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First off. Brawlers On a Budget is not a real federation. No ifs and or buts about it. This is an e-wrestling federation (or e-fed), or online fantasy wrestling promotion. Need more information on an e-fed? Check out Wikipedia's Fantasy Wrestling page to get most of your questions answered.

How does BOB work? You (the writer, roleplayer, or handler) apply to BOB as a fictional wrestling character. Then you write roleplays (or Rants as we call them) and try to propel your newest substar from curtain jerker to main eventer. However, you can't handle a real wrestler who is appearing in a REAL (WWE, TNA, ROH, etc.) federation at the same time, because BOB doesn't want to get sued by those bastards.

As of August 2009, BOB is officially transitioning from a straight parody e-fed into a "freeform" style e-fed, which basically means you can write in whatever style suits you when it comes to roleplaying. We are also basing BOB upon the classic Extreme Championship Wrestling (1990s version) promotion. Think a mix of hardcore wrestling, lucha libre, technical wrestling, and even some comedy thrown in. The key here is to have fun!

Check out our Roster page to see who's active right now.

BOB is a low budget, independent-style promotion running house shows in the Western United States. We run ROH-style Video Wires and four On-Demand events (our version of pay-per-views) per year (in February, May, September, and December).

Match results are determined by a combination of randomization, quality and quantity of roleplays, and the decrees of BOB bookers. Results are written in play-by-play style.

Future cards will be posted after the latest show is written and posted online, so you'll have an idea of what you can Rant about. Not that you have to Rant about your opponent.

Brawlers On A Budget

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