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The Pan-Galactic Title


How title was won

1. Premslwvk

Beat Goffer with a boring old roll-up in the final of the "Pan-Galactic Tournament" at Send Us Money: Title Palooza.

2. Bobo Fiendish Defeated Justin Voss in a "No Escape For You" cage match at A Near Deth Experience.
3. Lord Lestat Von Sexbat Did the unthinkable in pinning Bobo Fiendish at Monday Morning Mayhem 9 in his BOB debut. (With a little assistance from an off-course Kamikazie Ken (There's that name again...)
4. douja Wins the championship at Snore Games: The Match Be-Yawn! in the same match Sir Ronald Killalot won the Swiss Army Title...and finally gets the TOP DAWG status he's searched for his entire career. (I won't even mention Ken was seen falling from the rafters again. Ooops, just did. Sorry.)
Last Champion: douja
((Title was retired with douja as the last champion. Title renamed and douja was given the number one seed in a tournament to crown the most respected(?) champion in wrestling history and stuff. Extra cubic zirconia, bells, whistles and glittery cardboard added to the P.G. Title and it will now be known as...))


1. douja Won the "OWTTM" Tournament (Go Duke!) to become BOB's FIRST-EVER OWTTM Champ!
2. Sir R(D?)onald Killalot Won the OWTTM title at Send Us Money: Footbrawl.. I think.. then travelled through time, became his own ancestor and defeated Jesus in a match, before losing it to himself... Oh, I don't know! Figure that one out yourself, people!! I need a drink...
3. Billy Polar Captures his first major championship after some ridiculous "Tom Foolery" that mere words can't describe at Gluttons for Punishment.
4. ??? After a screw job to end all screw jobs, the OWTTM picture became cloudier than Cloudydale. Is cloudier a word? Anyway, at MMM 17 and after Sarah the Jobber Slayer defeated what we all thought was the champ, Billy Polar, we find out that SMP had "bought" the title earlier in the day. SMP was then challenged and squashed by Bohemoth, but SMP's title reign was nixed by the Ted DiBiase Million Dollar Man rule. In effect, The BigBOSS had no other choice but to declare the title vacant and the winner of March Mayhem II will get the championship.
5. Bohemoth Won the OWTTM (as well as the AYOOYFM Hardcore Title) in the finals of the March Mayhem 2002 tournament by defeating douja for the vacant OWTTM.
6. Trey Vincent Completes the incurable Apathy disorder's takeover with a huge win in a two-fall triple threat match in the Sports Entertainment portion of the Wrestlestarrmaniacade match with a pin on BigBOSS.
7. Kurt Angel Did the unthinkable on Sunday Morning Chloroform 2 and pinned Trey Vincent as TV was distracted by the crooning of Sarah "The Jobber Slayer." Angel then 'ascended' back to Heaven, vacating the title.
8. Hardcore JJ In a randomly picked match to decide the champion, Hardcore JJ pinned Trey Vincent, with some help from some other bObsters and a broken bed at Send Us Money: A Chance Would Be A Fine Thing.
((Detached Narrator later fired JJ on SMC 5, vacating the title, yet again.))
9. Billy Polar (2) Detached Narrator aided Polar to his second reign as OWTTM at BaseBrawl.
10. Coma Did the unthinkable in the main event of his own pay-per-view, Poinkamania, in a gimmick match that combined every BOB gimmick match of all time...and then some.
11. Massive Man Rendition First Replaced the re-zombified Billy Polar in a rematch on SMC 8, despite a nagging toe injury, and came out on top with help from a suspicious toe guard.
12. Violent Pacifist Survived a six-man Iron Man match with MMR1, Jim, Brandon, Jean Bannister and Sir Hungalot at March Mayhem 2004.
13. Sarah "The Jobber Slayer" After VP was stripped, she defeated Sir Zeno at Send Us Money: On Your Hard Drive after a massive brawl including the Shaggy Gang, Death, Dimension Z, Totally Heel and some other Slayers.
((Title vacated at SMC 33 after BigBOSS had a "crisis of conscience" of sorts and banned women from fighting in men's divisions.))
14. Sir Zeno Defeated Pigeon in the finals of the title tournament after the STWF dropped a load of waffles on Pigeon at Send Us Money: Living In Sin.
15. Axl Van Halen While dressed up as Insano Mano, he took advantage of some shenanigans involving Anne O'Rexic and Nikki Mantle to shock the sports entertainment world by pinning Sir Zeno at Mano e Zeno.
16. XXXtreme Machine After Axl Van Halen was beaten up by several former OWCTM dressed up as Insano Mano, and then by the returning incurable Apathy disorder, Insano Machino emerged from a crate and got the shocking pin, only to reveal that it was none other than XXXtreme Machine under the mask at Appetite For Burritos.
17. Death Defeated XXXtreme Machine with the Touch of Death in record time after cashing in his Beer In The Belly six-pack with Michelle at Appetite for Burritos.
18. Sarah "The Jobber Slayer" (2) While using the gimmick of Soem Guy In A Mask, she attacked Jim "Totally Packaged" seconds before the main event of Totally Dead, stole his spot, and defeated Death with some help from her new love interest, Trey Vincent!
19. Steve Studnuts Defeated Sarah "The Jobber Slayer" despite some outside shenanigans involving Trey Vincent and Dr. Silaconne M. Plants in a Grand Slam tournament match on Total Non-Action Wrestling iMPLOSION 8! (Went on to become the first man to hold every BOB title at the same time when he defeated The Great, SMP, and Coma in Grand Slam tournament final at UnFOURgiven!)
20. Dr. Silaconne M. Plants SMP became the second Grand Slam Champion in BOB history as he won the ONLY WORLD TITLE THAT MATTERS, and the other half of the Not Good Enough To Fight Alone Tag Team straps by defeating Steve Studnuts in a Nicolas/Christian Cage Match with a little help from Trey Vincent at MegaBrawl II!
21. Scatman

Defeated an unconscious SMP (who had been knocked out by a pipe by Jerri Li after he already had competed in a steel cage match against Kobe Gyant) after he cashed in his Beer In The Belly case at Gluttons for Punishment 2! Title vacated after Scatman died in a tragic beheading at the hands of Jerri Li.
22. Kobe Gyant Defeated Dr. Silaconne M. Plants in a Best-Of-Seven Series at a House Show in Toadlena, New Mexico, with the assitance of Michelle, Steve Leary, and John Leary.

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