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BOB Wrestling show archives: 2002

Sunday Squash-Fest Web Case

Sunday Squash-Fest Web Cast

XXXtreme Machine + The Fire Chief vs. Sarah "The Jobber Slayer" + Kay Fabe; The Commentator vs. "Smart" Mark Green; Unoriginal Man + Kevin "The Homicidal Tour Guide" vs. Josh "Massive Man" + Jim "Totally Packaged" vs. Kurt Angel + Little Good (Three-Way Tag Team Dance with First Blood Elimination Rules)!

Gluttons For Punishment

Gluttons For Punishment!

100 men, women, inanimate objects, freaks, nerds, enigmas, animals, Plants, and everything in between battle it out in a Royal Rumble Boring Bumble to crown a new ONLY WORLD CHAMPION THAT MATTERS, Swiss Army Belt and "Are You Out of Your Frickin' Mind" Hardcore Champion!



Wes the Talking Skateboard vs. Ginger the Psychotic Scooter; The Geek vs. "Smart" Mark Green (Tools of Geekdom Hardcore Match); Tag Team Battle Royal; Josh "Massive Man" vs. Billy Polar (Special Ref: Bohemoth)!

HardXcore Polarvision 3

HardXcore Polarvision 3

Steve "Salesman of the Year" Dell vs. The Geek; Undietaker vs. Dr. Silaconne M. Plants (Panties on a Pole Match); Jim "Totally Packaged" + Brandon "Bitch Smacker" vs. Ultimate Worrier; Sarah "The Jobber Slayer" + Kay Fabe + Xamfir vs. Little Good + Urine + Death!

Monday Morning Mayhem 17

Monday Morning Mayhem 17

Dean Kamen vs. Jimmy Walker; The Geek vs. Kamikazie Ken (Matador Deathmatch); Necro Phil + Beastie Al + Stinkbutt Nastyass vs. Brandon "Bitch Smacker" + Josh "Massive Man" + Jim "Totally Packaged"; Billy Polar vs. Sarah "The Jobber Slayer"; Dr. Silaconne M. Plants vs. Bohemoth; Screwjob To End All Screwjobs; iAd invasion!



Googoo Cachoob + Elvish Presley vs. Tony + Luigi Pizzata; G.I. Slow vs. Tostin Showers; Coma vs. Brandon "Bitch Smacker"!



Li'lBOSS vs. ALF (Stepladder Match); ALF/Dawn Wedding; Sarah "The Jobber Slayer" vs. Joanie Laurer (Total Titilation Match); romeo stylez vs. Death (Death Match); Kent State Krew vs. The Man Who Looks A Bit Like Nixon + XXXtreme Machine + Streetmime + Bubba Gump + Fire Chief + Too Lame; (Arm Gravevine Submission and Corkscrew Leg Drop match); Captain Obvious + "Normal" John Johnson vs. douja + Dyslexic Avenger (Abnormally Unobvious Rules); Little Good + Kay Fabe vs. Urine + Nurse Heidi (Kill Time Until Luke Warm Interferes and Causes a DQ match); The Geek vs. Bohemoth!

March Mayhem 2002

March Mayhem 2002

All the tournament results with none of that silly "action" stuff!

Classix 2

Classix 2

With Special Guest Star Xamfir; Captain Comb-Over + The Persian Rug vs. Unoriginal Man + Bruce, the Evil New Zealander; Lynette "Bull" Dykstra vs. Kay Fabe; StreetMime vs. Bobo Q. Fiendish!

Le Pay-By-Sight (On Pay-By-Sight)

Le Pay-By-Sight (On Pay-By-Sight)

Michael McIntosh counters Brandon "Smacker bitch"; Kamikazie Ken counters Insano Mano (too much violates for the mutilation, Suicida, of Mexico); George counters Zilla; "Mr. Thursday Long Night" J.C. counters Michael J Dangerous; Sasquatch + Massawa counters Josh "man massive" + "completely packed" Jim; Green Garry "of Gurney" + brown of Barry of "panel postpones" against Mr Hungalot + the slope of Jean (steel match of camp); Fatal hank counters Dr. Silaconne Mr. Plants (special authority: Bohemoth); Dr. Silaconne Mr. Plants + douja against the slope + the Mr Hungalot of Jean; Polar Billy counters the Pacifist violent one; Mr Ronald Killalot against. The Tiger!

