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Brawlers On a Budget's owner is John Leary. He writes shows and also handles a variety of characters (Trey Vincent, Sarah "The Jobber Slayer", Death, Kurt Angel, Kay Fabe, Little Good, Misty Waters). He is also in charge of talent relations and public relations and is the BOB Webmaster. If you have questions about joining BOB, praise, or any questions in general, he's your man. E-mail at

Writers past and present

Other people who are helping shape BOB today are:

Dave Smalley (Jerri Li, Zombie Mr. Fantastic), creator of BOB is Boobs and regular contributor. Also the creator of chracters including Kevin the Pyromaniac, Joe Bananas, Drudley Boyz, and Wig Show.

The Great (The Great, Pete Trable)

J (Dr. Silaconne M. Plants, Steve Studnuts, LilBOSS): One of BOB's main men since the beginning, he helped shape BOB in its lean years. He was responsible for creating and writing NAGAM, writing PPVs, and doing Web updating, as well as being the top force on the Rant Zone for many years. Also the creator of such characters the Ambulance Jockeys, Necro Phil, Blackjack Hooligan, Viet Kong and XFactor Pete Trable. He carried BOB on his back for years, building it from nothing into what it has become today (whatever that is).

Justin Voss ("The Stereotyped Face" Justin Voss, Pope John Paul 2, Kid Pirate, American Panda, Bookface), regular contributor.

Kobe (Kobe Gyant)

Writers past and present

Other people who have helped shape BOB are:

Adam (douja): legendary handler*

Circular Answer (Sir Zeno, Mr. Paradox, Dr. Thrilla, Queen Mylisiv, Meat-Puppet), not-so-legendary handler*, former contributor.

Jim Courim (Jim "Totally Packaged"), co-creator of the She Looked Much Cuter... show.

Josh Gordon (Massive Man), co-creator of She Looked Much Cuter... show.

Mike Renner (Spacecop, Spaceduck), regular contributor in his Festering Death era.

Nate Mustain (Billy Polar), legendary handler* and creator of Polarvision.

Mac Bry (Axl, Viruz), not-so-legendary handler*, creator of We Win Everything and regular contributor.

Steve "Skeeter" Skeet (Seth Harker, Kamikazie Ken, Coma, Hallucination Boy, Stephen Hawking) BOB's founder/creator. He wrote many shows, including Classix, Traumavision, Monday Morning Mayhem, and Poinkamania to name a few. He also and handles various characters .

WaffleMan (Atomo the Living Robot, Unit 5), legendary handler*, semi-regular contributor to our shows.

And a lot of former handlers whose names I don't know. But you know who/what you are!

*Note: Legendary handler = retired.


All Poser pictures/artwork was created by John Leary, Justin Voss, Mike Renner, and Dave Smalley for BOB Wrestling.

BOB Evolution

BOB v.1

The original Web site, pretty much 'borrowed' from the STWF site. It's fun and cluttered. Perfect for BOB. 1999-2002

BOB v.2

The Dookie site. Ugly as hell, but it had its appeal. Aside from it being hard to read and ugly, it was a masterpiece. 2002

BOB v.3

Trying to get the 'fun' into BOB, more colors were added on the front page. Giving an old-school feel (returning to the roots, yo!) and brightening things up. Also debuted the banner ads here. 2002-2003.

BOB v.4

Based loosely off the NWA-TNA site and some other sites. 2003-2005.

BOB v. 5

WWE's latest offering, merged with ideas used on other efed/wrestling sites, and leftovers from other BOB forms created this monster. 2005

BOB v.6

So, I "borrowed" the latest layout stuff from HBO's "Sopranos" Web site and TNA's site. I thought it looked cool for the Comedy Central era. 2005-2007

BOB v.7

Inspired partly by Women's Extreme Wrestling's site. It sucked the butt and lasted only about three months. 2007

BOB v.8

Inspired by TNA's revamped Web site, then modified with some Web 2.0 bits and pieces. 2007-08

BOB v.9

A whole mix of different Web sites inspired this one, including South Park Studios.

BOB v.10

You're looking at it. 2009-

The Way Back Machine

Going Back To The Old School...OK, not really...

See some of the old splash pages and index pages, courtesy of the Internet Archive Way Back Machine.

BOB News!

Click here for Leary's failed BOB online newspaper!

Brawlers On A Budget

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