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Harvey the Hardcore Hippo
AKA: H³ // Treacherous Hippo Love // Morty Goldberg
205 (265 in costume)
Hometown: Poughkeepsie, NY
Theme Music: Hippo Stomp by Steppenwolf
Finshing Maneuver: The Hungry, Hungry Hippo (A Reverse Indian Deathlock Leglock with Chinlock and Biting)
Wrestling Style: Brawler
Favorite cereal:I usually go for a Lenders Bagel with a schmere of cream cheese.
Make of car:1969 Volkswagon Beetle
Number of times you've watched "The Sound of Music": 3 or 4 ... it's ok I guess but "Fiddler On The Roof" is a MUCH better musical.

History and Backstory: With a passion from early childhood to become a great comedy actor like his idols: Woody Allen, Jerry Lewis, Milton Berle and the Marx Brothers, Morty became a Children's Television show mascot. The Christian TV station he worked for fired him and replaced him with a cartoon. Bitter and unable to find any other acting work he saw a flier for a local fed looking for new talent and tried out. Still upset at his former bosses he chose to wrestle in his old costume.

It is four years later and his sports entertainment career has seen him through Six Federations ranging from backyard to international, and nine title reigns. Now, with his old show back in production (though it has been revamped into a more adult oriented version of itself) and looking forward to competing at Brawlers On a Budget, it seems his career has come full circle.

Costume: Varies with match but usually a Hippo Mascot Costume with the paws replaced with black grappling gloves and the big feet replaced with gray/black wrestling boots. The Head is worn to the ring but removed before the match.

Previous convictions: None - The child abuse charges were dropped when the jury found out the defendant was a 30 year old midget.


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