Classix 3

Classix 3

With Special Guest Star Hardcore JJ; Kamikazie Ken vs. Coma; Snapmare Kid + Dustbuster Boy vs. Jim "Totally Packaged" + Josh "Massive Man"; StreetMime + Organ Grinder vs. Carnage + Stalker!



Trey Vincent vs. Hardcore JJ; XXXtreme Machine vs. Urine; Death vs. Lord Lestat von Sexbat, The Ultimate Worrier, Kurt Angel, "Smart" Mark Green, Stinkbutt Nastyass, Beastie Al, Homicidal Hank, Justin Voss, Bobo Q. Fiendish, Herbert T. Romaine, Necro Phil, douja, Sir Ronald Killalot, and Dr. Silaconne M. Plants (King of the Death Match); Kay Fabe + Xamfir + Little Good vs. Sleazy-C + Mr. X + Dyslexic Avenger; Jean Bannister + Sir Hungalot vs. Super Mollusc + Bivalve; Sculder + Mully vs. Brandon "Bitch Smacker" + Jim "Totally Packaged"; Josh "Massive Man" + Violent Pacifist vs. Sarah "The Jobber Slayer" (Duct Tape On A Fishing Pole Match); Billy Polar vs. Seth Harker; The Geek vs. Trey Vincent vs. Bohemoth (Two Falls, Two Titles)!

The TV Show

The TV Show

Trey Vincent at Club Evo; Your ONLY WORLD CHAMPION THAT MATTERS; A Night At The Zipper; Get My Toilet; Jobbers On An Island; Steven Denton?; Drawing A Naked Chick On A Toilet; A Jail Bird Sings a Song; Return to Jobber Island; Wrestlestarrmaniacade Clip; Back to Jobber Island Again; Rogue Slayer!

Monday Morning Mayhem 18

Monday Morning Mayhem 18 - 8-4-2002

Useless Aggression; "Loony" Lenny vs. "The Next Big Thingee" Dustbuster Boy; TransContinental Jim + Back Road Billy vs. Mully + Sculder; Survivor Island; Kay Fabe vs. Sarah "The Jobber Slayer'; Sir Hungalot + Jean Bannister vs. Jim "Totally Packaged" + Brandon "Bitch Smacker" vs. Josh "Massive Man" + Violent Pacifist; Trey Vincent vs. Lance The Knight; Kurt Angel vs. Bohemoth; Billy Polar vs. The Geek (Double Jobberdy Match); Luke Warm vs. Undietaker!

Classix 4

Classix 4 - 8-18-2002

Mr. Claven vs. Pzremslwk vs. Coma; Coma Rules Battle Royal!


NAGAM 18 - 8-25-2002

XXXtreme Machine vs. RVD; "Loony" Lenny vs. Urine; Little Good vs. Death (Death Match); 33 and 1/3; Undietaker vs. Kay Fabe; J.W.A. Survivor!

Sunday Morning Chloroform

Sunday Morning Chloroform - 9-8-2002

It's the famous (infamous?) Iron Man Segment you have to see to believe! The Pope blesses SMC; multiple new champions are crowned with a deck of cards; Trey Vincent and Kurt Angel play "high"-stakes poker; Hardcore JJ JJ DROPS nearly everyone on the roster; Sarah tells everyone to "stick it" and so much more!

She Looked Cuter Last Night Sunday Morning

She Looked Cuter Last Night Sunday Morning - 9-22-2002

Violent Pacifist vs. BILL; Mike Dangerous vs. Mike McIntosh; Da Sassy One vs. Li'l Peppy Polar; Candy Cantaloupes vs. Kay Fabe; Battle Royal; Trey Vincent + Steve Studnuts + Seth Harker vs. Jim "Totally Packaged" + Brandon "Bitch Smacker" + J.C. Long!

Classix 5

Classix 5 - 9-29-2002

March Mayhem 2001 highlights!

