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Snapmare Kid
Height: 5-10
222 pounds
Hometown: Snap Finger, Georgia
Theme Music: "Snap Your Fingers, Snap Your Neck" by Prong
Finshing Maneuver: Snap mare!
Wrestling Style: Snap mare! Snap mare! Snap mare!...
Favorite cereal: Rice Krispies...the snap part is the best!
Make of car: ???
Number of times you've watched "The Sound of Music": ???
History and Backstory: The Show Starter! The curtain jerker! The Snap Marer! THE jobber! SMK was trained by BOB. He's mastered one move so far. We're still hoping he'll be able to do a hip toss eventually.

Costume: Tights. Yeah, that's really it.

Previous convictions: None.


Coming soon!



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