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Agent: Tifa Witherspoon
202 lbs.
Hometown: Sinister City, Utah
Theme Music: Nirvana's "You Know You're Right"
Finshing Maneuvers: Evil-Lution [spinning jacknife powerbomb] ; Sinister Slice [diamond cutter/rko] ; Shot in the Dark [superkick]; The Drop of Doom [vertebreaker].
Wrestling Style: Evil
Favorite cereal: The only thing I need to pick myself up in the morning is a good look in the mirror. Hell, if they could package the feeling one gets when looking at my extraordinary face, why, they'd barely be able to keep it on the shelves! I'm just that...damn... good looking. And evil. Don't forget evil.
Make of car: Yellow, VW Beetle... of EVIL
Number of times you've watched "The Sound of Music": 20 times. I know evil. I am evil. And this movie? Is PURE EVIL.
History and Backstory: Axl grew up on two things. Wrestling and Rock. But after several tryouts with various wrestling schools, none would take him. Mainly because... well... he sucked. So, after a gig at a local club with his girlfriend Rose on drums, an agent signed him to a deal. But after floundering for a few years in record sells, and seeing an episode of BOB, he decided to turn to his second passion for publicity. He knew that BOB didn't require the same skill level as that of big time companies such as WWE, WCW, and Xtreme Backyard Trampoline Wrestling. So, after the ink was dry on his Brawlers on a Buget contract, Axl headed to the ring... in search of free publicity.

BUT... After waiting for his first appearance in BOB, he gave up after about a month, without a single BOB show coming along. He broke apart from his agent, Rott N. Dealer, dropped Rock, began admiring New Age [especially Enya], gathered all of his savings, and formed his very own wrestling organization; the WCWF. Helming the next big thing in parody sports entertainment, Axl headed into war with his former employer, and current king-pin of parody wrestling: Brawlers on a Budget. It Has Begun... Well... it was GOING to begin. But then Axl decided to go ahead and sell WCWF to Randy Phillips, chairman of XCWA, and with the money he brought in, decided on two things. He would go on tour across the country providing Metal for the Masses. And second? He would return to BOB, and begin his ascension to the pinnacle of the business...

Axl used his friends, Joey Dio, Jonny Leppard, and Jimmy Whitesnake, to take out the stars of BOB, and subsequently take the OWTTM. But, thanks to the iAd, Axl lost the title a mere month later, with Death walking away from the event as Champion. The entire ordeal left Axl's heart cold... and black, transforming him from a fun-loving hair metalist, into an evil... sinister... uh... heavy metalist. Or possibly emo. Who knows. Axl began to form the greatest force in professional amateur fake-ass e-sports entertainment wrestling ; The Hierarchy, with members such as raYne, Tony Spaghetti, Rose, Steve Roydz, Pigeon, and even Axl's own brother, Viruz. But throughout all the comings and goings, one thing remained perfectly clear - Axl was hell bent on recapturing championship gold... and he was going to use the Hierarchy to do just that. And another 'Force' was going to help him along the way...

A mysterious person, hidden beneath a helmet, known as Garth Vader, showed up in a bathroom at one event, letting Axl know that if he was to ever achieve greatness... power... and TRUE evil... that he would have no choice but to follow him in his teachings. Axl vowed to learn all he could, and under the guidance of Vader, Axl slowly shed his goth poser-ing, and began to discover his own identity. No longer a goth poser OR a hair metalist, Axl was dead set on being himself, and achieving his goals at any cost... At Total Non-Action iMPLOSION #9, Axl was in the midst of "proposing" to his lover, Rose, when Garth emerged through the curtains... appearing to remove his helmet. Axl soon revealed the proposal to be nothing more than a ruse, violently destroying his now ex-girlfriend. He then brought out the much-hyped "Superior Power"... the woman he'd secretly been having an affair with, Trey Vincent's former better half, and BigBOSS' "daughter", as well as the Head Writer, Michelle. The Hierarchy now had more power than ever before...

At UnFOURgiven, Axl was entered into the second ever 'Beer in the Belly' ladder match. Current Hierarchy member Steve Roydz was also involved in the contest, specifically to assist Axl in his quest for the beer case. But just as Axl had pulled down the sixer, former BOB employee Dr. Thrilla snatched it away from his grasp. Axl was infuriated. He blamed the loss of the case on Roydz, and promptly had Vader's brother, Maul, dispose of the beefed up meathead. Axl also fired Pigeon, simply for not being entirely pro-Hierarchy [eg: not totally sucking up] during his duty as commentator for the ladder match. Axl trimmed the fat, and with the addition of Kurt Angel at UnFOURgiven, the Hierarchy was now a collection of the elite four in the world of parody sports entertainment. Kurt Angel... Viruz... Michelle... and Axl. Garth Vader knew he had done everything he could for Axl... and he decided it was time to reveal his true identity.

One day, at the Hierarchy's 'Residence of Evil', Garth met with Axl... reminding him of the day he searched for his father... only for who he had believed to be his father, Vince McMotleyCrue, to keel over and die. Axl lost his father, but gained the mayorship of Nowhere, Oklahoma. A year later, Garth entered into Axl's life... for the first time in years. Garth told Axl Vinny-Crue WASN'T Axl's father... but his uncle. For, as Garth told Axl... HE was Axl's father. His true name was Judas VanHalen, and he, along with Axl's mother, had sold Axl for half-off KISS tickets when he was very young. Once Judas and Axl's mother had seperated, Judas wasn't able to find his son, while Sue, Axl's mother, WAS able to, thanks to finding Axl on BOB. This is the same way Axl's father eventually managed to find his son, albeit a while after Sue. Judas told Axl that now that he'd found himself, hooked up with a woman with a head on her shoulders [unlike Rose and Tifa Bon Jovi], and surrounded himself with the right people [Viruz and Kurt], Judas no longer needed to lead Axl... for Axl was now the leader he needed to be. Sue, the mayor of Axl's home of Sinister City, handed over the position to her son, and with Michelle as his Queen, "King" Axl began to lead the Hierarchy to the very top of not only Brawlers... but the kingdom of wrestling itself.

