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The Great
Height: 5 foot 11
225 pounds
Hometown: St. Louis, Missouri
Theme Music: "(I Can't Get No) Satisfaction" by The Rolling Stones
Finshing Maneuver: Twist of Great; The Great's Figure Eight (A Figure Four, which he applies, releases, and simply applies again.)
Wrestling Style: Sporatic fighting with grabs and chokeholds mixed in until he learns some actual moves.
Favorite cereal: Frosted Flakes. THEY'RE GREEEEEAT!
Make of car: A tricked out Escalade. (yeah, the wife's idea)
Number of times you've watched "The Sound of Music": 27 times because the "wife likes it".
History and Backstory: He's just a man whose wife and kids are about to bankrupt him so he needs a second job. The bonus is it gives him a chance to stay away from home more often. He's just an average joe trying to live the American dream and now has too many bills.

Costume: Dyed tighty whiteys, nondescript volleyball player kneepads, wrestling boots from "Discount Warehouse"

Previous convictions: None.




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