UPDATES?! Oh yeah, we have updates!

Our former home arena, well...okay, we didn't have one, all our shows were from on the road. BUT NOW WE HAVE ONE! Thanks to a man that wishes to remain nameless (I'll respect his Witness Relocation Program thingee) we have been able to purchase a new HOME ARENA! Like Slobberknocker Arena in the old, archaic STWF. IT'S The B.O.B.! BANK ONE BALLPARK IN PHOENIX! What? We can't use that? Not even from the parking deck? Damn...

How about...ummmmm? BASEMENT of BRAWLIN'!? THE B.O.B.! Live from Stuart's mother's basement? No? But it's a BIG basement, he is the BigBOSS after all. No? Okay, I give up...just go here to BOB NEWHART HOUSE! you damn fogies!

(Rated TV-BP13 for excessive use of Billy Polar and the Word The PTC Doesn't Like. But F*** 'em if they can't take a joke!)

Pay Per View only on PPV, NAGAM 15, and MMM 16 have been ARCHIVED! Probably never to be seen again. If you're lucky...

PLUS! BOB is currently under negotiations for a facelift! That's right, it seems we actually made some money on PPV only on PPV. Okay, I'm lying. A friend of a friend of a friend has announced he'd do it for free. And "free" is right in BOB's price range. Of course, all to be approved by the BIGBOSS when he gets out of the joint. And NO FRAMES! We didn't have 'em before and we won't after our facelift, because frames suck....

Are you ready to rumble? Ready for something Hardcore? Ready to do it for less than minimum wage? Then we need you!
(Or a reasonable facsimile. Offer void in Utah.)

So, if you're a former Ice-skating Icelandic Limbo-dancer, or a Fire-Eating Albanian Goat-Herder, or even an Ex-Marine with a liking for Angora Sweaters.. then come on in! No gimmick too stupid, no valet too busty, no paycheck too small!

Fight for these titles:

The Pan-Galactic Championship (re-named: see above)
The Swiss Army Belt
The "Are You Out Of Your Frickin' Mind?" Hardcore Title
The "You Gotta Have Friends" Tag Titles

Wanna join? Then E-mail me your details at toccata_the_alien_ambassador@yahoo.com

Just send me all the facts on your boy (Or Girl. Or Anthropomorphic Animal. Or.. whatever.) Height. Weight. Hometown. Theme Music. Costume. Finshing Maneuver. Wrestling Style. Previous Convictions. History and Backstory. Favourite Cereal. Make of Car. Number of Times You've Watched "The Sound of Music". And anything else I should know about you..

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