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XFactor Pete Trable
Height: 5-11
Hometown: Fresno, Ca
Theme Music: “X Gonna Give it to Ya” by DMX
Finshing Maneuver: “The CD (Compacted Disc)” (starts out as an Atomic Drop---but instead of dropping the foe on his knee, Pete drops to his knees on the way down and the opponent lands ass first on the canvas)
Wrestling Style:Technical Brawler
Favorite cereal: Cocoa Krispies (“cause it puts some chocolate in me”, he says.)
Make of car: A lowered Honda, painted with primer, with chromed wheels that costs more than the car.
Number of times you've watched "The Sound of Music": “Are you kiddin’, yo? Dat’s fo’ fags and chicks.”

History and Backstory: Pete grew up on the “bad side” of Fresno, the son of a bus driving father and a disabled mother (a freak accident that occurred while she was cooking a Thanksgiving chicken ((the Trable’s couldn’t afford a turkey)). His mother could no longer work and the disability check wasn’t enough to keep the family of 6 off Food Stamps and Welfare. Pete was often ridiculed at school for wearing hand-me-downs from his older sister.

Determined to cash in on the “gangsta rap” craze of the early nineties, Pete started rapping for a way out. Then Vanilla Ice screwed all the up for the white boy trying to make it as a legit rapper (just ask Kid Rock). Undaunted, Pete continued to hone his craft, and broke into a local independent wrestling federation to make ends meet, calling himself Vanilla Shake and still rapping in the ring. He tried other names, trying to ride the popularity of Vanilla Ice (Vanilla Pudding, Vanilla Extract, Vanilla Swirl). Nothing worked, so Pete just started using his own name later on after Vanilla Ice’s 15 minutes were up.

Anything else: “Nothin’ foo’, excep’ I’ll pop a cap in your ass.

Costume: SUPER baggy jeans, tan Lugz, some kind of baseball/football/basketball or hockey “throw-back” jersey. Has a Rhyno-type build, black hair with highlighted tips cut into a flattop (styled like Haas). Mid 30s. Blackened goatee courtesy of “Just for Men.”

Previous convictions: 2 (Loitering and Jaywalking, ’98 and early 2000)




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