In August of 2008, at Power is Stolen, the brothers, Axl and Viruz, began a journey for tag team gold. But the Great and Pete Trabel ended this journey before it even had a chance to begin. Though they may have lost a chance at the tag straps, the Hierarchy Bros. were determined to make their tandem a force to be reckoned with. Axl and Vi went on to Running on Empty to take on the former member of the Hierarchy, Pigeon, in a two on one flaming, glass, barbed wire table and light tubes, piranha death match. But yet again, even with the numbers in their favor, the Hierarchy Bros. came up on the short end of the stick. Axl was beginning to show signs of being upset. All the breaking things... yelling, screaming... these were a few of the hints that showed that Axl might just be a bit ticked off. Axl decided that he had to do something to reclaim some of his lost dignity... and to do this, he would face one of his biggest fears ; pandas. He claimed that, as a child, a panda made fun of him in a zoo. This was something that had scarred young Axl. But he vowed, that at the BOB event of October Surprise, he would have his revenge on the panda race, and conquer his fear once and for all... by defeating newcomer, American Panda, in a bamboo on a bamboo pole match. He would have his revenge... no matter the cost.

On the eleventh edition of iMPLOSION!, Axl was ready to hand fifty dollars over to Trey Vincent, in exchange for a shot at the Beer in the Belly briefcase that Axl had lost months prior. But instead, Axl discovered that he would be facing Dr. Sillicone M. Plants on iMPLOSION! 12... in a Loser Leaves BOB Match. Axl lost... and left. Only to return on iMP13, under a mask. The mask of his brother, Viruz, trying desperately to fool everyone into believing he WAS his brother... even though they appeared in the very same rant a few days later, with Axl insisting that his brother was merely an imposter. Axl knew that the only way he would manage to compete at October Surprise, and reap his retribution on all panda-kind, would be to "disguise" his identity... never mind the fact that his so-called "disguise" was about as see-through as a pair of fishnet stockings. When the big On-Demand rolled around, Axl was ready to compete... as Viruz... against the giant panda. But when the match was over, Viruz WAS standing over a broken body... only this Viruz was the TRUE Viruz... and the broken body belonged to Vi's brother, the TRUE imposter, Axl. Viruz screamed to the world, and at his brother, that he was tired of having to play second fiddle. He had always known deep down in his heart that he was better than his brother, and it took time, as well as the words of Pigeon, to bring that belief to the fore front.

Viruz layed Axl out cold, and declared that at BOB's biggest event of the year, Mega Brawl 2, that the brothers would collide in another Loser Leaves BOB match. An epic "Falls Count Anywhere 'Anywhere Is' Is Playing" encounter. After October Surprise came to a close, Axl was as livid as he had ever been. The now former leader of the Hierarchy made decisions as mayor of Sinister City that other, more level headed men wouldn't dare make... going so far as to behead an innocent woman. Thanks to these hot-headed decisions, Axl was voted out of office. He was soon replaced with two former Hierarchy members ; Tony Spaghetti [now going under the name Tony Fark], and raYne, the brother of the very same woman Axl used his power to send to the guillotine. Now out of a well-paying job, and stuck with BOB as his only means to a living, Axl was more furious than ever... and promised himself that he would take out an entire career's worth of frustration on his brother.

The brothers' parents, Sue Bastian Bach and Judas Van Halen, returned to BOB... Sue taking the side of Axl, while Judas took the side of Viruz. With the family split apart, Mega Brawl was set to be a powder keg ready to explode. And when the spectacle did arrive, and the match began, it was apparent that Sue and Judas would play an integral part in the outcome of the contest. Only, as the match wore on, Axl came to a realization that not only would he be on the opposite side of his brother and father... but his mother as well. As a sign of solidarity, Vi, Sue, and Judas came together in their beating of the black sheep of the family. Axl was beaten down, and betrayed... but not defeated. After disposing of his mother with a Shot in the Dark superkick, Axl dropped his father by unveiling his newest signature finisher ; The Drop of Doom. Axl and Vi then took the fight to the outside, atop the building entrance. And though Viruz was able to bring pain and suffering to Axl, with Axl barely able to fight back, it was actually thanks to Vi's countless attacks that Axl managed to survive. Viruz was near toppling Axl from the entry way... When Axl had a stroke of luck. Due to the damage done at the hands of Viruz, Axl simply slumped down atop the entrance, out of breath... and Viruz, already at a full head of steam and rushing toward his brother, wound up flying off the entrance, and crashing through the roof of Axl's car, which was parked below. Thanks to nothing but luck, Axl managed to put away Viruz forever... remaining in BOB... standing alone.

With the return of Tifa Witherspoon as his agent, Axl is now prepared to move into the future... and into his second OWTTM championship reign. Whether or not he achieves his destiny will be entirely up to the self-proclaimed Savior.

In his own words ; "Believe... or Be Left."

|to be continued|

Costume: Short, messy, dirty blonde hair... stubble... torn blue jeans... black and white sneakers... a long-sleeved, flannel shirt tied around his waist... a black t-shirt with the words "Believe... or Be Left." printed across the front in red.

Previous convictions: 42 counts of Being Just Too Goddamned Evil. 1 count, loitering.




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