incurable Apathy disorder
Putting ourselves over at the expense of the product
All in the name of sports entertainment

Not much in the way of sports of entertainment, but Trey Vincent, Seth Harker and the bots are back with a new attack....dripping with sarcasm, and other fluids. Yes, bottom of the barrel sports entertainment gets brought back nice and smelly, and the boys take another big ol' piss all over it.
It's MST 7, the iAd vs. UWF!!!!!!!!
The brand new attack is on the iAd sub-site. To check out the iAd, click here

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BOB's Sunday Squash-Fest Web-Cast has aired. Will the 'lost' episode be well accepted? Will it suk? Only time will tell. Jump in the Whoopsie We Missed Posting This Somehow Machine and take a trip back to the days before Gluttons For Punishment!! Click here for the show!

BOB is now is an affiliate of Primetime Central. Yes, BOB got a cable deal! It's huge news. And who do you have to thank? Trey Vincent and the iAd. You're welcome. That means we now have a weekly spot. And it also means more money for the top dogs. But don't worry, this increased income will in NO way affect the shoddy product we put out. The iAd promises to continue holding down everyone in BOB.

A full preview of BOB's FINAL Monday Morning Mayhem is online! The show promises to be one of BOB's biggest! Which, as always, isn't saying much...Check out Upcoming Cards for the info.

The Hall of Shame! has also been updated. As has the roster, to an extent...We also have some nice people renting ad space down below. If you want BOB to go out of business, don't click them!

BOB's HUGE and long awaited Pay-Per-View Wrestlestarrmaniacade can still be found on replay. The show featured multiple title changes and BOB's world will never be the same with the huge badly booked main event heel turn. Who was it? Gonna have to read it to find out. For all the fun SEND US YOUR MONEY, then click here.

The doors of entertainment have been opened by a great acid trip, Click on Classix 3 and see if these white words are lying to you. Baaah! And if that ain't enough incentive, how about a title change?

IT'S COMPLETE! The entire PAY-BY-SIGHT! (On Pay-By-Sight!) is now here! (And the crowd goes monkey!!) DANGLE: Pay-By-Sight (On Pay-By-Sight!)

Thinking of joining? Are you mad? Well, then be sure to check out our Rules and Bosstalk to get a feel for BOB. But don't feel TOO MUCH or we'll sue! If you can handle it, scroll down to where is says Wanna Join? and email the BIGBOSS your resume.

Fight for these titles:

(formerly the Pan-Galactic Championship
-Trey Vincent-

The Swiss Army Belt
-Josh and Violent Pacifist-

The "Are You Out Of Your Frickin' Mind?" Hardcore Title
-Seth Harker-

The "Four-Play" Tag Titles
-The Kent State Krew-

Wanna join?

Are you ready to rumble? Ready for something Hardcore? Ready to do it for less than minimum wage? Then we need you!
(Or a reasonable facsimile. Offer void in Utah.)

So, if you're a former Ice-skating Icelandic Limbo-dancer, or a Fire-Eating Albanian Goat-Herder, or even an Ex-Marine with a liking for Angora Sweaters.. then come on in! No gimmick too stupid, no valet too busty, no paycheck too small!

Just send me all the facts on your boy (Or Girl. Or Anthropomorphic Animal. Or.. whatever.)

Theme Music.
Finshing Maneuver.
Wrestling Style.
Previous Convictions.
History and Backstory.
Favourite Cereal.
Make of Car.
Number of Times You've Watched "The Sound of Music".
And anything else I should know about you..

E-mail me your details at

NOTE: This is an Oliver-Copp TNM-Free Zone! No simulators are used. Because They're Crap.

We also apologise for using Geocities. But we'll be lucky to afford a ring-bell, let alone a dot-com!
Pop-Up Video, Si!
Pop-up Windows, No!

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