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Seth Harker
Height: 5-11
217 pounds
Hometown: Parts Unknown
Theme Music: "Rising Sun" by Bexta
Signature moves: Spinning Heel Kick; Short Arm Clothesline; Enziguri / Reverse Enziguri Headkicks; Springboard Moonsault; Tornado DDT; Martial Arts Chops and Kicks; Flying Back Elbow; Leaping Side Kick; Frog Splash; Cross Body Block; Senton Bomb; Standing Dropkick; Top Rope Hunrancanranna; Snap Suplex; Shooting Seth Press; The Death Dive (Suicide Plancha over or through the ropes.); The One-Inch Punch (An extremely short, powerful punch); No Remorse (Running Somersault Senton off the apron to an opponent on the floor... Or on the announce table.); Backslide Powerbomb; Springboard Guillotine Legdrop
Finshing Maneuver: The Nightbringer (Twisting Moonsault). Alternates: Darkness Falls (Quarter Nelson / Sleeper Hold Combination). Tiger Driver '91
Wrestling Style:
Martial artist/high-flying risk taker
Favorite cereal: Double espresso
Make of car: ???
Number of times you've watched "The Sound of Music": Give me "Raging Bull"
History and Backstory: Seth never acknowledges the crowd, no matter what they do. A huge cheer, or a thrown soda cup will garner the same reaction... none. He has been known to mouth the phrase "Lights Out... No Remorse" seconds before attempting his Nightbringer Moonsault.

Seth has a cloudy past. His wrestling style indicates past training in Japan and Mexico. Seth never speaks about his past though, for a very good reason. A borderline split personality, Seth himself believes his existence began just two years ago. Seth considers himself a "Collector of Souls".. the "Darksider". His interviews range from venom-filled rants to quiet monologues full of imagery, and obscure quotes. He has displayed an eclectic taste in music, ranging from Bach to White Zombie. Usually found meditating before a match, surrounded by candles.

Costume: Seth is a strange-looking individual. He dresses entirely in black, and is never without his full-length black leather trenchcoat. Mirrored sunglasses are essential, even at night. In contrast, his skin is extraordinarily pale, and his face is almost gaunt. His hair is dyed bone-white, and pulled behind him in a ponytail, tied off with a strip of black silk. He wears black, fingerless leather gloves, which accent his long, slim fingers. A thin scar bisects his right eyebrow, running almost to his hairline. His left ear sports a silver skull earring on a slender silver chain, which he never removes.

Previous convictions: ???




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