Sunday Morning Chloroform 2

Sunday Morning Chloroform 2 - 10-6-2002

Kurt Angel vs. Trey Vincent; Hooker T + "Stone Hot" Steve Dawson vs. Sculder + Mully (Double Pillows Pillow Fight); RVD vs. "Loony" Lenny (Video Game I Quit Match); Death vs. Brandon "Bitch Smacker," Josh "Massive Man," Jim "Totally Packaged," Violent Pacifist, Sir Hungalot and Jean Bannister (Gauntlet); Drawing for Send Us Money: A Chance Would Be A Fine Thing; Scotty Whatbody vs. Kay Fabe; Undietaker + Khan vs. Undietaker + BVD; Mr. X vs. Seth Harker!


Cybersuplex -11-3-2002

Welcome; A Gamble; The Love Begins; K-Con vs. KELLY ERIK; Arrival; DovE vs. Maui Wauie; DMD vs. Las Vegas Davis; Weed Money; Backstage Assault; Walking Footage; I'll Strangle You; Graphic Flatulence vs. Albert DeSalvo; Post Main Event Segment (Clever Title, No?)!

The Bobo Q. Fiendish Show

The Bobo Q. Fiendish Show - 11-10-2002

A compilation of some of Bobo's best rants and matches from BOB, including matches vs. XXXtreme Machine, Blackjack Hooligan!

Gluttons For The Punishment

Gluttons For The Punishment - 12-1-2002

100 men, women, objects inanimate, phenomena, bundles, enigmas, animals, factories, and all between the battle that it outside in a royal survey of grondement gaffent to crown a new ONLY CHAMPION of the WORLD WHICH IS ESSENTIAL, girdles Swiss of army and "be you out of your Inconditionnel champion of ' spirit" of Frickin!

Saturday Afternoon's Curtain Jerker 2

fWEo Saturday Afternoon's Curtain Jerker 2 - 12-7-2002

Opening; Janitor Nine vs. Insano Mano; Sarah & Angel: Take One; Sarah & Angel: Take Two; Waru vs. Kamikazie Ken; Offbeat Shenanigans, Part One; Underweartaker vs. Joe Brown; Some Bitch Stole Ted E.'s Tape; Evil-Lyn vs. Kay Fabe; Offbeat Shenanigans, Part Two; Warriors & Chickens; Mike Heftel vs. Sarah "The Jobber Slayer"; A Jobber Slayer's Duty Is Never Finished!

Saturday Afternoon's Curtain Jerker 3

fWEo Saturday Afternoon's Curtain Jerker 3 - 12-21-2002

Opening; Janitor Nine vs. Kamikazie Ken; The Prom, Part One; No Dance Contests Allowed; Underweartaker vs. Bob Smith; Um, Yeah; Firings=Ratings; Mike Heftel vs. Kay Fabe; nWo Elite; Ultimate Warrior & "Hacksaw" Jim Duggan vs. Renegade & Virgil; The Search Continues; BOIIING!; Black Quicksilver vs. Bill White & Mike Clark; The Prom, Part Two; The First Fifteen; Senor Funpants & Jackhammer vs. Reginald VelJohnson & Lawrence Taylor!

An fWEo Christmas

An fWEo Christmas - 12-24-2002

Amends (Act I, II, III, IV, V, V, Finale); Another STUMP Squad Christmas (Act I, II, III, IV, Finale); Santa Funpants (Act I, II, III, IV, Finale); Sphere and the Janitors of Christmas (Act I, II, III, IV, Finale); The Quest for the Gold Christmas Tree (Act I, II, III, IV, V, VI, Finale); Stranded in Beaverton; Gathering of the Old School; Epilogue!

Send Us Money: A Chance Would Be A Fine Thing

Send Us Money: A Chance Would Be A Fine Thing - 12-29-2002

The Undietaker vs. Jean Bannister; Khan + Violent Pacifist vs. RVD + Dyslexic Avenger (Pin Your Partner) Massive Man Rendition First vs. Coma (Potatoes & Gravy Bowl Match); Urine vs. Randy Handi vs. Insano Mano vs. Xamfir (Worlds Smallest Battle Royal); Little Good vs. Kamikazie Ken (Spectacular Spotfest Match); XXXtreme Machine vs. The Undietaker (Random Run-In Squash Match); Da Sassy Bitch vs. Steve Studnuts (Oil Wrestling In A Phonebooth Match); Dustbuster Boy + Jim "Totally Packaged" vs. UNORTHODOXO + Pope John Paul II; Stone Hot Steve Dawson vs. Hookter T (Special Ref: Kay Fabe); Hardcore JJ vs. Trey Vincent!

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