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Kay Fabe
Height: 5-8
None of your bizness
Hometown: Now residing in Parts Unknown...formerly of Cloudydale, Conn.
Theme Music: "Rising Sun" by Bexta, just like her man Seth Harker.
Finshing Maneuver: The Kay Bottom. A Rock Bottom, er, Domino Rally!
Wrestling Style:Sports entertainment style.
Favorite cereal: ???
Make of car: ???
Number of times you've watched "The Sound of Music": Don't think so. Definitely saw "The Sound of Lesbians"
History and Backstory: When The Sexiest Lesbian Wiccan in Parody Sports Entertainment Today first came to BOB, she was merely a wiccan in Sarah "The Jobber Slayer's group. Sarah's best friend in the whole world. And a lesbian. A hot, red-headed lesbian. It was her duty to protect this sport by any means necessary. Wrestlers don't have real names. They are their gimmick. Birthdays? Hell no. None of them are married or have girlfriends. Wrestlers don't even go to the bathroom. They only exist when they're on TV. Kay Fabe keeps this sport in tact. Without Kay Fabe, there would be no wrestling. Chaos would ensue. She is the guardian of this sport, and the guardian of BOB. Try as you might, you will never break Kay Fabe. In a twist, Kay's penchant for calling upon dead wrestlers came back to bite her, forcing her to share her body with The Domino (and he was a man too, even worse!). She pretty much acted like him, but looked hot, so it doesn't matter. Now, Kay is spending time with the uber cool Seth Harker and reforming her lesbo ways...mostly...mostly...

Costume: Sexy black outfits. Lots of cleavage. Use your imagination.

Previous convictions: ???




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