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Sir Hungalot

Tag Team: Pain and Pleasure (with Jean Bannister)
Height: 6'3"
250 lbs.
Hometown: Paradise, Pennsylvania
Theme Music: "Love Roller Coaster" by Ohio Players
Finshing Maneuver: The G-spot, a move trying to be a camel clutch and a Boston crab at the same time

Wrestling Style: ???
Favorite cereal: ???
Make of car: ???
Number of times you've watched "The Sound of Music": ???
History and Backstory: With celebrities making their own home movies, Sir Hungalot has been "laid off" in his career as an actor in adult features. After short stints as a hot dog vendor, a ditch digger and the whipped-cream guy at Dairy Queen, he finally decided to hop on the pro-wrestling bandwagon to make a "quickie" buck. Whether he penetrates the ranks or falls limp is beyond us.

Costume: Black boots, an odd pair of three-legged jeans, and a white t-shirt with green lettering: "I always hit the G-spot"

Previous convictions: ???




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