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Steve Studnuts
Height: 6-2
Hometown: Phoenix, Arizona (The Valley of the Sun)
Theme Music: "War" by Sick Puppies
Finshing Maneuver: The Death (Valley of the Sun) Driver. (A falling DVD)
Other finishers:The Jerkweed Death Drop (A sitout powerbomb); The Fairy Go-Round (A F5)
Wrestling Style:  Kickin' your ass
Favorite cereal: Pussy flavored Lucky Charms
Make of car: Which one?
Number of times you've watched "The Sound of Music": Unless Julie Andrews is givin' head or takin' it up the ass... the answer is zero.

History and Backstory: I'm Steve Studnuts. And you're not. But I know... you wish... you could be. That's all you need to know, jerkweed.

Costume: Yellow tights with a black SUPERMAN logo on the back. Smaller logo, same thing, on the front...both are centered. Black knee pads and black patent leather boots. Tassels hang from all around the top of the boots to the ankles.

Previous convictions: Classified.




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