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Kid Pirate
Height: 5'3"
153 pounds
The Seven Seas
Theme Music:
"Yo Ho (A Pirate's Life For Me)" by Jonas Brothers
Finshing Maneuver:
The Black Pearls - kinda like the People's Elbow except he stomps on their groin with his peg leg
Skull & Crossbones - top rope hurricanrana
Wrestling Style: High flying luchadore
Favorite cereal:
Make of car:
Yarrrrr... it's a boat yer land lovin' tally whacker.
Number of times you've watched "The Sound of Music":
Too many times, too many tears.
History and Backstory: While roaming the seven seas and raping and pillaging where ever he pleased Kid Pirate stole somebody's cable satelite and had it installed for twenty bucks by a dodgey cable guy. He spent his nights watching re-runs of WCW and learnt the trade of the high flying luchas.

One fateful night he was unfortunate enough to stumble across a screening of BOB and thus his ship has docked as he's seen some gold... the gold (plated) in Brawlers on a Budget.

Costume: He's a pirate. He wears a black hat with a skull and cross bones on the front. A black eye patch. A peg leg. A parrot on his shoulder called "Pretty Boy". The whole pirate kit and caboodle.

Previous convictions: Yer ain't never convicted if yer ain't never caught. Yarrrrr.




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