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Viet Kong
Teams: Unethical Ethnic Alliance (with Blackjack Hooligan; as Terra Rism with Sgt. Walker)
Height: 6' 8"
345 (335 after shaving his torso)
Hometown: Hoi Phong, Vietman. "Charlie" hails from Ho Chi Minh City.
Theme Music: A speed metal remake of The "Charlie's Angel's Theme performed by Vietallica-(Vietnam's answer to Metallica)
Finshing Maneuver: 1)The Full Metal Strait Jacket: (A fourteen fingered full nelson, complete with violent shaking motion) 2)The Rice Cannon: (A clothesline that conjures up images of Nikita Koloff's Russian Sickle)
Manager: "Charlie"- a tiny (5' 6"- 140), former P.O.W prison guard that wears a "rice" hat to hide his balding military hair cut and has maybe two teeth left in his mouth. Graying Fu Man Chu looking goatee. Kinda looks like Pat Morita with a bad attitude or flatulence induced cramps.
Wrestling Style:
Favorite cereal: ???
Make of car: ???
Number of times you've watched "The Sound of Music": ???

History and Backstory: Viet Kong debuted in the STWF in early 1999 where he peaked at number 3 contender for the heavyweight title. Was later banned for life in the STWF along with "Charlie" and a their American counterparts, brainwashed former P.O.W. tag-team "Chemical Warfare" Agent Orange and Napalm. Was rumored to have nearly decapitated a man in a Hanoi fight for profit later that year but didn't wrestle in any fed professionally or legally. Kong is ape-like hairy from the waist up, has fourteen fingers (really!) and freakishly large due to chemical weapon and biological warfare testing gone awry during the Vietnam Conflict. He's 35 inch biceps are a testament to third world gaffes in an attempt to overthrow other countries. Was sent with "Charlie" to repay America via the world of wrestling for their involment in The Conflict and enjoys government funded backing. Like the actual Conflict wasn't enough punishment. He's big, he's scary, and he doesn't say a word. "Charlie" is his mouthpiece, and after a dose of his broken English, some wish he was as mute as Kong.

Costume: Battle Dress Uniform (aka BDU's or camouflage) pants, black military style jump boots, and a black Executioner's Hood. "Charlie" also wears BDU pants, and a black t-shirt that read's "Sookie Sookie" on the front, and "Kong Make You Dookie" on the back.

Previous convictions: ???




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