget

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