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Kobe Gyant
Height: 7-3
Hometown: Los Santos
Theme Music: "Me So Horny" by 2 Live Crew
Finshing Maneuver: Slam Dunk - he grabs the back of his opponents head with one hand, lifts him up and slam dunks his head onto the top turnbuckle.
Wrestling Style: Amazing.
Favorite cereal: Alpha-Bits. Loves to spell K-O-B-E and then eat his own name, the best tasting name in the world.
Make of car: 10 speed bike. It's a great way to keep in shape.
Number of times you've watched "The Sound of Music": Easily 70.
History and Backstory: Kobe Gyant is the best at everything he does. Except keeping his penis in his boxers. He has a lot of kids to support, so he's taking as many jobs as he can. BOB is just the latest. His nemesis is Big Blaq Shaq, his high school teammate who was always in Kobe's shadow. They say Kobe can't win the big one without Shaq. But he'll big show them. He'll big show them them all.

Costume: He wears his high school basketball uniform, which is yellow and purple (think L.A. Lakers), #99. It's the highest number they'd let him get.

Previous convictions: Does point shaving count?




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