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J.C. Long
Height: 6-4
235 lbs
Hometown: ???
Theme Music: "Learn Chinese" by Lin
Finshing Maneuver: Drop The Mic (Full Nelson Slam) Beat Box (JC spits in his opponents face (trying to do a beat box) and then gives him the clothesline from hell).
Wrestling Style: ???
Favorite cereal: ???
Make of car: ???
Number of times you've watched "The Sound of Music": ???
History and Backstory: JC Long (a.k.a. The Regular Guy J.C. Long, aka Mr. Thursday Night J.C. Long) has been involved in BOB's wrestling since he first got here. He began his stint as The Regular Guy JC Long but was soon confused for the heteroly impaired "Da Sassy One" so he quickly changed to Mr. Thursday Night JC Long which stuck with him for several years and through several heart breaking title match losses. So JC found a secret weapon a weapon in Joshitude. Josh and JC became fast friends as JC was sent to pick up Josh's dry cleaning and lunch and kids from school. Nevertheless JC was soon rewarded for his long time service by being the first graduate of the school of Joshitude. JC is now not only on the path to one day become a BOB's superstar but he is in talks to have a hip hop album released.

Costume: Baggy jean shorts, sneakers, sidways hat, Baggy Baseball jersey or a baggy muscle shirt.

Previous convictions: ???




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